S NoNO, Rank Name of ESM/ Family PensionerBrief ProblemAction Taken by Frontline WarriorBenefit Accrued to PensionerRemarks (No of Days Taken etc.)
Brig CS Vidyasagar
1Smt Sita Jayaram wife of IC-6026 Lt Col NV JayaramNot getting her pension since Mar 2022Received Documents from Col Rajesh and sent to Lt Col Ranjan Kumar (PCDA)Got her arrears of Rs 7, 86,741 from Mar 2022 to Jan 2023
2Maj KK Bajaj 86 Yrs of age 1958 CommissionedNot Getting Pension from September 2022.LPC Cum Data sheet not held by PCDA.With the help of Col Ramachandran,PCDA (O) LPC generated. Lt Col Ranjan Kumar got his pension released.Got his pension and arrears on 27 February 2023.
3Smt Rajyalakshmi W/O Late MS Shankar 111Engr Regt. Died on 24 Jul 2020 On 26 February informed that she is not not getting Family Pension from Januray 2023. Migrated to SPARSH.Spoken to Lt Col Ranjan Kumar of PCDA on 01 March 23.Got her family pension and arrears on 01 March 2023.Job done by Lt Col Ranjan Kumar in 12 hours.
4Ms Monisha Sharma D/O Late Lt Col Vinod Sharma of 1 Madras RegtShe is divorced. Both Parents died. Not getting Family Pension.Got documents from her in USA. Sent to PCDA throgh AHQ, MP5.Hope to get her family Pension soon.One Year
5Brig AM ValiMigrated to SPARSH. Got Userid & Password. But Not able to login.Case sent to Lt Col Ranjan Kumar. PCDA has done the needful.Officer could login and upload his Aadhar Card.
Hav Harish Asthana
14249116H HNS GS YadavDrawing pension from Treasury Ballia & arrears as per Cir No 631 were not paidSent CPGRAM emails to PCDA, & Bihar Records.Received Arrears of Rs 67,000/-Six months
214366104W Hav(ACP ) Sukhdev, HPExcess recovery of commutation valueSent CPGRAM, emails to UCO Bank CPPC, CGDA & others Received Rs 70,365/-Three months
3Smt Sukh Devi w/o late No 6318274 Sigmn Ram NathHusband died on 18 Dec 2021 But Family Pension not commencedSent emails to Signals Records CGDA, PCDA with CPGRAM, Got PPO from with the help of Lt Col Ranjan Kumar (PCDA)Got Family Pension & Arrears of Rs 1,77,164/-One year
4CPO Om Prakash SinghHis Digital Life Certificate was rejected twice because of Aadhar demoographic failedManual Life Certificate submitted & accepted with help of Lt Col Ranjan KumarTwo months
5 JWO Shiril Sabastian (Lives in USA)Submission of Annual Life CertificateHis ALC submitted through Indian consolate was handed over to concerned staff during PCDA visitby TSEWAThree months
6Smt Sulochana Kr (Lives in USA)Submission of Annual Life CertificateSubmitted Annual Life Certificate. Her pension for Dec 2022 Credited. Three months
7Sub Maj Sahab SinghSPARSH Acct not workingMobile Number changed using SPARSH & Account Started working.5 days
8Sgt Rajendra Prasad sharmaHis DLC was rejected twice s as demographic failure due to Aadhar number mismatchHis Manual Life Certificate has been submitted15 days
9Hav Pradeep Singh ChauhanPension for Nov & Dec 22 not receivedCPGRAM Complaint & Emails sent . . Pension for Dec received One month
10Nk Anil Pal SinghPension for Dec 22 not receivedPension is credited.15 Days
11667896F Sgt Arvind SrivastavaPension stopped Dec 2022Incorporated his ALC into SBI software through our SBI staffRs 32116/-One month
12JC-212142N Sub S R MauryaPension stopped Dec 2022As aboveRs 44511/-One Month
13Smt Kshama SethPension stopped from Oct to Dec 2022CPGRAMs/Emails/phone calls Rs 111534/-Three Months and In coma from Mar 22
14190413H MCPO Ram NiwasPension stopped from Oct to Dec 2022CPGRAM/Emails/phone calls Rs 136305/-Two months
1514590815Y Hav Akhilesh KumarPension stopped from Sep 2022 to Jan 2023GPGRAMs/Emails/Phone callsRs 111792/-Three Months.
