1. I request name of Lt.Col RS Negi, may please be added to BB3. he is 83. Himself physically very weak. wife bedridden for a year. Was not aware of TSEWA. I apprised him of the organisation. His TSEWA membership fee has been deposited and membership documents sent to HQrs TSEWA. Fee for BB-3 and documents are lying with me. If, agreed, I will send the fee cheque and ddocuments to concerned veteran.
      He is not computer literate and is living alone now. So I am trying to help him.
      Thank you and best regards:

  1. My name in the list of litigants appears at Srl 63.
    There is a mistake in my address.Pl delete Secunderabad in the address line.
    IC27927 Brig MK Ganju

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