1. Dear Col,
    Your son may also be authorized for pension.I know a batch mate of mine whose son has been authorized for pension after their demise.

    Wg Cdr TPN Singh(R)

  2. Sir,I am glad to know that disabled children are covered ECHS health cover my son is disabled more than 60 percent locomotor disability due to meningomyelocele optd immediately after birth disability persists.He has health smart card also .His age is 29 yrs .if he is eligible for health cover under ECHS .What next step to be done .please clarify
    Thank you
    Lt Col Shirbur

    1. Shirbur sir.i know you(senge 305fd amb and mh sec ‘bad) and your son .i too have a spl son aged 25 with cp +adhd with 100% disability for life and can not earn a gainful income.while in service i got his disability certificate from chcc (certain mil hosps are auth to provide disability certificates as per dgafms letters on PWD ie persons with disability Act…then got part 2 published…also got it entered in my pension application and in lpc and ppo.had applied for his echs (white card=showing disabled dependent) its a 32 kb card.dreading to go through the process again by 2020.if you need the dgafms auth on pwd act pl email me your id to drdray3@yahoo.com.col debashish ray AMC retd.

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