Col CAJ Swamy
1 Mrs G Jogamma w/O DSC 8812778 Sep G YeerannaPensioner died on 04 Feb 1980; Lost his PPO. Family Pension not grantedRequested PCDA(P) allahabad for the release of the PPO. Pension Released in Feb 2017.
2Smt Kottana Anna Mary, W/o (Late) i103990T Kotanna Maria JojiKottana Maria Joji Expired on 16 Jun 2007Written mails to Navy Records and PCDA (Navy)Family Pension started from Feb 2020 with arrrears for 16 months
3Smt E Alivelamma W/o Late7080384 NK ERB ReddyE Alivelamma W/o ERB Reddy(Late), DoR 27 Feb 1984, date of death 22 Jan 2012. Getting Minimum Pension of Rs. 3500/- only. OROP, 33Yrs & 7 CPC Family Pension is not credited by Canara Bank,Got total years of service/date of Joiniing Army from Membership No of TSEWA. Sent details of correspondence with Canara Bank along with their response for taking up with higher authorities.
Mail forwarded to Milan Das for obtaining Corr PPO for 6 CPC, 33 yrs with CPENGRAMS vide mail dt 23 Feb 2017.
OROP and arrears received by the Pensioner.
4W/O 13998037L Nk (TS) Tavakol Mastan ValliGetting Nk(TS) Family pension.
ACP Hav Pension is not given.
New PPO is received in Jan 2018.Individual is getting ACP Hav Pension.
5Chand Bi Bi W/o Late 2563858A Sep (ACP Naik) Sheik Madina Valli Not getting Family Pension New PPO is received. She was granted Enhanced Family Pension from 02/07/1985 tp 02/07/1992. Ordinay Family Pension from 03/07/1992.
6W/O 14566243K Hav Mohammad DastgiriIndividual retired from service during 2008. He is not given ACP -3 Nb Sub pension.Spoken to Col Kalia of EME records on 8219495553 for initiating the MACP 3 case for Nb Sub Pension. Spoken to PCDA and got his EPPO (No. is EPPO No. 188200705830) Individual received the PPO and arrears.
7Smt Snehasrividhya W/O Late 6932555W Sep Palamakurthi Ramana
Individual retired from service during 2008. He is not given ACP -2. & 50% Disability Case
ACP- 2 Hav pension Case & 50% Disability Case
Spoken to PCDA and Records OfficeArrears of Rs 55000/- received by individual
814557186M Hav Shaik Subhan
Individual retired from service during 2007. He is not given ACP -3.Mail sent to CPCC, Copy of PPO received from EME Records. New PPO Issued by PCDA Allhabad 188200702482
suffix: 0109
Received Arrears of Rs 5.80,000/-
9Narayanamma W/O 1304318K Spr K Rama NaiduDuel Family Pension Not yet released inspite of PPOs issued by PCDA Allahabad in 2005 and revised in 2017 Complaint lodged with Chairman and Customer care of SBI. Final Sanctioin letter issued by PCDA AllahabadFamily Pensioner received arrears of Rs 6,00,000/-
1014437844K NK (ACP Hav) Seera Appa Rao
Individual Retired from Arty after Completion of 16 Yrs, 06 Months and 04 days of service.He is elegible for ACP Hav but his pension of Rs. 7870/- commensed for Nk only. (PB1 with Pay as 11120+2400+2000+200)Spoken to Mr Rama Krishna of CPPC Amaravati. CPENGRAMS Complaint was made.Individual received Correct Pension along with arrears. Commutation – Rs. 7,06,572/-
Gratuity of Rs. 1,40,034/-
Pension Basic – Rs. 20775/- DA – 2493/-
Net Pension less commutation of Rs. 18042/-
11Smt SaraswatiFamily Pension not getting.Spoken to CPCC Amaravati. Complained to PCDA.Got Family Pension and received arrears of Rs. 7,02,531/- was credited to her pension Acct.
