Minutes of TSEWA EC & CG Meeting Held on 09 May 2018 at Secunderabad



The following members were present:

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)              President
Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Rtd)    Vice President
Col (Dr) GB Sethi (Rtd)                General Secretary
Lt Col Parvathesam (Rtd)             Treasurer
Gp Capt CRR Sastry (Rtd)             Joint Secretary
H/ Capt B Joseph (Rtd)                 Joint Secretary
Col MK Veeramani (Rtd)               President, Charity Division.

Opening the meeting, President welcomed all and thanked them for coming for the meeting in spite of severe summer in Secunderabad.

Points from General Secretary

Draft Agenda of AGM: Postponement of Dates for Holding of NEC and AGM Meeting Gen Secy informed that he has already sent the Notice for holding  the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting  on 16 Jun 2018 & Annual General Body (AGM) on  17 Jun 2018. He said that due to some exigency, he will be out of station on those two dates. Anyhow he said that he will do the complete spade work, so that anyone can conduct the meeting.

The President said that as it is Col MK Veeramani, President, Charity Division will be out of station on those two days and had already expressed his inability to attend the meeting, in the previous Executive Committee (EC) meeting. Now if General Secretary  is also not  available, it is better to post pone the two meetings by a week, by which time both the members will be back after their out station trips.

After some discussion, Executive Committee decided that as a very special case this meeting will be postponed by one week and the NEC meeting will be held on Saturday, 23 Jun 2018 at 143 Vayupuri at 1000 hrs, and AGM will be held at 1000 hrs on Sunday, 24 Jun 2018 at AWHO Ved Vihar Community Hall. President was asked to inform all concerned immediately so that out station members can make their travel plan accordingly.

On this Col Veeramani said that he has already sent an e – mail to all concerned, to book their tickets accordingly and intimate their travel plans. But so far no one has replied to him. That means no one has booked their tickets. So it will not be any problem for them to book now as per the revised dates, which is just one week later. Col Veeramani said that again he will ask the members to inform the arrival and departure plan at the earliest.

Then General Secretary read out the Draft Agenda Points, which was approved by all.

Action to be taken by President, Col MK Veeramani and General Secretary and all outstation members

Corpus of Capt Vijendra Singh Gurung: General Secretary informed that Brig RS Rawat, President, TSEWA, Uttarakhand rang him up and confirmed that he has received the money sent by us for Capt Gurung’s Corpus. He wanted a letter from our side for the same. This was agreed.

Action to be taken by Treasurer

Reimbursement of Medical Expenses of Sgt  Lawrence Joseph: General Secretary informed that Sgt Lawrence Joseph though a member of ECHS had to incur an expenditure of Rs 3.65 lakhs from his pocket as two empanelled hospitals in Secunderabad on the plea that they have no spare bed (real reason being that ECHS did not clear the long standing bills) and got major surgery done in Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Wg Cdr AB Bhushan had attended a meeting with the GOC, Telangana & Andhra Sub Area. In principle it has been agreed that the money paid by Sgt Lawrence Joseph will be reimbursed on medical expenses. On a query from Col Veeramani, whether it will be the CGHS rates or the actual, Gp Capt CRR Sastry informed that as per policy of ECHS, the reimbursement will done at CHGS rates.

Corr PPOs of BB-2 legal case: General Secretary said that two of the petitioners of BB-2 legal case of TSEWA  have received their fresh Corr PPOs enhancing their disability percentage due to broad banding. TSEWA has won BB – 1 and BB – 2 cases from AFT Delhi. It is expected all other petitioners of BB – 2 also will get Corr PPOs in due course.

