The following NEC/ guest members attended the mtg in person / virtually chaired by the President:

In Person

    1. Cmde Sudheer Parkala              –           President
    2. Lt Col Parvathesam                    –           General Secretary
    3. Brig DSC Varma,VSM                  –           Vice President
    4. Brig CS Vidyasagar                      –           Chief Mentor
    5. Col N Sitaramaiah                       –           Chairman Charity
    6. H/ Capt B Joseph                         –           NEC Member
    7. H/Capt MN Reddy                       –           Joint Secretary
    8. Col Venkatesh Mahadevan        –           Treasurer
    9. Col Shrikanta Seshadri             –           President Karnataka
    10. Cmde K S Sandhu                      –           President West Zone


    • Cdr HS Dhillon – Member
    • CHAM Jugbir Singh –           Member

Virtual mode 

    • Maj Gen Mukherjee – President East Zone
    • Cdr Chandra Shekhar – Joint Secretary
    • Hav Harish Asthana – President Uttar Pradesh
    • Lt Col VRRS Reddy –           NEC Member
    • Hony Capt GJ Manohar –           President Rayalaseema


At the outset, the President welcomed all the members attending & reiterated that as per the bye laws, it is mandatory for all the members to attend the annual NEC mtg in person. The norm has been for max NEC members to attend this mtg scheduled on the penultimate day of the AGBM. However, due to different commitments of the members, only 15 out of 26 are present.

He thanked Cmde KS Sandhu, for plg & org the mtg in New Mumbai.


1.Thereafter, the General Secretary commenced the mtg / Discussions as per the agenda pts.

  1. Approval of Accts of FY 2022-23: The audited balance sheet was displayed by the Treasurer. As there were no observations, the same was proposed for approval by Brig Vidyasagar & seconded by H/Capt Joseph.

3.Approval of Proposed Budget for FY 2023 -24: The treasurer highlighted decrease in fund allocation for two heads; namely Charity and Awareness camps.

Points Discussed:


Chairman Charity Division enquired on the rationale for the decrease in the allotment of funds for charity for the next financial year as compared to the previous year.

The General Secretary Lt Col G Parvathesam clarified that funds being received for charity has reduced considerably. A major source of funding i.e., Madhuri seva fund has not conformed and is uncertain. Keeping this in view and to —– cater for Charity Activities only 50% of the previous year budget has been catered. In addition, the amount accrued from the balance of earlier donations, including raised for Miss Mahima Sagar, which is placed in FD will be utilised for deserving cases.

Awareness Campaigns:

Maj Gen Shibnath Mukherjee, President East Zone observed that the present allotment of Rs.50,000/- needs to be enhanced for organising a meaning full Awareness Camp.

Col Srikantha Seshadri, President Karnataka State informed that he conducted awareness WKSPS within his own personal resources, whereas Cmde K S Sandhu, President West Zone opined that funds spent on awareness camps generate awareness of the good work being done by TSEWA.

The President Cmde Sudheer Parakala thereafter clarified that Zonal and State Presidents may plan awareness camps once or twice a year. A proposed schedule be sent to the HQ and he assured that funds to hold these camps will be provided.

Thereafter, the Budget was proposed by Maj Gen Mukherjee & seconded by Cmde Sandhu for Approval.

3. Appointment of Chartered Accountant: The General Secretary informed that M/s P S Reddy & Associates, has been the auditor for the last seven years and that efforts were made to change the Auditor as per rules applicable for NGOs. Efforts made to find another Auditor revealed that they were quoting Rs. One Lakh for services, as against Rs 60K, being levied by the present Auditor, considering the efficiency, cost-effectiveness & not so profit-oriented attitude of the present Auditor, the General Secretary recommended extension of employing him for the present FY 2023-24.

It was then proposed by Maj Gen SN Mukherjee & seconded by Brig Varma,VSM for approval.


4. Approval of NEC for Expenditure Beyond Financial Mandate of MC:

The details were projected. These being in order as per the bye-laws; the same was proposed by H/ Capt Joseph & seconded by Col Shrikanta.


5 Extn of Tenure of MC: The tenure of the present MC can be extended by 2 yrs. There being no objn & being in order, the pt was already approved in NEC meeting held on 16 Jun 2023.

  1. Election of New President:

It was informed that the present incumbent completed two years tenure & is due for turnover as per the Bye-laws. Also, Cmde Parkala explicitly stated his inability to continue due to his pressing & unavoidable future commitments. This was deliberated and accepted by the NEC Members in the meeting held on 16 June 2023.

The forum consented & approved in consonance with the decision made in earlier mtg.

7. Membership Drive & Recognition of TSEWA by MoD:

A need was felt that suitable measures should be taken by all State Presidents to increase the membership of TSEWA. Presently awareness camps/WKSPS being held but we need to build up the strength of members to be recognised by the MoD.

It was reiterated that there can be done by projecting and showcasing the achievement of TSEA to the environment. All State Presidents and Zonal Presidents should take on this responsibility in their respective areas.

8.Ratification of New Zonal/State Presidents:

The following officers were appointed as State Presidents.

  1. Col Anil Kumar Rai – Bihar
  2. Lt Col Man Singh Jamwal – J & K
  3. Maj Gen ML Aswal – Uttarakhand

The president observed that certain members were also holding a membership of other ESM organizations like IESM, and IESL, besides TSEWA. He suggested that we need to select only those who have an inclination to work for TSEWA.

9.Brief on OMJC Report by Brig CS Vidyasagar:

The Chief Mentor Brig CS Vidyasagar informed the member that he had scrutinized the OMJC report threadbare. He applauded the stupendous effort put in by Justice Narsimha Reddy and for the recommendations forwarded to him to the Govt for implementation. He also brought out that there are three issues which are winnable AFT cases and the Govt will perforce have to accept them. They are under:

  1. Period of Holding the Last Rank: The present system of the stipulated period of holding the last rank for a period of 10 Months to be eligible for pension should be done away with, and in place even if a person holds the rank for one day. He should be eligible for a pension in that rank.
  2. Liberalized Pension for Widows whose Husbands have been Martyred in service:

when a soldier is martyred, he was considered to have superannuated with full length of service. But in OROP his actual service at the time of martyrdom is considered, which is a gross injustice to the widows of Martyred Soldiers. This must be reverted to earlier system of pension fixation.

  1. Benefit of OROP for Reservists: First fix pension of Reservist for their colour service of 9 years Proportionately Vis – a-Vis 15 years of service of regular soldier and then implement OROP also to the Reservists.


There being no other points by the members, the mtg was declared closed by the President.



Brig CS Vidyasagar

President, TSEWA

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