126903568L NK Hussain ShaikNot getting Disability Pension Reminded CPCC PNB, Chennai. Escalated the case to Dir of Records. WhatsApp message sent to PCDA Allahabad Liaison Offr. Got Disability Pension released,
1314652120F NK Sisti Ganga Babu Commutation amount not received and Disability Pension not received. Spoke to Lt Col Kalia of EME records. SMS was sent to Liaison Offr PCDA Allhabad.Received Commutation amount and also disability pension released.
1415397745A Hav Jayaraman His Discharge Book is not yet receved in the Sailors Board. ESM Identity card is not made as the Discharge Book Is not received.Email sent to Sigs RecordsDischarge Book received by Individual
1514603429N Sep SVV Satyanarayana
Individual Discharged from Service after completion of 20 Yrs in the Rank of Sepoy. He is getting only Sepoy Pension till date.Email sent and spoke to CPPC Ramakrishna. Lt Col Kalia of EME Records was reqested to send copy of the EPPO. Spoke to PCDA and obtained the EPPO No. for ACP. EPPO No. is 188200700555 Suffix 0106.Individual got ACP and arrears of Rs. 1.53 Lacs.
162484045H Hony N/Sub D Jerri Pothula Govinda
EPPO issued but pension is not increased. Email and whatsApp messages sent to CPCC AmaravatiHis arrears are credited.
17Dadi Appala Narasamma
W/o Late 1173427X Hony Nb Sub Dadi Bala Rama Murthy
She was getting Family pension. However,
EPPO of 7 CPC Family Pension not received.
Sent the complete set of documents through ZSWO to AAD Records for inclusion of her name and Date of Birth in the Family Pensioner’s PPO. WhatsApp Msg was sent Lt Col Bhalla along with ZSWO. Spoke to Records offr.Individual informed that the PPO is updated.
188034248N Hav ACP 1 Uppada RajuHe is getting less pension. Hav ACP 1 Penionis not given by SBI although EPPO was issued.Written and spoken to CPCCN/Sub Pension received by Individual.
19119699N Sub (Clk) Nara Srinadha PrasadBasic Pension shown less as Rs. 27332/- in EPPO No. 194198600272 Suffix 0599 instead of Rs. 29368/- being received as per OROP and 7 CPC. Date of Birth of Wife 01 Jul 1949 mentionedin PPO No S/C/4184/1986 but not reflected in EPPOComplained using CPENGRAMS. Email reminder sent to Records. Sent an applicaation addressed to DSC Records through ZSWO Visakhaatnam.Individual got revised Pension. Date of Birth of wife corrected.
20SL 3589A Maj GVR MurthyCould not obtain EPPO inspite of writing to CDA(O) Pune and AHQ.Acct was creataed to the individual on RODRA site. Downloded EPPO.Got his EPPO
21T Bhagyalaxmi W/o (Late) 17028683N CFN Tammineni Rajasekhar Getting Family Pension. DCRG Not yet Credited in Pension Acct although PPO is released by PCDA. Relevant documents were sent through ZSWO to EME records. Letter addressed to R&W Sec, Dte of Indian Army Veterans, AG Br, IHQ MOD (ARMY).Individual got Rs 2,50,000/-
2215784640F Sep ACP 1
Hari Prasad Manchala
Individual is getting normal Pension. However, Commutation amount of Rs. 1149949/- is not yet credited by SBI CPPC although the PPO was issued on 25/08/2021Written to CPCC Amaravati and Recoed Office. Reminded CPPC . Individual received Commutation amount.
2308034785P Hav ACP1 Nb Sub Rela China Venkata Rami Reddy
PPO was issued few months ago but the ACP1 pension is not yet revised by SBI CPPC.Spoke to CPPC. WhatsApp msg sent to SBI CPPC.Individual Confirmed revision of Pension.
2408034278L Hav ACP 1 Shaik Himam HussainGetting Hav Pension of Rs. 22425/-Only.
