About Us

Tri Services Ex-servicemen Welfare Association (TSEWA) was formed in June 2015, while Agitating for OROP in Hyderabad. It is an apolitical organization dedicated toward working for the welfare of Ex-Servicemen and their families.

TSEWA is an All India Organization and a Registered Society under the AP & Telangana Societies Registration Act 2001 with Registration No 495/2015 and is proud to be the first ESM organization to receive an ISO Certificate bestowed with effect from June 2017. It is also a founder member of National Confederation of Ex-Servicemen Organizations (NCESMO) which has periodical meetings with Hon’ble Raksha Mantri to bring to her/his notice the problems faced by veterans and their families. TSEWA is privileged to have had a number of meetings with honorable Raksha Mantri under the banner of NCESMO and has projected many vital issues of ESM and widows to the Government of India.

Within 8 years, TSEWA has built up a membership of about 19,500 hailing from all over India and several countries abroad.

Important activities of TSEWA include the following:

• Conducting Awareness Programs for ESM & Their Families: TSEWA has conducted 71 awareness programs, in various cities and towns of India to educate and inform ESM and their families about various issues relevant to them. These programs are attended by a large number of ESM, widows and other family pensioners who find it a valuable forum to get clarity on problems they face, especially regarding their pensions. To view Photographs, Click here

• Filing Legal Cases in Armed Forces Tribunals (AFTs): TSEWA is in the forefront of fighting for the genuine entitlements of ESM. It has filed 45 cases in AFTs with about 4500 litigants so far. It has won cases for 630 litigants and got crores of rupees for ESM. For Details Click Here.

• Helping ESM and their families to resolve issues related to Pensions and supporting them Financially & Legally: So far TSEWA has supported 102 ESM & Families and disbursed Rs 32,65,960/- towards charitable grants. To view Photographs, Click here

• Supporting Poor & Meritorious Students Financially: TSEWA also supported more than 570 children from economically disadvantaged families to continue their education and distributed Rs 19,45,978/- for the purpose. To view Photographs, Click here

TSEWA is able to manage the expenditure for its charitable activities, running its office, paying the staff and various other activities from the generous donations received from its members in India and abroad. The donations for TSEWA are exempted from Income Tax under IT Rule 12 A and donors are permitted to deduct 50% of their donation under IT Section 80G which helps them to get income tax relief.

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