Pension of Officers and Ladies of Deceased Officers For Period Jul To Dec 2017

Dear Sir,

1. I have based on many requests from JCOs / OR / family pensioners of JCOs /OR made detailed calculations of pension, Disability Element (DE), War Injury Element (WIE) for Retained in Service & Invalided from Service and Family pensions to wives of  JCOs /OR showing their Ordinary Family Pension, Special Family pension and Liberalized Family Pension. Few officers have approached me with a request to make similar tables for Officers too.

2. Making such tables is a very tedious and time consuming task. It needs tons of concentration to pick up data from Circular 555 of PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad of pension in OROP w..e.f Jul 2014 and convert them to Pension in Jan 2016 by 2.57 method and again convert it to pension in the period Jul to Dec 2017 with DR @ 5%. The print in 101 tables of Circular 555 is so small one needs to use magnifying glass. One cannot distinguish between 6 and 8, 1 and 7, 6 and 9 due to small print.

3. I have made the following tables for Officers with regard to pensions of various types as mentioned in para 1.

(a)   Pensions of Lt /Hony Lt to Maj Gen with ages from below 80 to 100 years in steps of half a year from 20 to 33 years of qualifying service.
(b)  Disability Element of Disabled soldiers from ranks of Lt /Hony Lt to Maj Gen with disabilities of 50%, 75% and 100 % in steps of half a year from 20 to 33 years of qualifying service.
(c) War injury Element of  War Injured Soldiers retained in service with war injury element of 50%, 75% and 100% in steps of half a year from 20 to 33 years of qualifying service.
(d)  War injury Element of War Injured Soldiers Invalided from service with war injury element of 50%, 75% and 100% in steps of half a year from 20 to 33 years of qualifying service.
(e) Ordinary Family  Pension of Wives of Deceased officers of ranks ranging from Lt /Hony Lt to Maj Gen with service of 20 years to 33 years of qualifying service in steps of half an year.
(f)   Special Family Pension of wivers of deceased officers of ranks ranging from Lt /Hony to Maj Gen in steps of half a year from 20 years to 33 years of qualifying service.
(g)  Liberalised Family Pension of wives of deceased officers of ranks ranging from Lt /Hony to Maj Gen in steps of half year from 20 years to 33 years of qualifying service.

4. You can well imagine how much time it takes to make even one table for one rank.

5. These tables will be put up in our TSEWA Blog at  by 17 Oct 2017. I do not have time to send these tables to individuals.


6. Pensions. All pre – 2016 Pensioners are being paid pension by 2.57 method. Multiply your pension for your rank and length of service in OROP by 2.57 to arrive at your pension as on Jan 2016. Multiply that again with 1.05 to arrive at pension for the period Jul to Dec 2017 as DR is 5%.

7.   Disability Element (DE). Govt of India approved percentage system of Disability element for Armed Forces pensioners like for civilians. With broad banding now authorized for all, there are only three bands viz 50%, 75% and 100% of disability. The DE for 100% disability is 30% of reckonable Emoluments and for lesser percentages it is pro rata reduced. Old age pension for older disabled soldier of age of 80 and above is also to be added.

(a)   DE for 50% Disability. For a Colonel with 29.5 to 33 years and beyond, the pension in OROP is Rs 36130. Reckonable emoluments = 2  x Pension.

(i)   DE in OROP = 2 x pension x 0.3 for 100% disability x 0.50 for 50% Disability =  Rs 2 x 36130 x 0.30  x 0.5 = Rs 10,839 pm + DR
(ii)   DE in Jan 2016 = Rs 2.57 x 10839 = Rs 27,856
(iii)  DE in Jul to Dec 2017 with DR @ 5% = 27856 x 1.05 = Rs 29,249 pm
(iv)  In similar manner DE for 75% and 100% can be easily worked out.
(v)   All 100% disabled solider are entitled for Constant Attendant Allowance of Rs 6,750 pm.

8. War Injured Soliders. They are of two types. War injured but retained in service. For them war injury element (WIE) is 60% of reckonable emoluments. For War injured and invalided the WIE is 100% of reckonable emoluments. The WIE can be worked out like for DE. They are also entitled for old age pension.

(a)    War Injured and Retained in Service with 100% War Injury. For a Colonel of 29.5 years to 33 years’ service & beyond, pension in OROP is Rs 36130. His WIE is as under:-

WIE in OROP = Rs 2 x 36130 x 0.60 = Rs 43,356 pm+ DR @ 5% + Old Age pension if he is 80 years or above + Constant Attendant Allowance of Rs 6,750 pm
WIE as on Jan 2016 = Rs 43356 x 2.57 = Rs 111425+ DR @ 0%
WIE in the period Jul to Dec 2017 = Rs 43356 x 2.57 x 1.05 = Rs 1,16,996 pm with DR @ 5%

(b)    War Injured & Invalided out of Service with 75% War injury. They are entitled for WIE of 100% of their Reckonable emoluments for 100% war injury. For lesser percentages, the WIE is pro-rata reduced

For a Brig with 33 years of service the WIE in OROP = Rs 36130 x 2 x 0.75  = Rs 54195 pm + DR
WIE in Jan 2016 = Rs 54195 x 2.57 = Rs 144832 pm + DR @ 0%
WIE in Jul to Dec 2017 = Rs 144832 x 1.05 = Rs 1,52,074 pm + Old Age Pension.