Hav ACP1 Nb sub Pension of Rs. 23150/- is not yet commenced although the CORR PPO was issued few months back.
Spoke to CPPC . WhatsApp msg sent to CPPC.Correct Pension is credited to the individual’s Acct.
25Jagupalli Karuna Sri 2nd W/o (Late) 15145259K Sep ACP 2 Jagupalli Papa Rao Family Pension is not Starated although the FP PPO was issued Two months ago. Enhanced FP granted from 10/10/2020 to 09/10/2027 @ Rs.10663/-
As per Arty Records letter, 50% Pension is ellowed for Son of 1st Wife. Case in Court for Legal Guardian.50% EFP PPO is for the Son is awaited.
spoke to Rama Krishna of CPPC. SMS sent to SBI CPPC. Complained through CPENGRAMS. Written to PCDA Allahabad.Arrears credited to the Family Pensioner.
2613681636W Hav Varri RajaluMACP HNS PPO received from records. Pension is not yet revised by Banker.Spoke to CPPC . Reminder Msg sent.Individual Confirmed that arrears are credited
271272071X NK Chilla AppalanarasayyaDSC Discharge Certificate not held with individual. Issueing of Substitute Discharge Book is requested. Pensioner’s Son asked to Add his mother’s name in the Pension Acct duly ensuring the spelling and date of birth exactly same as per PPO.Spoke and reminded AAD Record Officer Lt Col Anil Gogawale.Duplicate Discharge Book received by Individual.
2815180143M Sep ACP1 Karri NanajiMarch and Apr 2022 Pension not rceived. Whencontacted PCDA, they mentioned that his Pension is being credited by SBI as his acct is not yet shifted to SPARSH.Spoke and Reminder sent to CPPC on 09 Aug 2022.
Spoke to CPPC on 04 Jul 2022 and requested to obtain the copy of then PPO Sfx 2102.
Message sent to SBI CPPC on 02 Jul 2022 as under:-
PCDA was Contacted over phone on 01 Jul 2022.
Pension commenced along with arrears.
2914924720M Hav ACP1 Nb P C Rajeevan
Unit – 8 Mech Inf
Non Adjustment of post discharge claim
Individual Retired on 31/07/2021 and total service 24 yrs and 29 days.
Mech Inf Records vide their Letter No.14924720M/aNER/CLM/65095 dated 25 Sep 2021 forwarded the unsettled claim to PAO(OR).
Written Letter to Infantry Record Office & PAO. Reminder Sent. Complaint Lodged in CPENGRAMS.Arrears Credited in Sep 2022 amounting Rs. 3,52,097/-
3015775463P Hav Chitti Venkateswara RaoNot received Jun 22 Pension.
Digital Life Certificate was generated.
Interacted with PCDAPension Commenced.
3114618657N HMT ACP Nb Sub Gunapu Visweswara RaoIndividual’s Pension transferred to SPARSH. Pension Not received from Oct 2021 till Jun 2022. Individual witten to EME records directly on 08 Feb 2022 and through ZSWO. Spoke to Bangalore Union Bank Manager. Pension is Credited.
32Korukonda Ammaji W/o (Late)NK K Nooka RajuFmily Pension not yet started although the ESM Expired and all the documents were dispatched to CPPC. Pension for Nov, Dec 2020 and Jan 2021 credited and from Feb 2021 onwads stopped.Complaint lodged with Chairman and Customer care of SBI on 05 Aug 2021 on Email ids
Remided CPPC. Spoke to Rama Krishna on 03 Apr 2021 who confirmed that Processing is completed and the Pension will commence.

The Family Pension along with arrears were credited to the Family Pensioner.
3313989825N Hav (MACP-I) T CH Appa RaoHav Appa Rao retired from Service on 31 Dec 2018. Till date he is gettiing Hav Pension and Not Hav (MACP-I) Pension. All the documents were sent to PCDA through records to upload in the system. AMC Records was called. Email sent to Liaison Cell PCDA Allahabad.Individual received MACP Pension.
