Minutes  Of  First  Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) Of  TSEWA  held  at  1000 hrs at AWHO Ved Vihar Community  Hall, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad  on  25 Sep  2016

     General Secretary welcomed all those who were present at 1000 hrs. 40 Members were present. Since the quorum was not complete as per the Bye Laws, the AGM was adjourned for half an hour.

      All the members reassembled at 1030 hrs. Gen Secy commenced the proceedings. He asked the office bearers i.e.Brig CS Vidyasagar President, Sgt Lawrence Vice President, H/Capt B Joseph Jt Secy present, to come to the dais and occupy the chairs. Gp Capt CRR Sastry, Joint Secretary had undergone major medical procedure could not attend and as also Lt Col Parvathesam, Treasurer who is out of the country.

     The General Secretary gave a detailed rundown of all the events that took place from 14 Jun 2015 to 24 Sep 2016.

     The Gen Secy requested the General Body to approve all the events undertaken by the Executive Committee (EC) till 24 Sep 2016 to run TSEWA for its day to day activities. The same was approved by the General Body unanimously. It was proposed by Gp Capt MG Nori (Membership No 9) and was seconded by Col Ajit Singh Rana (Membership No 2332 ).

     The Gen Secy informed that in Jun 2015 a few founder members formulated Memorandum of Association and Bye-Laws required to get registration for the Association. The members present then elected a 7 member Executive Committee (EC) to run TSEWA as per bye-laws framed by them. The EC guided by the bye-laws carried out various activities elaborated during the presentation.The General Secretary requested General Body to approve the same. It was proposed by Maj PM Goswami (Membership No 127) and K Nagabhushanam (Membership No 15) seconded it.

     The General Secretary informed that to get IT exemption for TSEWA under Sec 12 (a) and for donors under Sec 80(G) of Income Tax Act , the original bye-laws were required to be amended. The amended bye-laws containing new objectives of TSEWA were explained in the presentation and also were displayed at the venue.  The Gen body was requested to approve the same. The Gen body approved it unanimously. It was proposed by Lt Col RR Sekhri (Membership No 660) and Wg Cdr AB Bhushan (Membership No 285) seconded.

     The Gen Secretary listed out income and expenditure till financial year ending Mar 2016. He further informed the same was audited by M/S PS Reddy & Associates, our Chartered Accountant. The audited statement of accounts was also explained in the presentation and was displayed at the venue. The General body approved the audited statement of accounts for the financial year 2015-16 and also appointment of M/S PS Reddy & Associates for the year 2015-16. Col MK Veeramani (Membership No 3) proposed and  Air Cmde GS Nijjar (Membership No 312) seconded.

    The Gen Secy requested the General body to approve appointment of M/S PS Reddy & Associates, Chartered Accountant for the year 2016-17.  Col HS Virk (Membership No 3377)  proposed and Lt Col VC Salins (Membership No 261) seconded the proposal.

     The Gen Secy informed  formation of Executive Committee was duly elected by members in Jun 2015 for a period of 3 years. The subsequent terms to be limited to 2 years. Some members suggested that initial term from 25 Sep 2016 be fixed for a period of six years as per the A.P Societies Registration Act 2001.The Gen Body informed that they are all satisfied with the excellent working of the present Executive Committee and want the same to have a longer duration to firm up TSEWA. They opined that in three years very little could be done when TSEWA has not yet matured. The same was put up for consideration and the Gen body unanimously approved the term of new Executive Committee for a period of six years w.e.f. Sep 2016 and to end by 24 Sep 2022.

       The Gen Secy then thanked the old Executive committee members.

    The Gen Secy then requested Air Cmde GS Nijjar (Membership No 312) to conduct elections to the new Executive committee. He further informed the strength of new Executive Committee needs to be expanded from present 7 to 30 to accommodate Presidents of Zone and States to have All India representation. The General Secy further informed that in addition to the Executive Committee there is a need to from a Core Gp of volunteer members to guide, counsel and assist Executive committee to discharge its responsibilities.

