Minutes of Virtual / Physical Meeting of TSEWA NEC Held on 23 Jul 2022



The meeting was attended by the following:

  1. Cmde Sudheer Parakala                President, in Chair
  2. Brig CS Vidyasagar                          Chief Mentor
  3. Lt Col G Parvathesam                     General Secretary
  4. Col Vijay Kumar Salins                    Treasurer
  5. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee                  President TSEWA East Zone
  6. Brig SKS Rana, VSM                         President TSEWA Legal Division
  7. Cmde KS Sandhu                             President TSEWA West Zone
  8. Cmde Ashok Kota                            President TSEWA South Zone
  9. Col CAJ Swamy                                 President TSEWA AP
  10. WO Thiruchelvam –                         President TSEWA Tamilnadu
  11. Col Srikanta Seshadri                     President TSEWA Karnataka
  12. Hav Harish Asthana                        President TSEWA UP
  13. Cdr Chandrasekhar                         Jt Secretary
  14. Hony Capt Narasimha Reddy        Jt Secretary
  15. Lt Col Dr K Bhaskara Reddy           Member
  16. Mrs Rekha Sekhri                            Co-opted Member

The President welcomed all the NEC Members who were present. He requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings. The following points were discussed and decisions taken.

Item No. 1. Minutes of NEC Meeting held on 09 Jul 22: The General Secretary read out the Minutes of the previous Meeting held on 09 Jul 2022. He stated that paid WhatsApp proposal is under examination and that NEC would be briefed during the next meeting.
Action:   Lt Col Parvathesam.

Item No. 2. Discontinuation of Fortnightly NEC Meetings:  The General Secretary mentioned that Col Sitaramaiah, Chairman Charity Division  proposed that the Fortnightly Meetings of the NEC should either be cancelled or frequency made once in a month with proper Agenda. The matter was discussed at length. The Members without exception considered that the fortnightly meetings provide a good forum to exchange views even if there was no Agenda. This point should not be brought up again and that the NEC Meetings should continue. The NEC Members discussed the issue of some of the Members absenting themselves without any information which only goes to prove their lack of commitment to TSEWA. The following decisions were taken:

  • The Fortnightly Meetings should continue even if there was no Agenda.
  • NEC recognises that TSEWA is a voluntary service and there would be personal commitments but the Members should inform TSEWA HQ of their non-availability prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • The details of Members who absent themselves without any leave for more than three consecutive meetings should be brought to the notice of NEC and a decision may be taken to request such Members to resign from NEC Membership since it would show lack of interest in TSEWA.
  • Any proposal for either cancellation of NEC Meetings or extending the periodicity should not be brought up to the NEC Forum in future.

Action: The General Secretary may put up details of Members absenting themselves for more than three consecutive meetings without any information, to NEC for a decision on continuation of such Members in NEC.

Item No. 3. Pending Unfiled Cases with AFT:  The President expressed his deep concern about the delay in filing of the cases for more than two to three years and that this would seriously erode the image of TSEWA. He informed that our Advocate Brig Srivastava stated that there were no cases pending with him where as quite a few which were forwarded quite some time back were not filed. The matter was discussed at length and the following decisions were taken:

  • A committee headed by Brig CS Vidyasagar, Lt Col Parvathesam, Cdr Chandrasekhar and Mr. Anand should be formed to ascertain the number of missing cases.
  • The committee should also see the relevance of such pending cases after such time lapse and whether they should be filed or dropped
  • Brig SKS Rana, VSM, President of Legal Division was requested to kindly clarify with Brig AK Srivastava about the status of such pending cases.
  • The Committee should also examine the need for filing fresh Affidavits as desired by the AFTs.

Action:  Brig CS Vidyasagar and Brig Rana may kindly review the cases and put up their recommendations.

