RTI Query 3 : Non Generation of Corr PPOs as on Jan 2006 and 24 Sep 2012 for Pensioners

This information is being sought under provision of RTI Act 2005.

Please furnish the reasons for not making Corr PPOs for revised pension as on Jan 2006 and thereafter as on 24 Sep 2012 of pensioners of Armed Forces pensioners available to be downloaded from Project SANGAM’s web site.

Please furnish the quantum of funds released by Govt of India to make Project SANGAM to make PPOs and Corr PPOs available to Armed Forces Pensioners and what all actions have been taken to make this possible by which the beneficiaries could easily download their PPOs and Corr PPOs. If any such action has been contemplated please furnish what all information is required by the pensioners to log in to the web site of Project SANGAM to download their own PPO and Corr PPO.

Please furnish the reasons for not bringing in uniformity in contents of PPOs and Corr PPOs of Army, Navy and IAF pensioners when the ranks of all personnel whether they are Officers, JCOs and OR are same across all three services.

Please furnish any such provision has been made by you to put up these Corr PPOs on web site and if so what actions has been taken to make them available in web site.

Please furnish reasons as to why your representative gives false information in SCOVA meeting held recently & presided over by hon’ble Minister of State for Personnel, Pensons and Public Grievances  that all Armed Forces Pensioners have been issued Corr PPOs fixing their pension as on Jan 2006 and as on 24 Sep 2012. Please furnish information as to what kind of disciplinary action has been taken on your representative on furnishing such blatant false hood when lakhs of Armed Forces pensioners have not been given Corr PPOs.

Please furnish the reasons why PSAs despatch Corr PPOs of Armed Forces Pensioners to the Record Offices when PSAs are responsible to despatch them directly to the Armed Forces Pensioners. Why such short cuts have been adopted by PSAs. Please furnish any such instructions given to PSAs to adopt such short cuts which has delayed receipt of Corr PPOs by two to three years by pensioners.

Please furnish how Corr PPO of Defence Civilins are being despatched and why the same method could not be adopted for Armed Forces Pensioners.

Please furnish the reason for fixing responsibility for non-receipt of Corr PPOs by Armed Forces pensioners even though PSAs have despatched the same to Record Offices. Please inform who is responsible for such abnormal delay in receipt of Corr PPOs by pensioners.

Please furnish the data of how many Armed Forces pensioners of all three services but rank wise have not been furnished Corr PPOs for fixing pension as on Jan 2006 and as on 24 Sep 2012.

Please furnish the action you are taking to include qualifying service and Group X or Y of Armed Forces pensioners in revised PPOs and when is such action likely to be completed as lakhs of Armed Forces pensioners have not been remitted OROP pension and OROP arrears by CPPCs of banks.

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