     Air Cmde GS Nijjar as Returning Officer announced that members were asked to file their nominations to be member of EC. Since no member filed the nomination papers, he asked the General Body to elect the following members to constitute EC to be effective from 25 Sep 2016 for a period of six years:-

(1) Brig CS Vidyasagar President
(2) Col N Sitaramaiah Vice –President
(3) Sgt Lawrence Joseph Vice – President
(4) Col Dr GB Sethi General Secretary
(5) Lt Col G Parvathesam Treasurer
(6) Gp Capt CRR Sastry Joint Secretary
(7) H Capt B Joseph Joint Secretary
(8) Col Ajit Singh Rana Member & President TSEWA North & West Zones, Haryana & Delhi NCR
(9) Cmde Sudheeer Parakala Member & President TSEWA South & East Zones
(10) H Nb Sub Ahmadulla Khan Member & President TSEWA J & K State
(11) Brig RS Rawat Member & President TSEWA Uttarakhand
(12) Col KKS Dadwal Member & President TSEWA Himachal Pradesh
(13) Col Maneshwar Janu Member & President TSEWA Rajasthan
(14) Hav Harish C Asthana Member & President TSEWA, Uttar Pradesh
(15) Brig Ramnarayan Vinayak Member & President TSEWA Central Zone & MP & Chattisgarh
(16) PO Bidyadhar Nayak Member & President TSEWA, Odisha
(17) Lt Col Kishor Sinh Gohil Member & President TSEWA, Gujrat
(18) Lt Col RS Gill Member & President TSEWA, Maharashtra
(19) Col CAJ Swamy Member & President TSEWA, Andhra Pradesh
(20) H Capt M Narasimha Reddy Member & President TSEWA,Telangana
(21) WO Thiru Chelvam Member & President TSEWA,Tamilnadu
(22) Col Srikantha Seshadri Member & President TSEWA, Karnataka & Goa
(23) Lt Col Babu Pappachan Member & President TSEWA, Kerala
(24) Brig SKS Rana, VSM Member & Head TSEWA Legal Cell


The Gen Body unanimously approved the election of the newly constituted Executive Committee. Lt Col NRK Rao (Membership No 45) proposed and Lt Col Dr D Sampath Kumar ((Membership No 671) seconded the proposal.

       The Gen Secy thereafter asked the newly constituted EC to occupy their chairs placed on the dais.

       Gen Secy requested all the available Presidents, Zones & districts to give out various welfare activities undertaken by them. Brig SKS Rana, VSM, Col Ajit S Rana, Col KKS Dadwal and Col Srikantha Seshadri gave detailed account of all activities undertaken by them in their areas of responsibility.

        He then asked the President to give his presidential address. The President thanked the General body for reposing their trust and faith in the newly elected EC members and assured on their behalf that the new EC will do their best to take TSEWA to greater heights. He then informed that the present EC will not be able to carry out various tasks if the membership of  TSEWA grows to 10% of 24.5 lakhs ESMs and Family Pensioners. He informed that a task force under leadership of Cmde Sudheer Parakala with Air Cmde GS Nijjar, Col MJ Ganapathy and Col Sitaramaiah had prepared a Vision Statement. He requested Cmde Sudheer Parakala to make a presentation to the Gen body.

      Cmde Sudheer Parakala made the presentation of the Vision document.

      Vice President N Sitaramaiah proposed vote of thanks.

       Thereafter the AGM was declared as closed and all members of T SEWA were requested to move for lunch.

    Lt Col NRK Rao (Membership No 45) sponsored lunch for all members of Gen Body. Lt Col Dayakar Thota AMC (Membership No  67) donated Rs 1 lakh to TSEWA.

      The General Body honoured Shri P Sashidhar Reddy, MD M/S PS Reddy & Associates with a shawl and thanked him for his dedicated services rendered to TSEWA.