PROGRESS OA 166 / 2016

As informed by Brig KS Verma who has taken keen interest through his contacts in AG PS-4 (Legal) for speedy movement of our file of OA 166 / 2016, has informed me that the file movement is going on as per desired schedule and is very likely that the clearance will start from next week or for certain next to next week wherein seven to eight cases will be sent to PCDA (P) Allahabad for issuance of Corr PPOs every week. These cases perforce cant be sent all together and have to be sent for each individual separately.
However, I am certain that the efforts of Brig KS Verma would continue to further follow up the case to enable the same to be finally disposed as soon as possible.
Finally I wish to place on record that it is only because of the efforts put in by our silent worker Brig KS Verma that case has moved on the desired pace, in next few weeks all Corr PPOs for the affected persons will get issued and the enhanced pensions will start getting disbursed.
My request to all members to have patience and have faith in TSEWA members who are doing their best to achieve the most in the shortest possible time.

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