Financial Assistance to the Family Members of (Late) Sep Dasrath, SC of 13 Kumaon: Col Narendra Bhatia of 13 Kumaon sent an e-mail to TSEWA requesting for financial assistance to family members of (late) Sep Dasrath who got martyred in Kupwara in J & K in Sep 1994. He was awarded Shourya Chakra posthumously for his bravery in killing terrorists. Smt Bala Devi, his wife was sanctioned Liberalised Family pension. He left behind Smt Bala Devi, wife, two sons and one daughter. The family were travelling in a hired taxi from their village in Haryana and met with an accident en route. The driver of taxi and Smt Bala Devi died on the spot. The younger son, his wife and an elder daughter-in-law suffered grievous injuries. They were evacuated to ARTIMS hospital in Gurgaon. They were treated and bill for the treatment to the three injured personnel came to Rs 12 lakhs. The family has small land holding and depend upon the pension of Smt Bala Devi wife of martyred solider, hence they need financial assistance to pay for the medical treatment.

Lt Col G Parvathesam, Tresurer, TSEWA informed that as on date he has not received any donation and he has no money to render any kind of financial assistance to anyone. He suggested that any member of TSEWA who is desirous of donation to the family member of (late) Sep Dasrath, SC may contact Col NN Bhatia.

Action to be taken by Members of TSEWA

Expediting the AFT cases: General Secretary wanted the time gap between getting the Documents and the Legal fees from the members till the case is filed in the AFT should be brought down. Environment is not happy with the delay. It was the general opinion of all that we should expedite this. Once we file the case, rest depends on AFT.

The President suggested that to get faster disposal of the legal cases we must identity few more advocates in AFT Delhi and activate other regional AFTs like Mumbai, Chandigarh and Lucknow.

After detailed discussion the Executive Committee decided that henceforth we must file cases in AFT Delhi and AFT Lucknow.

The Executive Committee asked Gp Capt CRR Sastry to take up a case with Brig SKS Rana, VSM, Presidnet, Legal Division to take appropriate action to cut down delays in filing legal cases and getting judgments thereafter.

Action to be taken by General Secretary, Gp Capt CRR Sastry, Brig SKS Rana VSM.

Points from Treasurer

Maintenance of Single Bank Account:    Lt Col G Parvathesam, Treasurer informed that he has closed down three accounts as ordered by the Executive Committee and retained only one account for all  TSEWA  financial activities as decided earlier, in line with the MOD’s decision. He had suggested that in future we should inform the members only to send the cheques in favour of TSEWA and not to give any account number.

Auditing of Accounts of TSEWA:  The auditing of our account till 31 Mar 2018 will be completed soon and he has asked our Chartered Accountant to come and finalise the accounts for financial year 2017 – 18 and file the Income tax return at the earliest but not later than 15 Jun 2018. CA has agreed for the same. The balance Sheet and other account details will be ready well in time for the AGM, so this can be informed to all members along with the Agenda Points.

Action to be taken by Treasurer,  General Secretary, President.

Points from Col Veeramani:

 Designation: Col Veeramani said that he is writing himself in e-mails and SMS as Head Charity Division, where as President TSEWA calls him as President Charity Division. Some other members call him as Chairman Charity Division. Since we have TSEWA President, (Brig CS Vidyasagar), State Presidents, President Legal Division etc, in order not to confuse, he started calling himself as Head Charity Division. He said that it is better to standardize these designations.

Cmde Sudheer Parakala said that in his Vision Document, he has given certain designations from the village level to the District, State and Zonal levels. After some discussions it was decided that this will be included in our Agenda for AGM.

President clarified that there are Presidents of TSEWA who also head other ESM organisations in the States. Therefore we have adopted the system of calling heads of any division as President. That is why we have Presidents Zones, States, Regions, Districts, Metros. We have also few volunteers who are helping like President Legal Division, President Pension Division, President CPENGRAMS, President RTI Division. The system has worked out well so far and there is no need to change it now. In future when TSEWA has all office bearers down to village level then we can reorganize as suggested in the Vision Document authored by Cmde Sudheer Parakala.

Meetings:  Col Veeramani said that in view of the very severe summer, of 43 degrees Celsius in Secunderabad, it is better to cancel the weekly meetings on 16 May and 30 May 2018, have only one meeting on 23 May and have the weekly meetings on 06 Jun,13 Jun and 20 Jun 2018, since our NEC will be on 23 Jun and AGM on 24 Jun 2018. At his age, with the health conditions, he finds it very difficult to come for the weekly meetings. He also said that for today’s meeting only 7 members have come, due to the severe summer only. So he said for more members to attend, it is better to have fortnightly meetings.

