TSEWA Wins BB 2 Case in AFT: OA 1677/2016

TSEWA is delighted to announce the good news  that it has won OA 1677/2016 (Broad Banding 2). AFT Delhi was pleased to grant prayer of TSEWA to give benefit of broad banding to all pre-2006 disabled soldiers. The judgment was delivered on 30 Aug 2017 with the instructions that arrears for three years from date of filing of case in AFT Delhi shall be paid to the petitioners in the legal case OA 1677/2016 (BB 2).

If you wish to check whether you are included in this case as a litigant, please check in the Memo of Parties ( List of litigants) of  OA 1677/2016 (BB 2) given below. Please click on the hyperlink and the list will be downloaded.

OA 1677/2016 (BB 2) MEMO OF PARTIES



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