List of Repeat AFT Cases


1. BB Third Batch, BB3 : Applications ,connected docus & legal fee being accepted. 70 have joined so far

2. BB/PMR Second Batch,PMR 2 : only Waiting list being compiled. Legal fee & connected will be called for seperately. so far  5 sent willing ness

3. Col TS Second Batch ,Col TS 2: Only Waiting list being compiled.Legal fee & connected will be called for seperately. 106 have joined

4. HNS Second Batch, HNS 2 :  Applications ,connected docus & legal fee being accepted. So far 41 have joined

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  1. Bimal Kumar Tripathi

    Sir I have retd from Indian Navy on 30 September 2004 On PO rank. I have completed more than 10 years of service in the same rank but ACP benefits not getting reasons?

    March 6, 2022 Reply

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