After some discussions it was decided that weekly meetings will be held, and whom so ever cannot come, should inform the General Secretary about their in ability to attend, so that other members do not wait. This was agreed by all.

Funds for Charity:  Col Veeramani said that there are 8 cases for Charity pending with him. He has already informed them that the fund position for Charity will be known only after Jun 2018, so any action can be taken only after that. He wanted the Treasurer to inform by end Jun 2018, the position of the funds for Charity. This was agreed by the Treasurer.

He said during the AGM he will call two beneficiaries of our Charity, to come to the stage and inform the members, as to how they were benefited by the timely financial help of TSEWA.

Action to be taken by General Secretary, Treasurer, Col Veeramani.

Points from Joint Secretary:

AFT Cases: Gp Capt Sastry said that Brig SKS Rana VSM, President, Legal Division spoke to him about the trip of Gp Capt and Treasurer to Delhi. Brig SKS Rana VSM is of the opinion that there is no need for them to go to Delhi. In case the reconciliation of the legal fees paid to the Lawyers, is to be done, if the details are given, he will do the needful. Brig SKS Rana VSM, has said that AFT 1 B will be filed by 15 May 2018. AFT 28 will be filed, after filing AFT 1 B. He said that the Reservists case can be sent by us after the pending cases with him are cleared. PIL for ECHS Smart Card will be filed in Hon’ble Supreme Court by 15 May 2018. This will be Union of India (Min of Def) Vs TSEWA represented by Brig SKS Rana VSM. He had suggested that AFT 28 and AFT 29 will be given to our advocate in AFT Delhi. He has told for BB – 3, Col Tripathi has not yet given the format of the Affidavit for the Lead Petitioner, in spite of asking the same from him. Brig SKS Rana VSM, informed that second advocate will be given BB 3, AFT 20 and AFT 21.

Gp Capt CRR Sastry explained how the AFT works. All documents will be given to the Registrar’s court, for a thorough check up. Only after the same is cleared, the case will be admitted in the AFT, and the OA number will be given.

Brig SKS Rana VSM is of the view that in one station we should have only one Lawyer. We can file our cases in two or three AFTs in India.

After some discussions it was decided that after AFT Delhi, we should go to AFT Lucknow. We have already held consultations with good Lawyer at AFT Lucknow who will handle our cases. He has confirmed that only the Lead Litigant should be from UP or Uttarakhand  and others from anywhere in India can be petitioners.

It was the opinion of all, that our MSP from Jan 2006 to Aug 2008 case can be given to our advocate in AFT Lucknow. President said that in view of the Judgment given by the Supreme Court, that ACP is part of pay, it is mentioned in SAI 2/S/2008 that MSP is also part of pay, hence the arrears of ACP and MSP should be from Jan 2006 and not from Sep 2008. As per his calculations Officers who were in service in Jan 2006 to Aug 2008 are likely to get arrears of Rs 2.80 lakhs and JCOs / OR are likely to get arrears of Rs 85,000.  It was now left to Brig SKS Rana, VSM to allot our legal cases between AFT Delhi and AFT Lucknow

TSEWA Trust:  The formation of TSEWA Trust was discussed. General Body has already given their approval to form the Trust. Gp Capt CRR Sastry said that all documents for forming TSEWA Trust are ready with him. So during this NEC and AGM this point will be discussed and along with the 80 G application, permission to form the Trust should also be submitted to Commissioner of Income Tax (Exemptions), Hyderabad. Then the transfer of money to the Trust will be done. The sanction for fund transfer from AGM should be obtained on 24 Jun 2018.

President summed up all the important points for the NEC and AGM, and asked all concerned to do their best to make the event a Grand Success.

There being no other points, President thanked all and the meeting ended.

Warm regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

TSEWA- 140

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