9. Family Pensioners. There are four types of family pensioners whose husbands are no more.

(a)   Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension (E-OFP). If the death of husband took place then wife is entitled to E-OFP for a period of seven years from date of death of husband or till 67 years of age of husband. The pension is same as pension of her husband while he was alive. She will draw E-OFP for a period whichever is earlier i.e. 7 years from date of death or 67 years of age. For example all wives whose husbands are above the age of 67 at the time of death are not eligible for E-OFP. If a husband dies at the age of 63 then she will get E-OFP for a period of four years ( 67-63 = 4). If the husband is 58 years old at the time of death, then wife will get E-OFP for a period of seven years. If she remarries then she will not be entitled for E –OFP or even OFP.

(b)    Ordinary Family Pension (OFP). Wives of Ex-Servicemen and serving soldiers whose death is not attributed or nor aggravated by military service is entitled for OFP for her life time or till her re-marriage. OFP is 60% of pension of her husband. Suppose the pension of soldier is Rs 30,000 pm, then her pension is = Rs 30000 x 0.60 = Rs 18,000 pm + DR + Old age pension at 80 years of age of wife.

(c)    Special Family Pension (SPF). If a soldier dies and his death is attributed to or aggravated by military service, the wife is entitled for SPF for life time which is 60% of reckonable emoluments. i.e. SPF = 2 x OFP. Remarriage is no bar.

(d)   Liberalised Family Pension (LFP). If a soldier dies in a war or war like operations, the wife is entitled for LFP for life time and re-marriage is no bar. Her pension is 100% of Reckonable emoluments of her husband. LFP = (10/3) x OFP. She is entitle for DR and also old age pension.

10.Disclaimer. I did my best to take figures of pensions in OROP from Circular 555 but could have made some mistakes in entering data in MS Excel worksheet. Therefore you are required to see Circular 555 and check whether my figures are correct in OROP column of the tables. If it is correct then my figures of various types of pensions are correct. If you find any arithmetical mistakes in my calculations, then do point them out to me.

11. TSEWA Blog. All these tables are being put up in TSEWA blog ( by 17 Oct 2017 kind courtesy Smt Rekha Sekhri, Designer & Administrator of the  blog. You may take a print out and show it to your banker if your pension is not correct.

Warm Regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
9493191380 (Mobile connectivity is very poor in my residential complex)
Whatsapp: 9052345814

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  1. My dear Brig Vidyasagar and His Colleagues who work in TSEWA Office,
    I am totally flabbergasted by the amount of Data that your Working Group have turned out. I am sure the whole of PCDA ( Pension ) would NOT repeat NOT be able to do this kind of work. They just do NOT have the Ability, Interest , Knowledge or the Mental Approach to do such a detailed job full of Clarity and Understanding. I BOW DOWN IN FRONT OF ALL OF YOU EVEN THOUGH I AM A SUPER SENIOR.

    May I ask one doubt. Ordinary Family Pension I understand. Who gets Liberalized Family Pension?
    Thank you and I can only Pray that the LORD ALMIGHTY BLESS ALL OF YOU and YOURS.
    Most Grateful
    Brigadier S Sivaraman

  2. There is a typo error on the OROP pension of Majors on the table. The OROP Pension of Majors at 20.5, 21 and 21.5 yrs QS are the same, at 22830/- pm.
    Sharing a thought……though not in context of the Tables published under this post….:-)

    This equal pension under OROP (Cir 555) for the three QS periods, {20.5, 21, 21.5 yrs QS} could be interpreted on the face of it as, the evidence or revelation of the GoI/MoD intention to treat these three QS groups as equivalent, (notwithstanding their fallacy of AVERAGE of PENSION in arriving at OROP for Majors, as no one retired as a major in 2013).
    Hence if any Major in one of the above three qualifying service brackets, that is, at 21.5 QS, is granted a higher pension in the rank of Major by a verdict of an AFT, under OA 276/2017 (be that higher pension be identifiable as equal to that of a Lt Col (TS) then it must follow that the Majors at qualifying service brackets of 21 and 20.5 yrs of QS must receive the same OROP as per the intention of the GoI/MoD as evident from table annexed to Cir 555. (Case OA 457/2017 refers).
    Just my thoughts….Major Goswami TSEWA 0127

  3. Dear brig vidyasagar ,sir,
    Thank you for all what you are doing for helping others.
    Now that bb is across the table will pcdap be sending out fresh corr ppo s to all with the broad banded disabilities?
    I guess there is no further need to take up bb cases with aft
    I agree that the deluge of emails is becoming quite a nuisance for most veterans .may i suggest that the email id be closed but then all the deluge may shift to this blog and clutter this blog.
    With regards
    Col d ray (retd) tsewa mem no 6367

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