A Case Study : Applicability of Revised Rates of Subscription of ECHS

A Case Study:

A Nk retired on 31 Aug 2003 and his pension commenced wef 01 Sep 2003.  In his PPO a sum of Rs.4800/- has been deducted towards the contribution towards ECHS membership.  The NCO passed away during Apr 2015.  His wife was made to pay the revised rate of ECHS Subscription, Rs. 15000/- through  MRO  by HQ K&K Sub Area, Bangalore  to process her application as the pensioner passed away without making a ECHS card. 

 The family pensioner  then  approached  Col Srikantha Seshadri, President TSEWA, Karnataka & Goa to resolve the issue . After Perusing the policy letter and her PPO, he  took up the case with Director(Complaints), MoD ,ECHS Central Org, through email on 10 Jun 2016, that the Revised rate of subscription of ECHS is not applicable in this case of family pension as per clarification on query 6 at para 3 of the ECHS policy letter dt  20 Dec 2010.

The Policy letter of Central Org ECHS HQ Delhi, dated 20 Dec 2010 states:

Para 2b. ESM Retired from 01Jan 1996 to 31 mar 2004 . Though the scheme was made compulsory wef 01 Apr 03, the CsDA  Pension started deducting the subscription from the PPOs all ESM only wef 01 Apr 04.These ESM who joined the scheme on or after 01 Jun 2009 will have to pay the revised rate subscription .If they have already applied but not yet collected their cards, they will have to pay the difference of subscription at the time of receipt of card.
Para 3.Clarification on Queries Raised on Applicability of Revised Rates.
 Clarification On Query 6. For all practical purposes,once the subscription is paid through  deduction in PPO, the ESM is deemed to be a member of ECHS, need not pay the revised rate even if has not submitted his application for the card.

  On 14 Jun 16,  Col Seshadri was informed by the Director  that his interpretation is correct, and that the lady is not required to pay any amount . 

 Therefore ,one wonders as to how many  pensioners have been made to pay  to revised rate of subscription of Rs 15000/- due to wrong interpretation of the policy letter of Central org of ECHS HQ  Delhi by the dealing staff at various levels.
This subject was being handled by a Lt Col (serving ) and  re employed JCO clk who was trying justify the para 2 without considering the clarification given explicitly on query 6 at para 3 of the the policy letter. So  Col Srikantha Seshadri  has written to Central org of ECHS HQ as well as to Stn HQ, Bangalore  to issue an amdt to policy letter so that  other similarly affected pensioners are not made to pay the revised rates of ECHS subscription due to wrong interpretation  by the dealing staff  at lower HQ.
However, Col Srikantha Seshadri has   managed to get the  refund of the MRO money of Rs. 15000/- to the family Pensioner  from CDA, Bangalore


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