List of Repeat AFT Cases


1. BB Third Batch, BB3 : Applications ,connected docus & legal fee being accepted. 70 have joined so far

2. BB/PMR Second Batch,PMR 2 : only Waiting list being compiled. Legal fee & connected will be called for seperately. so far  5 sent willing ness

3. Col TS Second Batch ,Col TS 2: Only Waiting list being compiled.Legal fee & connected will be called for seperately. 106 have joined

4. HNS Second Batch, HNS 2 :  Applications ,connected docus & legal fee being accepted. So far 41 have joined


  1. Please can the list of applicants for 168/2016 for Col (TS) be included for our information. In case the list is their in the blog we may be informed by mail so that we can find out the same. Regards

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