Provisions for LTA to the Family of the Widow

 Fwd by Signals Parivaar – Lt Col VRRS Reddy, TSEWA and Veteran J Thomas:
This case deals with the provisions/procedure for getting payment of life Time arrears (LTA) by the family of family Pensioner.
A family pensioner of  a  late  Lt Col, has also died  in Dec 2015.  She  received one lump sum arrears in Sept 15.  On referring to friends,  it came to light that LTA in respect of OROP  is also due.  So they approached  DPDO Bangalore on 09 Nov 16, who  confirmed that OROP arrears are due to the family of the widow. Then  DPDO referred them  to the PDA ,i.e., Vijaya Bank.
They went to Vijaya Bank Head Office, Bangalore and met the Defence Pension Cell, who were helpful. The  u/m publications were shown ,which can be downloaded from the PCDA(P) website(link given below):
1.  Defence Pension Payment Instructions 2013 (DPPI 2013).
2.  OROP  Circulars 555, 556 and 557  from PCDA.
Vijaya Bank wanted an authorisation from PCDA(P) for payment of LTA of the widow. However, DPDO  pointed out that Vijaya Bank could pay it directly vide  DPPI Chapter VII, Clause 114.1  (on page 80).  We made  DPDO  and  Vijaya Bank Defence Pension Cell  to talk to each other on the phone.  After that  they are in agreement about this provn.

Two important  points emerged from this provn.

1.  There is no nomination procedure for LTA for family pension.  Nevertheless it passes to eligible members of the family in the line of succession in accordance of Rule 54 of CCS (Pensions) Rules.  This is also applicable to the Armed Forces.

Succession certificate is required only in cases where there is no eligible family member as defined in Rule 54 of CCS (Pensions) Rules.This makes it easier to claim Life Time Arrears of Family Pension.

2.  The OROP tables require Qualifying Service which may not be available in the PPO. However, Vijaya Bank said it would be satisfied if the Record Office gives  a letter certifying the Qualifying Service. 
 But all Banks are not accepting the letter/cert on the Qualifying Service from the Records. 

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