Pension of JCOs and OR Till Dec 2017 by 2.57 Method

  1. Many JCOs/OR approached me to make tables for Pension as w.e.f Jan 2016 in 7th CPC by 2.57 method as banks are not paying them their correct pension. The tables will help them to confront the bank staff for their legitimate pension till Dec 2017 by taking DR @ 5%. Acceding to their request, I made tables as under:-

(a)   Pension tables for Ex-Servicemen from the rank of Sepoy Y Group to Sub Maj X group till Dec 2017 with DR @ 5%.
(b)   Pension tables for Family pensioners as under:-

(i)  Ordinary Family Pensioner (OFP). Pension 60% of what her husband used to draw when he was alive. If pension of husband was Rs 20,000 then her own family pension comes to Rs 20000 x 0.60 = Rs 12,000 pm + DR
(ii)   Special Family Pensioner (SFP).  The wife of deceased serving soldier whose death as on date is attributable or aggravated by military service is given 60% of Last Dawn Emoluments or Reckonabe Emoluments. If husband’s emoluments at the time of death in service is Rs 30,000, she gets SFP of Rs 30000 x 0.60 = Rs 18,000.
(iii)   Liberalised Family Pension (LFP). The wife of deceased soldier who is martyred in war or war like operation, she gets LFP which is equivalent to her husband’s Reckonable emoluments. In this case if the husband’s reckonable emoluments were Rs 30,000 she get LFP of Rs 30,000.

(c)    Disabled Soldiers. I have worked their disability element in three bands as per broad banding policy. Disability element is 30% of reckonable emoluments for 100% disability. 100% disabled soldiers are entitled for Constant Attendant Allowance of Rs 6,750 irrespective of rank. For lesser disability DE is proportionately reduced. They are eligible for broad banding benefit as per Govt of India, Ministry of Defence letter issued recently.
(d)     War Injured Soldiers. They are two types.

(i)   War Injured but Retained in Service. Those who are war injured and retained in service like Col Anil Kaul, VrC, Brig PT Gangadharan and many Lt Gens who became Army Cdrs. They are given war injury element on their retirement at the rate of 60% of their reckonable emoluments for 100% injury. For lesser percentages, the WIE is proportionately reduced.
(ii)    War Injured and Invalided.  Due to injuries sustained in war or war like operations, they are medically boarded out as is generally known (correct term is invalided). They get WIE of 100% of their reckonable emoluments for 100% war injury.

  1. Old Age Pension. I have built in old age pension @ 20% of pension if they are in the age group of 80 years & less than 85 years, 30% in the age groups 85 to less than 90 years, 40% in the age group 90 to less than 95 years, 50% in the age group of 95 to less than 100 years and 100% in case they are centurians like Lt Col Damodar Vinayak Tangsale who passed away at ripe age of 103 (father in law of Major Ravi Joshi). As per the Min of Def letter dated 05 Sep 2017, disabled soldiers are also entitled to get old age pension on their disability element (DE).
  2. Disclaimer. The data is taken from Circular 555 of PCDA (Pensions). Unless you wear magnifying glasses, you cannot make out whether figure is 6 or 8 or 1 or 7. Therefore I could have made some mistake in taking the figure from the circular. I am not a software professional and did it with MS Excel. There could be mistake in picking up data from Circular 555 due to extremely small print and putting in the MS Excel Sheet. You are therefore required to see Circular 555 and amend my table if there is an error in data I had taken
  3. For officers, I have not done calculations as they are quite capable to work out their own pension and of their wives if they reach heavenly abode.

Warm regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
94931 91380

To open the table, click on the link below and the table will open in a new tab.



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