Please click on the link below to download the updated List of Litigants for AFT 29 (Incorrect Fixation of Pension by Notional Pay Method for Pre-2013 Defence Services Officers):

AFT-29 list of litigants

The list contains the particulars of all petitioners of AFT – 29 – A who sent their documents to HQ TSEWA and to Cdr Sudhir Dua.
Every effort has been made to ensure the particulars in the list is correct. But there could be some mistakes.
In case there are any mistakes in your record such as personal no, rank or name in full, you are requested to contact Col Dr GB Sethi, General Secretary, TSEWA and give your correct particulars by 15 Nov 2017 for incorporation.
The documents are likely to be despatched ot Delhi by 17 Nov 2017. In case you could not send your correct particulars to Secunderabad in time, you are advised to contact Brig SKS Rana, VSM, President, Legal Division, TSEWA by 20 Nov 2017 with your correct particulars.

After we file the documents in AFT Delhi no changes are accepted by the court.