Management Committee (MC):

The Managing Committee is elected by the General Body of TSEWA as per the bye-laws. It consists of the President, Two Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Two Joint Secretaries and the Treasurer.
The President of the Society presides over the Management Committee. In the absence of the President, the senior most Vice President present presides over the MC Meetings. The Management Committee is responsible for smooth functioning of the TSEWA. The MC is guided by the Bye-Laws and policy decisions made by the General Body from time to time. The MC will meet as often as required and the Minutes will be published by the General Secretary within 48 hrs of the meeting.

National Executive Committee (NEC):

It is also called as Core Group. The NEC will have not more than 26 Members elected / Nominated from within Zonal Presidents, State Presidents and subject matter experts and will include the seven elected members of TSEWA Management Committee. The MC will be replaced automatically as and when a new MC is elected. The NEC will nominate suitable members to the NEC due to any vacancies arising out of resignation, death or disability of any NEC Member.
The NEC will meet as often as necessary but at least once in a month. It will be responsible for all policy decisions within the ambit of the Bye-Laws and will approve all expenditure beyond the financial powers of the MC. The NEC is also responsible for finalisation of Budget proposal and Agenda for the Annual GBM. The NEC will meet virtually for the outstation NEC Members using necessary conferencing software whilst the NEC Members in TSEWA HQ may meet physically as convened by the General Secretary. The Minutes of NEC Meeting are prepared by the Member Secretary and approved by the President before upload to the Blog

Zonal/ State Executive Committee:

The Zonal Presidents are nominated / elected by the NEC. The country is divided into six Zones for functional efficiency and administration. The Zonal Presidents are empowered to nominate or elect the State Presidents. The State Presidents in turn are responsible for electing or nominating the District and Taluk/Mandal Presidents. The Zonal Presidents are responsible for establishing communication networks at all levels and are responsible for dissemination of all policy and welfare matters discussed during the NEC Meetings. The Zonal Presidents / State Presidents may meet as frequently as necessary but at least once in a month using virtual platform or physical meeting as deemed expedient by the Zonal President.

Charity Committee:

TSEWA Charity Committee is constituted by the MC and usually chaired by the Vice President of the MC. The welfare Committee is responsible to disburse financial assistance to the most- needy and deserving veterans, Family Pensioners, dependent children and financially distressed persons of the society. The Welfare Committee is responsible to:

(a) Receive applications for charity recommended by TSEWA Zonal / State Presidents, etc., and scrutinize for correctness and genuineness.

(b) Verify the genuineness of the applicants for financial assistance.

(c) Sanction Financial assistance / scholarships upto Rs 25,000/-.

(d) Obtain sanction of NEC for amounts beyond the financial powers in most deserving cases

(e) Maintain separate files of all individuals granted financial assistance for scrutiny by the audit and IT Officials.

Check List for recommending cases for charity from TSEWA