342598354L Hav (MACP1) Bobbari Chinnam NaiduIndividual Retired rom Service on 31 Dec 2020. Till 19 Apr 2021 his Pensiion is not Credited to his Pension A/c .
Spoke to CPPC. Spoke to CRO Record Office.Pension Credited to the individual’s Pension Acct.
35Matta Saraswati W/O Late 2551701 Nk Matta Appala Suri
The Family Pensioner’s Pension Acct was migrated to SPARSH during Oct 2022. Since then her Family Pensin was stopped.Written to MRC Records , Spoken to ZSWO Srikakulam , Spoke to MRC RecordsFamily Pension of March 2023 along with Arrears of Oct 2022 to Jan 2023 were credited on 03 Apr 2023.
36KMA Jyothi W/O NK Kandavali SamsonECHS Cards Applied in Jan 2020 and Not yet Received Verfied from ECHS Site and noticed that the Case was Verified from DSC Records on 28 May 2020. Cards were received by Station Hq.Cards Received by Individual
Cmde KS Sandhu
1Maya Biswas w/o KK Biswas Ex Sea I No.49249ESM passed away on 15 Oct 2017, family pension not startedPursued with NavpenFamily pension commenced03 Days
2Paramjit Singh Ex ERA3 No. 129872RRetired 31 Jul 21 pension not yet started. Pursued with Navpen and IRLA MumbaiPPO generated and pension commenced3 Months
3Venkata Ratnam Thota Ex PO 80678KCorrection of spouse DOBPursued with NavpenAmended PPO issued on 04 Aug 212 Months
4Anju Gulati w/o Cdr AK Gulati 02536NRequest for revised ePPO with Notional pay method.Pursued with NavpenAmended ePPO issued03 Days
5Attar Singh Azrot, Ch EAP, No. 203990RCorrection of Spouse DOBPursued with NavpenDOB of spouse corrected. 15 Months
6Latha Devi w/o MLS Raju Ex MCAA I No. 091734NESM passed away on 27 Dec 2019 family pension Pursued with Navpen and PCDA(N). PPO issued on 16 Dec 21Family pension commenced15 Nov 21 – 16 Dec 21 (one month)
7Smt Grace Sebastian w/o A Sebastean L/TEL No. 88408She is widow of sailor who died in 1971 sinking of INS Khukri. 1. She was entitled for liberalized FP. 2. Rank was not proper ie Tel 1 instead of L/Tel and entitled to Gp B pensionThe case was pursued with Navpen and PCDA(P) to get her proper pension. She received enhanced liberalized family pension of Rs 42,000/-PM for her husband’s actual rank of Leading Telegraphist and arrears of Rs 18 lakh. 04 Jan 22 – May 22 (5 months) Note: Big contribution was made by Veteran Thiruchelvam Sahib to settle this case.
8Cdr Rashpal Singh 01756RCorrection of spouse DOBPursued with NavpenePPO with correct DOB of spouse issued26 Mar 22 – 13 Jun 2022 (2.5 months)
9Kumari Geeta unmarried d/o Lalit Singh Ex PO No.42739For family pension as unmarried daughter of ESMPursued with NavpenPPO issued family pension started.01 Feb 22 – Sep 2022 (seven months)
10Shyam Lal MCEAR I No. 202035Y7th CPC Notional Fixation of pension held upPursued with NavpenCorrected ePPO received01 Mar 22 – Jul 22 (5 months)
11Ms Muriel Masih unmarried d/o Hon S/Lt Inayat Masih No. 4708Correction of DOB to 04 Nov 56Pursued with NavpenDOB of pensioner corrected08 Aug 22 – Dec 2022 (5 months)
12Santosh Yadav widowed d/o KP Singh LAH No. 82859ESM died on 01 Mar 21. Issue of PPO for family pensionPursued with NavpenePPO issued family pension started @23 Aug 22 – 30 Sep 22 (one month)
Rs 11057/- with arrears from 21 Apr 21
13Disabled D/O Lt (SDG) R Amon 80016B(a)Officer given pension of Army LtPursued with NavpenDaughter pension started other issues pending13 Jan 22 – Pension started. Other issues pending being pursued with NHQ
(b). Wife at 80 yr age didn’t get extra 20% pension – died
