Issues with Pension Paying Banks and Directions of RBI

Dear Sir,

  1. TSEWA keeps getting at regular intervals problems of pensioners regarding the quality of service they get from pension paying banks. RBI has issued a master circular dated 09 Sep 2019 where in the role and responsibility of banks has been clearly enunciated leaving none in doubt as to what banks should and should no do.
  2. Common grievances we in TSEWA receive and action to be taken are given in succeeding paras.
  3. Insistence of the Bank to close the Joint Account when Ex-Serviceman Dies. RBI in their circular dated 09 Sep 2019  clearly mentions that bank should allow the widow to operate joint account even after her husband has passed away. A copy of the master circular is attached.
  4. Banks Tell Pensioner to go to CPPC to Sort out his Grievance.  RBI master circular clearly mentions that it is the responsibility of the branch from where the pensioner draws his pension to resolve his grievance.
  5. Lumpsum Deduction of Excess Payment. In case the bank has paid pension excess than his entitlement by mistake, the bank is empowered to recover the excess payment in instalments not exceeding 1/3 of (pension + DR) per month. It is also the responsibility of pensioner to know what is his correct pension as DR keeps changing or basic pension changes with every OROP (after 5 years) and CPC (every 10 years).
  6. Life Time Arrears. Please advise all pensioners to sign life time arrears certificate to the pension paying branch to enable his dependents to receive life time arrears such as arrears of OROP or CPC or DR or arrears of pension on the authority of judgments of Hon’ble AFT / Supreme Court.
  7. Under Payment of Pension. When the bank pays less pension then it is required to credit interest @ 8% per annum for from the date of due date of payment. Pensioners must use this weapon to get their correct pension.

Warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)
TSEWA- 140

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