Minutes of TSEWA Core Committee Meeting Held on 02 May 2018 at Secunderabad



The following members were present:

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)             President in Chair
Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Rtd)    Vice President
Col(Dr) GB Sethi (Rtd)                 General Secretary
Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Rtd)            Joint Secretary
Hony Capt B Joseph (Rtd)            Joint Secretary
Col Vijay Salins (Rtd)                    Administrator, TSEWA Web Site & Member Core Committee
Col MJ Ganapathy (Rtd)                 Member CC

The President welcomed members present and requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings by giving his points.

Points from the General Secretary

Agenda for NEC and AGM: He said that we need to finalise the Agenda for NEC and AGM so that the Agenda can be communicated to NEC Members and Members of TSEWA well in time. He has sent a mail to all NEC Members to send the points if any for NEC and AGM but till date no points were received. The President has made some suggestions for Agenda and Gp Capt CRR Sastry also made some suggestions. General Secretary said that he will communicate the Agenda Points to all so that we may discuss in the next meeting and finalise them.

PIL on ECHS Cards: He said that about 280 donors have contributed for this project and he expressed his resolve that the case should be filed before 15th May 2018. The matter was discussed with Brig SKS Rana, VSM (Rtd), President, Legal Division, TSEWA who said that he was travelling in the North East and promised to discuss the matter with the Advocate on his return to Delhi on 3rd May 2018. He agreed to drive the matter so as to file the case with in the dead line.

Pension Arrears for LSM Trehan: Due to the efforts of Lt Col KS Gohil, President TSEWA, Gujarat the Veteran sailor received a sum of Rs 6.3 lakhs of arrears on account of Pension. The veteran has decided to donate a sum of Rs 20,000 to TSEWA Corpus. The CC expressed happiness about the efforts of Lt Col Gohil and gratitude to LSM Trehan for his gesture.

Donation received on a/c Capt VS Gurung: General Secretary said that a sum Rs 7,04,051 being the amount received as Donation towards Capt Gurung was remitted to Brig RS Rawat, President, TSEWA, Uttarakhand with a request this should be used as the Corpus for maintenance of Capt Gurung. All concerned like Station Hq, Sub Area, Area and Command Hq were put in the loop for information.

HNS Case: The case is posted to 30th May.

Accommodation for Out Station Members of NEC: Col Veeramani is requested to do the needful after ascertaining the requirements from members.

Points from the Vice President

Assistance to Sailor Munuswamy: Cmde Sudheer Parakala mentioned that Sailor Veteran Munuswami is non – pensioner ESM. He was admitted in a private hospital and was to be put on ventilator support. Cmde KS Sandhu, President, Mumbai Metro was trying to admit him in INHS Ashwini, Western Naval Command hospital as a non-entitled person. Since the Veteran is not entitled for ECHS membership, he was not entitled for treatment in INHS Ashwini.  He said that an early action is required to ensure that our contribution is used for treatment of the Veteran. Hony Capt B Joseph member of Charity Division agreed with this view and it was decided that a sum of Rs 20,000  be sent immediately. The members present felt that that we can not commit any further monetary assistance to this individual.

Points from the President

Agenda Points:  He informed that he sent 18 agenda points for consideration by NEC members to General Secretary. Since he sent these points only on night of 01 May 2018, General Secretary might not have had time to go through them. Going over these points in the Core Committee meeting will take lot of time. It is better General Secretary to forward his mail to all 20 NEC members and seek their views. Once all NEC members give their views then the same will be considered to be finalised to be discussed in NEC meeting on 16 Jun 2018. However he explained few points to the Core Committee.

Awareness Camps: The expenditure on awareness camps and the sharing of expenditure between local ESM Community who invite the TSEWA team to conduct the awareness camp and TSEWA should be fixed. The expenditure for Awareness Camp should be minimal like cost of Venue; Drinking Water, a frugal Lunch for ESM who attend the main session and Tea & Snacks for the ESM who stay back for Individual sessions of problem resolving; Accommodation for TSEWA team be arranged in Service Messes wherever possible. The total estimated amount will be informed to TSEWA before the Awareness camp is planned and TSEWA will plan the Awareness Camp only if it is able to finance at least 50% of the estimated expenditure. It was decided that this point be discussed in the next NEC meeting.

NEC Expenditure Meetings of National Executive Committee are a half yearly feature and unbridled expenditure on such meetings on items like travel costs and cost of accommodation will make the holding of the NEC meetings on a regular basis unsustainable. Therefore the streamlining of expenditure was discussed and it was decided that all NEC Members should be accommodated in Service Messes and as a matter of practice, all NEC Members should be requested to travel by AC2 Tier class. It was decided that this proposal may be discussed in the next NEC meeting.

Succession Plan: The term of the present Executive Committee is till June 2021. Unless we start finding new volunteer members capable of taking over from the present Committee, there will be a leadership crisis in TSEWA and the present leadership may be forced to continue for another term which is not healthy. Each Committee needs to be rested for at least one term for reasons both human as well as governance. Hence it was decided that we discuss the matter in next NEC meeting to identify one or two active ESM from each state who can join the NEC and assume positions of responsibility like President, General Secretary and Treasurer etc.

Trust for holding and Managing TSEWA Corpus: It was decided that soon after we receive the IT Exemption under Section 80(G) of IT Act 1961, we should seek the permission of CIT (Exemptions) to form a TSEWA Trust so that the NEC of TSEWA is relieved of the burden of managing the Corpus of TSEWA on a continuous basis and there is permanent source of income for sustainable functioning of TSEWA.

There being no further points the meeting came to an end at 10.30 am.

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

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