MSP for General Officers

Dear General Officers (Includes Navy & IAF),

Kindly refer to my E-Mail  dated 13 Dec 2021 and the Legal Brief  of Brig Vidyasagar, TSEWA, Chief Mentor and erstwhile President of TSEWA.,

I am glad to inform all General Officers and their equivalents in the Navy and the IAF that our Advocate has concurred with our legal Brief. He said that seeking Notional MSP to all Maj Gens, Lt Gens, and Lt Gen (HAG), is a fit case to be filed in AFT (PB), New Delhi. The General Officers and their equivalents will get higher pensions and consequent arrears from 01 Jan 2016. Brig Vidyasagar, Chief Mentor TSEWA has already calculated and informed all the General Officers that if we win this case, the arrears would amount to Rs.6,27,000/- approximately for Maj Gen equivalents as on 31 Dec 2021.

We are all aware that Advocates in Delhi may charge upto Rupees one lakh for fighting the case if approached individually. TSEWA through its class-action suits has a special agreement with a reputed Advocate from the ex-JAG Branch. A Very Concessional Legal fee of Rs.10,000/- each is arrived at to defray the legal costs subject to a minimum of 100 General Officers participating in this case. I, therefore, request that this case may be given wide publicity through your private channels and encourage the other General Officers to join the case being filed by TSEWA. The legal fee may be revised upwards in case we do not have a minimum of 100 subscribing to the case.

Documents required to be completed and submitted to the Advocate for filing the case:

(a) Vakalatnama for AFT (PB) 
(b) Authority Letter to Lead Litigant to Sign Affidavit 
(c) Certificate of Undertaking from the Individual 
(d) Vakalatnama for filing in HSC 
(f) TSEWA Membership Form 
(g) Sample Legal documents 
(h) Additional Details Required Please fill the form 

All General Officers who are Members of TSEWA need not fill up TSEWA Membership Form. They are required to fill up the forms at serial (a) to (e) above, NEFT transfer Rs.10,000/- each into TSEWA Bank Account details given below or send a DD/ Bankers Cheque/Cheque payable at Secunderabad. All the documents duly filled may please be sent to TSEWA HQ on the postal address given below. The details of Legal Fee payment may also be intimated to facilitate linking of your payment to your documents:

TSEWA Bank Details: –

(a) Name of Beneficiary – TSEWA
(b) Name of Bank – SBI
(c) Branch – Bhaskar Rao Nagar, Secunderabad
(d) Account No. – 35088276014
(e) IFSC – SBIN0015568

TSEWA Address: –

Tri Services Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association (TSEWA)
Flat No.101, H.No. 1-1-78/5
Edifice Pride, Valluvar Nagar
Ammuguda, Sainikpuri P.O.
Secunderabad – 500 094

All new Members are requested to fill up the enclosed Membership Form also in addition and send all the documents (a) to (f), duly filled to TSEWA as above.

Warm Regards,

(Sudheer Parakala)
Commodore, IN (Retd)
President, TSEWA


1. Speed is the essence. Kindly respond and submit all the documents ASAP. We aim to file the case in early Jan 2022.

2. The Vakalatnama for HSC is also required to facilitate our Advocate to file the case in HSC if required. Please sign @ Appellant (s)/petitioner(s)/Respondent(s)/Caveator on the obverse and somewhere below the half-line on the right side of the blank page on the reverse