(c). Disabled daughter not getting pension
14Ms Indira Arunachalam divorced d/o Late K Arunachalam (Defence Civilian)Father died on 16.07.1984, mother died in Dec 1984. Pursued with PCDA(N), PCDA(A), CGDA & FM (GOI) Received arrears of last 37 years Rs 14,79,563/- and pension Rs 9,000 + Rs 3060 DRNov 2019 – Aug 2022 (2 yrs 10 months)
Note: Big contribution of Cmde S Parakala
15Smt Naga Mallaswari Neeladari w/o Late BR Neeladri, PO Tel 90096-RPension stopped on death of husband in Oct 2021 as name not in PPOPursued with NavpenePPO issued, family pension started @ Rs 11757/- w.e.f 18 Oct 2129 Jan 22 – 20 Oct 22 (9 months)
16Mrs Deepa Ratnakar w/o Late Cdr CV Ratnakar No. Died 02 Feb 20181. Pension Account frozen by UBI on plea of overpayment and change of bankPursued with NavpenPPO amended and pension started.18 Mar 22 – Dec 2022 (9 months)
2. Correction of DOB DOB action pending with pensioner.
17Saurabh Sharma ChAH 128213WRevision of PensionPursued with PCDA(N)Basic pay revised from Rs 38.700/- to Rs 42,30012 Jun 22 – 23 Jun 22. (11 days) –
18Jaswant Singh D/S/O Hon Slt Sohan Singh No. 055053YFamily pension for disabled sonPursued with Navpen and PCDA(N)PPO issued and pension started. Rs 24,918 + DR arrear received about Rs 15 lakh.02 Mar 22 – 18 Nov 2022 (8 months)
19Ravi Prakash PO Ck(S) No. 140498RBroad banding of disability pension from 20% to 50%Pursued with Navpen who issued letter to PCDA(N) on 22 Sep 22 30% increase in disability pension30 Jul 22 – 29 Sep 22 (2 months)
20Rakesh Kaul ChERA 052369YSpecial pension as per SC judgementPursued with Capt Rastogi OiC NLC(P)PPO received. Pension started. 12 Sep 22 – 20 Dec 22 (3 months)
21Durganand Jha MCPO II No. 068758WCorrn of Spose name and DOB in PPOPursued with NavpenCorrected DOB of spouse PPO issued03 Jun 22 – 15 Jun 22 (12 days)
22Cdr Chandra Shekhar 60162F1.Correction in ePPOPursued with Navpen and SBI CPPC BelapurPPO corrected and uploaded to SBI CPPC09 Jul 22 – end Jul 22 (about 2 weeks)
2. Navpen to upload amended PPO to CPPC.
23John Emmanuel Handicap (Deaf & dumb) s/o Sudhakar Reddy Ex PO No.044904Not getting family pension despite PPO issuedPursued with RAdm Rajesh Singh (Retd) Pension started 02 Dec 22 – 19 Dec 22 (17 days)
ECHS Issues
24Ram Nath Alaru Ex-PO Endorsement of wife’s name Request forwarded to Capt NA SinghVerification completed and card validOct 2021-10 Nov 21 (about a month)
25Ashok Kumar Verma MCPO I (089340Y)Verification of wife’s ECHS application not complete and she is in Amritsar hospitalRequest forwarded to Capt NA SinghVerification completed and card valid04 Dec 21- 06 Dec 21 (2 days)
26Karanjit Singh Ex-PO 112390H Mother’s ECHS card verification incomplete and admitted in hospital with kidney failureRequest forwarded to Capt NA SinghVerification completed and card valid01 Feb 2022 – 09 Feb 22 (8 days)
27Gurjit Singh Babrah Ex-CHERA No. 190405RECHS card verification incomplete due mismatch of spouse DOBRequest forwarded to Capt NA SinghVerification completed and card valid10 Feb 22 – 17 Mar 22
28Jaya Kuruvilla w/o PE Kuruvilla Sea 1 No. 6555084-year-old widow could not complete verification as she was in Bhubaneswar as her ZRO in Mumbai. Request forwarded to Capt NA Singh who helped on the basis of documents from widow Verification completed and card became valid08 Aug 22 – 04 Oct 22 (2 months)


S NoNO, Rank Name of ESM/ Family PensionerBrief ProblemAction Taken by Frontline WarriorBenefit Accrued to PensionerRemarks (No of Days Taken etc.)
