Actions to be Taken on Demise of A Pensioner

Kindly  take a print out imdt and ensure spouse and children are educated.
Actions to be Taken on Demise of A Pensioner

(a) Death if due to accident or unnatural causes should always be reported to the Police Station in whose jurisdiction the area falls.It avoids lot of troubles later on. In such cases get the autopsy to establish proper cause of death.

(b) Do obtain two ink signed copies of Medical certificate specifying cause of death from the Hospital or the authorized Medical Practitioner. One of these is required by the authorities at the cremation / burial ground. The other is required by the authorities (Registrar of Deaths & Births) who issues Death Certificates. Obtain cremation / burial certificate from the cremation / burial ground.

(c) A close relative should apply for issue of Death certificate within 15 days of the death of the pensioner/ deceased. Obtain at least 20 ink signed & equal number of Photostat copies duly attested by a class one officer.

(d) Write to the Pension paying Bank Intimating them of demise of the pensioner, asking them to discontinue the pension of the pensioner and payment of the family pension of the spouse l N O K (give name). Enclose ink signed death certificate & copy of the original P P O having joint photo of the pensioner & spouse / NOK. Also state PPO and pension S /B A/C numbers.. Sample Application form as at Annexure 1.

(e) If the Pension A/c is a joint account or the spouse is a nominee in it, then it is simpler to operate the same A/C for familypension, otherwise a fresh S/B A/C is to be opened in the same bank. It requires proof of Identity and proof of Residence. Photo copy of voter I Card! PAN card will suffice- with three copies of attested photographs.

(f) Write separately to Pension sanctioning Authority, PCDA ( P) to start family pension, on demise of the pensioner and enclose inksigned copy of death certificate. Sample Application is at Annexure2.

(g) In the case of Retired Army Pensioner Write to the Director, AOBF ,AG/CW- 8,IHQ MOD (Army),West Block -3, Room- 17 D,R K Puram,New Delhi – 110066, to update their records. & to Pay Platinum Grant if Applicable. Sample As per Annexure3.

(h) If the age was less than 70 years write to Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) to Make payment of life insurance amount. Application Performa at Annexure.

(i) Return Retired Officers I Card to Area HQ (lnt Br.) for further Disposal.

(j) If there are other Insurance Policies write to them to pay Insurance amount.

(k) Write to all banks wherein the pensioner has his accounts to transfer closing balances to the spouse / NOK giving bankers address and a/c number.

(I) Write to Regional Transport Officer to transfer the Automobile to the NOK.

(m) Write to Arms Licensing Authority to transfer the weapon (if any) to the NOK meanwhile deposit the weapon(s) in concerned Police Station or reputedd Arms Dealer for safe custody. The NOK should apply for Arms License at the earliest.

(n) Write to Electricity Providing Agency to transfer the meter in the name of spouse /NOK and start further billing against that name. (SUGGEST GET THE HOUSE AND ELECTRICITY METER JOINTLY IN BOTH NAMES NOW).

(o) Write to the Telephone providing Agency to Change the name of the subscriber, transfer the connection to the name of the Spouse / NOK for further billing.

(p) Apply to AWHO to transfer the dwelling unit to the spouse / NOK. Performa for Application should be obtained from theAWHO / Welfare Society . The Society has to render No Objection Certificate (NOC) stating that there is No encroachment of common land, No major modification to the Approved design and all Dues to the Society has been cleared. If not already done you may have to do it before they issue NOC.

(q) Write to all the clubs & societies to transfer the membership to the spouse of/NOK.

(r) Write to all Debtors to clear all dues and make payment to the Spouse / NOK.

(s) Clear the outstanding dues if any of the Creditors and credit cards and loans taken if any. Return the credit cards to the Bank concerned.

(t) Some of the banks may have issued Insurance certificate for the amount of FD /Bank Balance then claim it.

(u) Write to Income Tax authorities to intimate death of the Pensioner to close his Income Tax file and open Income Tax file in the name of the Spouse / NOK Quoting PAN number of both.

(v) Write to the Municipal Authorities to Close Property case file of the deceased person and open it in the name of the spouse / NOK.

(w) Approach the district Courts for Probate of the WILL, if it is in possession, otherwise obtain a Succession Certificate From theDistrict Judge.

(x) These Instructions are repeated at the end to be used as a check list.
******************** *************** ************ ********************
Annexure 1: Draft Letter for Family Pension
From Name.
Address Tele No.  Date
The Manager Name of Bank Address
1. Reference Our Joint Pension SB A/C No. held in your Bank.
2. I regret to inform you that my husband, IC No, Rank ………….. Name …….. has expired on at due to Certificate of his death is enclosed for ready reference. He was drawing his pension through your bank. Kindly, stop his payment of his pension with effect from and Start payment of family pension at the rate prescribed vide Annexure three to 7th PayCommission Report i.e. Rs; 15630/= + DA @ 119 % or as applicable to me through the same Pension SB A/C No. Held in your Bank. We have no dependent children.
3. You are requested to forward the attached copy of this letter along with Copy of his Death certificate duly endorsed for its correctness.
Yours faithfully ,
Signature &n bsp;
Copy to :
PCDA (P), Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad 211014: for similar action.
***************** ***************
**************** ****
From: Name
Tele No : Mob ………………..
&n bsp;
The Chairman,
Army Group Insurance Fund,
AGIF House, Rao Tularam Marg,
NEW DELHI – 110010
Extended Army Group Insurance Certificate No. issued to IC No…….Rank ……Name ………. of MAHAR Regt. (Encl in original)
1. I regret to inform you that my spouse, IC ……. Rank ……… Name …….has expired on……. at………. His / Her Death Certificateissued by …………… is enclosed for ready Reference.
2. I am enclosing the Extended Army Group Insurance Certificate for encashment duly completed in all respect. His date of birthis….. Kindly send the cheque of the sumassured to me on my address as given above. My Bank details are as under:-
SB A/C No.
Name and address of Bank.
IFSC code.
Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours Faithfully,
************ ************ ************
From; Name
House No./Sector
City & PIN
File No. Date
AG/CW- 8
TELE – 011- 26196217
Subject:- Payment of Platinum Grant (AOBF) On Demise of IC ……… Rank ….. Name (Late) ……, of MAHAR Regt
Reference PPO No. ……………….. (Photocopy enclosed)
1. I regret to inform you that my husband, IC ….. Rank ……. Name ….. has expired on …. at (Name of Hosp) , Address (Place) , Due to (Cause of Death). The Certificate of his death Issued by (Civil Authority) is enclosed for ready reference.
2. You are, kindly requested, to send me his Platinum Grant on his demise. His date of birth is ….. (Photo Copy of his Retired Officers Identity Card is enclosed for ready reference). The cheque may please be issued to me on the Address given on top of this letter. My Bank details are as under: Name of Bank, Address …… SBA/C No ….  IFSC ……
3. We have XXX / do not have dependent Children.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Faithfully,
Signatures ( Name- Mrs xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xx) W/O Late xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Copy to:- MOD

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