1. Dear Sir,
    I am Cdr RK Gupta, voluntarily retired on 01 July 2005, after 27.5 years of commissioned service in Indian Navy.
    I was in Pmt Cat S2A2 and last medical board, I was given 30% disability, for Hypertension with “not attributable to Service”. So, I did not get any disability pension.
    In view of OA3 of 2017, AFT has approve such cases.
    Am I entitled now for 50% disability pension?
    Is Tsewa has taking up such cases?
    Kindly advise.

  2. Abdul Hameed EP

    Rspected Sir,
    Iam drawing Desability pension Rs 3318/- (Basic) per month and Iam 30% desability holder atributed by after 17 years compleeted service and rerired as a Rank of Naik(TS)
    Now pls advice according to PCDA Circular 596 how much desability pension and arriers can I get and how to calculate it. I was retired as on 01 Aug 2001 and still my service pension basic pay Rs 18427 /-. Please give me a meanfull replay my email ID: abdulhep@gmail.com

  3. Good Day Sir,
    I am drawing Disability Pension Rs. 5860/- per month and I am 30%Disability pension holder artibute to service, and finshed my sixteen year as an Hav rank.
    According to the circular 596, how much can I get the disability pension. I have retired in 31st August 1999.My basic pension is Rs. 19527/-
    Please advice how can I calculate the disability pension according to the circular 596.
    Kindly adivice on my personal email

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