Brig CS Vidyasagar
1Smt Resham W/O Dilesh RamachandraShe lost her husband Sepoy Uttekar Dilesh Ramachandra of ASC on 02 Oct 2021. She was not sanctioned family pension for the last 18 months Raised this issue with Records ASC South Bengaluru through Records Office AOC, Secunderabad on 24 Apr 2023. Also took it up through WhatsApp with Lt Co Ranjan Kumar. Also forwarded a copy of E-PPO to Lt Gen Vinod Vashisht, AVSM, VSM & Bar with request to advise CPPC, SBI, Maharashtra to wok out arrears of Ordinary Family Pension from 03 Oct 2021 till date and credit the amount of arrears into her bank account.
The PPO of Ordinary Family Pension was issued
2 Smt Supti Ghosh, wife of Maj (Late) Uday Shankar GhoshMaj (Late) Uday Shankar Ghosh of 13 Sikh LI who got martyred on 26 Jun 1989 in Op Pawan in Sri Lanka as a member of IPKF. He was awarded Sena Medal (Gallantry). But she was not sanctioned Liberalised Family PensionDiscussed this issue with Lt Col Ranjan Kumar in detail in his office on 12 May 2023. Lt Col Ranjan Kumar informed me that the PPO issued to Smt Supti Ghosh on martyrdom of her husband got misplaced.With great effort by staff of DPCC, finally the PPO was located. Work is now going on to expedite the case as the COAS is also the Col of the Regt of Sikh LI and  Maj Uday Shankar Ghosh is from 13 Sikh LI.  Mrs Supti Ghos is most likely to get a corr PPO notifying her pension as Liberalised Family Pension and also m0nthly monetary allowance for Sena Medal (Gallantry) from 27 Jun 1989.
3Smt Shakuntala Nooni of CPO Surendra Sngh Nooni CPO Surendra Sngh Nooni who was not sanctioned family pension. At PCDA, went to the office of Cdr Dhruv Tiwari but he was not there. Then met PO Vaibhav Rai and explained the whole case. He promised me that this case is progressing. Mrs Shakuntala Nooni is likely to get her Ordinary Family Pension from next date of death of her husband.
4Brig EJ George & Brig AK Dhawan.Recovery of Commutation of Officers who retired Long Time Back and their Banks have recovered Commutation instalment over 15 years.This problem has been projected to TCS at New Delhi.  TCS has rectified this error and no recovery of commutation is being effected of those whose 15 year period is over. 
5Smt Anita wife of IC34536H Col SK VarniWrong Fixation of End Date of Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family PensionDiscussed this issue with Lt Col Ranjan Kumar in detail in his office on 12 May 2023. The E-PPO will be duly amended in due course and the period of extended date of Enhanced Rate of OFP till 20 Apr 2023 will be notified.
6Mrs Mukta Saxena wife of Brig (Late) Rakesh Saxena Her son Sameer Saxena is a handicapped child and all documents were submitted to MP- 5  to get her son’s name notified as handicapped in her husbands’ PPO. MP – 5 in turn vide their letter No: 12566/IC-25566/ROS/MP-5 dated 28 Jun 2019 approached PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj. But nothing appears to have happened since then. Discussed with Lt Col Ranjan Kumar in his office, He immediately activated his staff and got a copy of Corr PPO.Sent the Copy of Corr PPO to Mrs Mukta Saxena.
7IC -33710 Lt Col Fernandez Michael Antony, IC-39603 Maj Gen Jatinder Singh Pathania, IC-43499 Lt Col (Late) Anil SinghDate of Birth / Name of Spouse Not Amended Even After Submission of Documents by MP-5.Discussed with Lt Col Ranjan Kumar in his office.The Corr PPOs will be issued in due course.
