Minutes of TSEWA Executive & Core Committee Meeting Held on 17 Jan 2018 at Secunderabad


The following members were present:

  1. Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd) – President
  2. Cmde Sudheer Parakala (Rtd) – Vice President
  3. HFO Venkat Reddy (Rtd) – Vice President
  4. Col Dr GB Sethi (Rtd) – General Secretary
  5. Lt Col G Parvathesam (Rtd) – Treasurer
  6. H/ Capt B Joseph (Rtd) – Joint Secretary
  7. H/ Capt MN Reddy (Rtd) – President, TSEWA, Telangana
  8. Col MK Veeramani (Rtd) – President Charity Division
  9. Lt Col Ravi Chowdhary (Rtd) – Legal Adviser
  10. Lt Col Vijay Salins (Rtd) – Administrator TSEWA Web Site
  11. Lt Col Dr Bhaskar Reddy(Rtd) – Member

President welcomed all and introduced HFO A Venkat Reddy who has been inducted as the new Vice President in place of Sgt Lawrence Joseph who is unable to attend the meetings due to ill-health. President stated that HFO Venkat Reddy is doing lot of work for the welfare of ESMs and as a Vice President, TSEWA, he will be able to do continue this service.

Points from General Secretary

Despatching of AFT Cases
General Secretary informed that four more cases are ready for despatch to Brig SKS Rana VSM, President, Legal Division of TSEWA. These are AFT 1B, AFT 21, AFT 28 & AFT 29.

Pension to the Widows of Court Martialled Soldiers
General Secretary informed that Hon’ble Supreme Court gave a judgment in December 20107 that the Widows of even the Court Martialled persons are also entitled for Ordinary Family Pension on demise of their husbands.

Liaison with Central Pension Processing Centres (CPPCs) of Public Sector Banks
General Secretary informed that President, General Secretary and Lt Col VSR Ramana Reddy visited the three CPPCs at Hyderabad ie CPPC SBI, CPPC Andhra Bank, & CPPC Andhra Amaravathi to develop a good rapport, so that they help us to redress grievances of ESMs and Family Pensioners.

Absence of Joint Secretary
He also informed that Gp Capt CRR Sastry, Joint Secretary is unwell and has been  advised to take rest for two months. So he will not be able to come to TSEWA for any work.

Status of Legal Cases
The General Secretary went through each of the legal cases viz cases won in AFT Delhi, cases filed in AFT Delhi & awaiting judgment, cases forwarded to Brig SKS Rana, VSM, President, Legal Division of TSEWA and cases being processed at HQ TSEWA. The same is put up in our TSEWA Blog at www.tsewa.org.

Points from the Treasurer

Quarterly Audit of Accounts
The Treasurer said that the accounts are ready for the quarterly internal audit. So any volunteer can carry out the audit.

Advertisement of Charity from TSEWA
 He informed that advertisement has been given in the Eenadu Telugu News Daily about our Charity work.

List of Recipients of Charity from TSEWA
The Treasurer informed that he will make out a list of all the recipients of charity and the money  given to them with a brief write up about the cases which can be put up in our TSEWA Blog and also can be given to Commissioner Of Income Tax (Exemption), Hyderabad later on. He will give the details of money budgetted to be spent, money already spent and the balance to be spent out of Charity budget by 31 Mar 2018 in that list.

Action to be taken by the Treasurer

Points from President, Charity Division, TSEWA

Col MK Veeramani, President, Charity Division gave a summary of the money recently given to various deserving persons out of charity budget. He also explained the three cases Charity Division  has sanctioned today within their own powers of Rs 25,000 i.e. Mrs Sarojanamma W/O Late Sub Maj J John, Mrs Josaphine  Amudha W/O Late Nk Arokianathan with eight children from Villipuram and Reservist Sepoy PC Mathews of Kannur, Kerala. He said that a few more cases are in the pipe line, waiting for some clarification or documents. He told that the Charity Division is very flexible regarding the videos and documents. However there should be no problem at the time of audit and with the Chartered Accountant for lack of documentary proof of remittance of financial assistance. Also the donors should be very confident that TSEWA gives the money to the most deserving candidates only.

Col MK Veeramani informed that he had spoken to Mr Arun Kumar, the archery coach for financial assistance to Ms Denuka, a 15 year old tribal girl hailing from very poor family who has won many championships at State level. and is a. She is a promising athlete with a  bright future if given financial support and will certainly bring glory and credit to our country in National and International archery tournaments. Mr Arun Kumar informed that he is at the moment busy with starting a business dealing in archery equipment. Col Veeramani added that he has told Mr Arun Kumar, that National Executive Committee (NEC) has sanctioned Rs 60,000/- . This is in addition to the sum of Rs 50,000/-, sanctioned by Col Nagesh Gupta from the Madhuri Seva Fund. Mr Arun Kumar will give the invoice for Rs 1,10,000/- for the Archery equipment. Col Nagesh Gupta has also sanctioned Rs 12,000/- for Ms Denuka’s special diet for one year. Cheque for this special diet amount will be given to Ms Denuka directly. Mr Arun Kumar will come to finalise the modalities and give the invoice and collect the cheque from TSEWA. He will bring Ms Denuka also to collect her cheque.

