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On the 25th Sep 2016 at Kozhikode, Kerala, Major AK Dhanapalan, The National President, Bharath Rekshak Party, met the Hon’Ble Rekhsha Matri Sri Manohar Parrikarji and discussed the following points relating to the Ex-servicemen Fraternity:-


The H’ble Supreme Court on 15/11/2010 suggesed for constituation of seperate COMMISSION  to examine the Pay/pension and other grievances of the Armed Forces Personnel and the Ex-servicemen. The BJP has made it a point in their Election Manefesto also.

On the 11 March 2016, H’ble Mininister of State Sri RAO INDERJIT SINGH Ji made a statement in the Parliament that “In pursuance of Hon’Ble President’s Statement made in the Address to the Joint Session of Parliament on 9th Jun 2014, regarding Govt’s decision to appoint a Veterans Commission, the National Commission for Ex-servicemen Bill 2015 has been drafted.  The comments Department of Legistative Affairs and Department of Administrative reforms and Public Grievances have been obtained.  The matter is under consideration of the Goverment.” This was in response to an Unstarred Qeustion No.2474 by Shi MAHEISH GIRRI.

We rquest to expedite the issue without  any further loss of time.

(we may recollect here,  In the connected matter, W.P (Civil) No.291/2010 – “Pushpawanti  Vs  UO I” , the Hon’ble court was pleased to order the Govt to consider setting up of an independent Commission headed by a retired SC Judge “for looking into all grievances of the serving and former memebers of the Armed Forces.  We feel this is necessary as the armed forces personnel have many grievances which they feel are not being properly addressed by the Union Goverment. Pointing out that the widow of a war veteran had approached the SC questioning the logic of paying her a meagre pension of Rs.70/- , the bench said this was the treatment meted out to highly decorated officers “it is shameful” that the Govt had allowed such a case to come to Supreme Court”Does it require a case?” What are you people upto? It is very demoralising for the Armed Force” THE BENCH TOLD THE SG).


Armed Forces Personnel are retiring  at a very early age i.e. before attaining the age of 60 years.  No financial support OR re-settlement package is available to them.  The Jawans who leave service at the age of 35-45 find it very dificult to support the family, educate the children, look after the old parents, getting mariage of young sisters etc.  It is highly essential to provide alternate appointment  and protect the salary drawn.  A National  Ex-servicemen settlement Policy  is a very long outstanding  requirement  of the Ex-servicemen in the country. A National Policy should be made.


A National Policy  on protection of disabled Armed Forces Personnel do not exist.  Equal opportunities of right and full participation Act 1995 enable a Civilian Employee if get disabled  whether on duty or off duty,  whether due to service or otherwise, whether due to his own negligencies or not, his/her services are protected. If the employee is NOT able to work, still he/she is to be kept on supernumerary strength and paid full pay and allowances till the age of 60 years.  WHEREAS the Armed Forces personnel injured/diabled will be sent home, some time may be wihout pension on flimsy reasons. This is inhuman.

The equal opportunities of Right and Full Participation Act 1995 should also be made applicable to Armed Forces.

And TSEWA is exploring the feasibility filing  a case in AFT Delhi or PIL in SC on Protection of Disabled Armed Forces Personnel under The Equal opportunities and Full Participation Act 1995 pointed out Maj AK Dhanapalan 


  1. Dear sir
    I have applied for Part II Order for my daughter after Retirement-letter no. NAVPEN/GB/162022 dated 29 Dec 2017 & 24 Jan 2018 through ZSB JAMNAGAR till date I didn’t get information .
    This document need submit for my daughter collage admission.
    Kindly guide me.
    Abhay Kumar Mishra

  2. A very good initiative to rehatch the TSEWA Blog and we are thankful to Smt Rekha Sekhri wife of Lt Col Raj Sekhri, for her voluntary contribution in designing the Blog with the latest user friendly “Word Press”. We all as members of “The Great TSEWA” tender our Applause in great appreciation. Thanks a million.

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