Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA NEC held on 27 August 2022

Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held at 1000 hrs on 27 August 2022


  1. The meeting was attended by the following:-
    1. Cmde Sudheer Parakala             President, in Chair
    2. Brig CS Vidyasagar                       Chief Mentor
    3. Brig DSC Varma,VSM                    Vice President
    4. HFO AV Reddy                               Vice President
    5. Lt Col G Parvathesam                  General Secretary
    6. Cdr Chandra Shekhar                   Joint Secretary
    7. H/Capt MN Reddy                        Joint Secretary
    8. Brig SKS Rana                               Head, Legal Division
    9. Brig RS Rawat ,VSM                     President TSEWA, Central Zone
    10. Cmde Ashok Kota                        President TSEWA, South Zone
    11. Col Ajit Rana                                  President TSEWA, North Zone
    12. WO Thiruchelvam                        President TSEWA, Tamilnadu
    13. Col Srikantha Seshadri                President TSEWA, Karnataka
    14. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee               President TSEWA, Eastern Zone
    15. Hav Harish Asthana                     President TSEWA, UP
    16. Brig Suresh Nair                           President TSEWA, Kerala
    17. Col CM Unnithan                          President TSEWA, Chennai Metro
    18. Lt Col Dr. Bhaskara Reddy          Member
    19. Lt Col VRRS Ramana Reddy        Member
    20. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy               Member
    21. Maj Bala Krishnanan                     Member
  1. The President welcomed all present in the meeting and requested the General Secretary to commence the proceedings.
  1. Item No. 1. Minutes of the Last NEC Meeting: The General Secretary read out minutes of the last NEC Meeting and explained the progress on each point.
    Action: Nil.
  1. Item No. 2. Representation from J & K: The President explained the need of TSEWA representative from J & K and informed that Brig CS Vidyasagar has spoken to Col MS Jamwal, who had served ESM fraternity for about 12 years as Director ZSB. Further, he has confirmed that Col MS Jamwal has graciously accepted to be the President of TSEWA for J & K State. TSEWA NEC has approved his appointment accordingly. Brig RS Rawat, VSM, TSEWA President, North Zone was requested to get in touch with Col Jamwal and coordinate welfare activities in J&K.
    Action: Brig RS Rawat, VSM, Col MS Jamwal.
  1. Item No. 3. Validity of ECHS cards & Temporary Slips : The President explained the letter from HQ ECHS dated 23 August 22, about expiry of 32 KB ECHS Cards and the temporary slips issued to the members with effect from 15 September 2022. However, in case of emergency the members may avail the facility of Guest User as a special case only. The President requested the Zonal/ State Presidents to make the members aware about this important instruction from HQ ECHS.
    Action:  All Zonal/ State Presidents are requested to inform ESM using the TSEWA WhatsApp groups.
  1. Item No. 4. Multipurpose Walking Stick: The TSEWA NEC appreciated the efforts of Lt Col Dr. Bhaskara Reddy for designing a Multipurpose Walking Stick for which he has been felicitated by the District Collector of Hyderabad District, Telangana.
    Action: Nil.
  1. Item No. 5. N/Sub Pension to Hony N/Sub: Brig CS Vidyasagar explained the grant of N/Sub pension to Hony N/Sub and the confusion created by PCDA by issuing the circular incorrectly. Further, the President informed the details of the TSEWA letter to all concerned, so that the anomaly is sorted out by the PCDA. The President also informed that Brig AK, Srivastava was briefed accordingly for progression of AFT 8 and 8 A cases.
    Action:  Nil.
  2. Item No.6. Pension to Smt Indira Arunachalam. President informed that Cmde Sandhu, President TSEWA, West Zone said that Smt Indira Arunachalam whose pension case was taken up with FM received PPO/ arrears of 14 Lakhs. Cmde, KS Sandhu was requested to motivate her to refund the amount given to her from our Charity which could be gainfully utilized for some other destitute.
    Action. Cmde KS Sandhu
  1. Awareness Program in Kolkata. Maj Gen Mukherjee, President TSEWA, East Zone briefed on progress of Communication network. He said that WhatsApp Groups of nine Districts of West Bengal have been completed. He informed that the awareness program in Kolkata is planned on 18 Dec 2022 and invited Brig CS Vidyasagar, Chief Mentor and Cmde Parakala to attend. 
  1. There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 12 noon and decided to hold the next NEC Meeting on 10 September 2022.

Sudheer Parakala
Commodore, IN (Retd)
President, TSEWA

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