Col Veeramani also said that some more cases have been received and are under process. Also Charity Division is exploring the possibilities of getting more beneficiaries for charity. He said in all possibilities, they will be able to spend the earmarked amount by 31 Mar 2018.

Points from Cmde Sudheer Parakala,Vice President & Member Charity Divison of TSEWA

AFT Cases
Cmde Sudheer Parakala said that  Supreme Court while giving the judgmentsaid that similarly placed & affected officers ( Maj Gen & Equivalents ) will also be given the arrears like the officers who had  filed the case in the Supreme Court. Due to this some of the affected officers are in a dilemma whether to continue with AFT 1B or withdraw, Cmde Sudheer Parakala has sent e – mails to all the officers informing the correct position. Once the case is sent to Delhi, no one can with draw and no refund will be entertained.

Points from H/ Capt Joseph, Joint Secretary & Member Charity Divison of TSEWA

Donation in kind to Anganwadi
H/Capt B Joseph informed that there is an Anganwadi, where they want TSEWA to buy and donate slates, note books, pencils, erasers, sharpeners etc up to Rs 5,000/- as a onetime measure for the children. Charity Division took the decision that in the past we have donated stationary items to school, cleaning items & materials to destitute home, medicines to hospitals. So H/Capt B Joseph was asked to get all the details and visit the Anganwadi to ascertain the correct position and give his recommendation.

Action to be taken by  H/Capt B Joseph  and Charity Division.

Hony Capt B Joseph informed that he will be going to Bengaluru on 22 Jan and he wanted a letter to be addressed to Commandant ASC centre at Bengaluru. Lt Col Ravi Chowdhary informed that the Dy Comdt of ASC Centre is his course mate and he said he will talk to him and do the needful. All appreciated the gesture of Lt Col Ravi Chowdhary.

Points from The President 

Judgment  from AFT
President informed that by Dec 2018, we will be able to get judgments in our favour in many cases. Due to this success, the image of TSEWA will go high in the eyes of ESMs and Family Pensioners. He said that we are writing a letter to Ministry of Defence, with important enclosures, so that Hon’ble RM, Raksha Rajya Mantri will invite representatives of TSEWA for all the future meetings. For the quarterly meetings, which will be chaired by RRM, TSEWA representatives are likely to be invited.

Awareness Programme at Salem, Tamilnadu
The President informed that Cmde Sudheer Parakala, Col MK Veeramani and he, are going to Salem, Tamilnadu to conduct  awareness camp on 26 Jan 2018. Lt Col PN Krishnan who is organizing the programme is coming from Chennai for this camp. He had told Lt Col PN Krishnan to identify three to four very deserving cases for our financial assistance at Salem. It is better to hand over the cheques to three such deserving cases in front of all the attendees in the Awareness Programme.  In addition to this, the team TSEWA will stay back for one more day i.e. 27 Jan at Salem to visit other deserving cases and will take their cases back to Secunderabad for examination and if found fit to be given financial assistance, the same will be sent to the beneficiaries

Awareness Programme at Navi Mumbai
The President and Cmde Sudheer Parakala will be going to Mumbai on 11 Feb 2018 to attend Awareness Programme. Cmde KS Sandhu, President, Mumbai Metro is coordinating the activities. Sqn Ldr Amitav Chatterjee, President, TSEWA from Pune also will proceed to Mumbai to attend the programme.

Awareness Programme at Lucknow
Col Dharma Raj Singh and Hav Harish Asthana, President, TSEWA, UP are planning to organize a similar awareness programme at Lucknow from 17 to 19 Mar 2018. The President with Brig SKS Rana, President Legal Div and Col Ajit Singh Rana, President, North Zone, Harayana and Delhi will attend the programme.

Filing of Cases in Regional AFTs
Since we are planning to file cases at AFT Kochi, AFT Lucknow, AFT Chandigarh, Circuit Bench at Secunderabad and AFT Mumbai, we will have to meet the shortlisted advocates and finalise all terms and conditions. It was decided that a draft (without putting the amount, but giving the format and covering all points) will be made and sent to our contact persons at these three places. After finalizing the same with the respective advocates, the final agreement will be made to avoid any ambiguity later on.

Since the President and Vice President are proceeding to Mumbai the same can be discussed with advocate in AFT Cdr Anshuman Ojha for the terms and conditions of taking up our legal cases. Similarly it can be done with Col YM Sharma, Advocate in AFT Lucknow when President, Brig SKS Rana, VSM and Col Ajit Singh Rana, President North Zone, Delhi and Haryana are attending the awareness programme at Lucknow.

Videos for Charity Work
President said that some of the beneficiaries especially girls are reluctant to appear for videos. Where ever possible we should get videos and in some cases we can restrict ourselves with photos when we select a beneficiary or when we give financial assistance. That is required as proof of charity work to be sent to donors.

TSEWA Computer Training Centre
President informed that it is very time consuming to hunt for beneficiaries. Even if we help them with financial assistance it is likely to be forgotten soon. Therefore we must have permanent institutes of TSEWA for Charity like Computer Institutes and Dispensary for medicines in the next few years when our corpus builds up. By this our credibility will go up many folds.

There being no other points, President thanked all and the meeting ended.


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