8Mrs Tanuja Dod wife of Lt Col (Late) Dinesh Singh DodNon-Receipt of E-PPO even after PCDA (O) Despatched to PCDA (Pensions)Discussed with Lt Col Ranjan Kumar in his office.The E-PPO is likely to be issued soon
9Smt Meenakshi Yernena W/O 14650005H Hav (Late) Sangam Naidu Yernena Non Grant of Retirement Gratuity of NCO who Died 33 days from Date of Discharge (01 July 2020).Discussed this case with Lt Col Ranjan Kumar.The case is cleared and Smt Meenakshi Yernena is likely to get the retirement gratuity very soon.
Col Srikantha Seshadri
1D/O Lt Col B K RamooNot able to apply for ECHS 64KB Card online. Not able to update data on RODRA website. Name was not matching in Service Records with Aadhar Card and DOB of the ESM was mismatch.Guided her to pply for the 64 kb card on line. Got her EPPO from RODRA website. Uploaded required documents on line for ECHS Card and also for mismatches of Name and Date of Birth.Verification is pending at MP 5B which will happen any time.
2Smt Leela Ponappa W/O IC 20607 Maj Ponappa Non commencement of family pension. Husband Expired in Aug 2022. Her Name was there in PPO. Do not have ePPO. Her DOB was not maching, had not linked aadhar card and PAN wiiith Bank account,They did not have a joint account. Family pensioner is a super senior citizen (86 Yrs Old). His son was asked to contact me by a Lt Gen from the same Regt (Arty) on 24 Sep 2022. Got the documentation completed through her son. Made the draft affidavit for correction of DOB and got it done, then sent it to the MP 5B. Did not have her email id, which was created.Case sorted out and Pension got credited into her acount for the month of Oct on 01 Nov 22. All problems got sorted out In Feb 2023.
3Col TNCV SarathyOn 31 Jan 2023 his wife fell down at Thirupathi during darshan and broke the hip bone. Local Doctor suggested her to be moved to Bangalore and overnight reached an Empaneled Hospital at early morning at 3.30 AM. Offr did not find the ECHS card so Empaneled Hospital could not proceed with surgery. Offr did not remember the log in details of ECHS Card like User id and Password.Spoken to ECHS Central Organization to get the log in details. Blocked the ECHS Card but payment did not go through. However Temporary slip was printed and sent straight to OIC ECHS Polyclinic with a request to pring it, sign it and handover to the Offr for further action. Got the approval of Specialist Doctor.All Problems sorted out and the patient treated using ECHS facilities.
4Col Shankar.Took PMR in 1995, his Commutation amount did not get restored even in Jan 2023. Sent mail to CPPC and spoke to the concerned staff. They were busy in OROP Calculation. However got it resolved.Offr got only 10% of the arrears where as he is entitled to 148567/-. He will be getting the remaining balance amount soon
Maj Gen Shibnath Mukherjee
1Ms. Aparajeeta Roy, D/o of Late Col B M RoyShe is a divorcee with partial mental disability. Not Getting dependant family pension after demise of both of her parents.All documents forwarded to PCDA through Record Office. Got her Corr PPO with the help of Brig CS Vidyasagar and Lt Col Ranjan Kumar at PCDA.she is getting depended family
pension of more than 94,000/- per month and
got arrears of more than 11 lakhs on 28 th February 2023.
50 Days
2Sriparna Biswas D/O Late Seaman
A K Biswas who expired on 15.10.2017.
Her Mother is not getting family pension.Got the papers forwarded from Record Office and with the help of Lt Col Ranjan Kumar got the ePPO released.Her Mother got the Family Pension.4 Months
3Mrs Nandita Chowdhury W/O Late PO Pratap Kumar.She was not getting her Family Pension for more than 6 months due to documentation problem.Sent the documents to Navy (Pensions) Office and with the help of Cmde KS Sandhu got ePPO released.She got her Family Pension