Item No. 4.  Financial Assistance to Manoj Kumar: The President complimented Col Srikanta Seshadri for a very well documented case of Manoj Kumar and informed the NEC of the case. The president suggested that the case was  very deserving and that he would not recommend going for Crowd funding too frequently as suggested by the Chairman, Charity Division.  He suggested that NEC may consider funding the boy for his three year degree course and payment of first year’s annual fee of Rs. 49,000/- from the fixed deposit money held by TSEWA which was  refunded from  Late  Capt Gurung. The matter was discussed by the NEC and the NEC unanimously approved  payment of Rs. 49,000/- directly to the college.
Action: General Secretary/ Chairman Charity Division may transfer the fee for the first year directly to the College.   

Item No. 5. Payment of enhanced Pension to Super Senior Citizens: The President brought out the AFT judgment in respect of a Veteran Sqn Ldr who appealed for payment of additional Pension from the date of commencement of 80 years age instead of payment on completion of 80 years and entering into 81 year. The President informed that the AFT Judgment of 18 Jul 2022 may not hold the ground in view of the Govt passing “Judges Pension Amendment Bill 2021” in both the houses of the Parliament. It was decided that TSEWA should adopt “wait and Watch” approach on this 18 Jul 2022 judgement of AFT Delhi granting him additional pension on commencement of 80th year.
Action:  For Information of all

Item No. 6. Daily Donations to TSEWA by Members:  The President requested NEC to consider the proposal of Brig CS Vidyasagar, Chief Mentor, TSEWA to float a mail to all the Members to donate Rs. 4.00 minimum to TSEWA daily which would help TSEWA to sustain the running of the office. The proposal was explained in detail by Brig CS Vidyasagar. The matter was discussed at length by the NEC. Brig CS Vidyasagar in his emotional appeal stated that the Charity should be the mainstay and that it would require Rs.1.00 lakh to sustain running of TSEWA every month. The President informed that TSEWA at this juncture had Rs.3.00 crores deposit in FDs and even if the entire amount of legal fee was to be paid back to the Members for various cases, TSEWA would be left with Rs. 1.00 crore which would meet the day-to day expenses from the interest.  After considering various aspects, the NEC decided that no mail /appeal should be sent to the Members for daily/Monthly donations and an appeal may be made to Members on a case-to-case basis.  Col Swamy however suggested that a review be carried out based on actual expenditure of TSEWA and a final decision taken during the next NEC Meeting.
Action:  General Secretary.

Item No. 7. Commencement of Pension for Smt Indira Arunachalam:  The President informed that though the PPO in respect of Smt Indira Arunachalam was passed on by PS to FM a month back, the lady’s pension has not actually commenced and that the fact was reported to the FM. Cmde Sandhu, President, TSEWA, West Zone stated that he was in touch with PCDA (Navy) and the e-PPO of Smt Indira Arunachalam would be handed over to her at a small ceremony after the e-PPO is finalized.|
Action:  Cmde Ks Sandhu is requested to pursue the case to the logical end.

Item No. 8. Issues with SPARSH:  Col Swamy. President TSEWA, AP stated that there were a number of problems with SPARSH. The matter was discussed and Col Swamy was requested to report specific difficulties faced by the Veterans if it was over and above the difficulties reported by TSEWA in their letter addressed to the PMO, FM and the RM.
Action:  Col Swamy may kindly write to TSEWA with specific cases.

There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 12.45 PM and it was decided to hold the next meeting of the NEC at 1000 hrs on 13 Aug 2022.

Sudheer Parakala
Commodore, IN (Retd)
President, TSEWA

09 Jul 2022



  1. NB ROY


    August 17, 2022 Reply
  2. Capt Gurdas Singh Bawa veteran

    Dear Sir,
    The TSEWA filed a case OA 679/2017 in the AFT Delhi for Major’s pension to Pre- 2006 retiree Regular Commissioned Captains. Kindly let us the progress of the case and future planning.
    Capt Gurdas Singh
    Tsewa No 3165
    Mob 9478189495

    July 29, 2022 Reply

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