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Dear Smt Madhu Jain,

Firstly accept my deepest condolences on untimely demise of Gp Capt BR Jain. I want to assure you that TSEWA is always there to help single ladies like you to get all your dues.

Now coming to all your queries, my answers are given below your query.
Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension. Since Gp Capt BR Jain passed away at the age of 63 you are eligible to get Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension which is same as your husband’s. i.e 31 Aug 1952 +67 = 30 Aug 2019. Thereafter it will be reduced to 60%.

Q 1.  I have still not received the OROP pension yet. How to calculate OROP arrears, arrears will be calculated on the basis of basic pay or it will be based on the Enhance Rate of Ordinary Family Pension?
A1.   I hope you  have a joint pension account with your husband in Bank of India. Bank of India of late has become notorious in not remitting OROP arrears on some grounds or the other. Kindly send a scanned copy of PPO of your late husband to my e-mail id : brigvidya.tsewa@gmail.com. I will look into it and calculate your OROP arrears. Since your husband passed away on  10 Aug 2015, that period arrears is known as Life Time Arrears. Since you are his legally wedded wife you will automatically get the arrears without doing anything. Thereafter it your arrears from 11 Aug 2015 to Nov 2016. We will take up your case with Chairman Bank of India to remit your arrears. If he does not respond within 30 days then we will advise you to lodge a complaint with RBI Ombudsman to get  your OROP dues.  Your OROP pension as wife of Gp Capt with 30 years service as per Table 10 is Rs 36,130 + 125% DR = Rs 81293 per month.

Q2.  Will I be entitled to get  arrears for de-linking of 33 years of service for my late husband?
A2.   Since your husband has put in 30 years’ service he is not eligible for any arrears on account of 33 year rule. Only Gp Capts with less than 26 years’ service and who were getting pro-rata reduced pension are eligible for arrears on account of de-linking of 33 years to get Minimum Guaranteed Pension.

Q3.  How to calculate the arrears for 7th Pay commission, arrears will be calculated on the basis of basic pay or it will be based on the Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension?
A3.  For the period Jan to Jun 2016. Rs 36130 (OROP Basic Pension) x 2.57 = Rs 92854 per month
        For the Period Jul to Dec 2016. Rs 92854 x 1.02 ( with 2% DR) = Rs 94,711 per month.
        For Arrears from Jan to Dec 2016: Rs 36130 x 4.1484 = Rs 1,49,882
The arrears will be paid by 29 Dec 2016.

Q 4.  How to calculate  Enhance Rate of Ordinary Family Pension  for the 7th CPC?
A4. Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension = Pension of Husband till 30 Aug 2019 for you. Please see figures in A3. i.e. Rs 94,711 per month till Dec 2016.

Q5.  Will there be any new PPO Issued for 7th CPC. If yes , then  When and Who will provide it?
A5. A new PPO has to be issued in your name linking it up with your husband’s PPO. Please submit a copy of  death certificate to your bank, Zilla Sainik Welfare Office of your district with a request to forward it to Air HQ, a copy to Directorate of Air Veterans to advise them to generate Corr PPO in your name. Air Cmde Patra former Director DAV is located in Bengaluru. Kindly contact him. We have Col Srikantha Seshadri, President TSEWA in Bengaluru. Kindly contact him at mob no: 9886987997, 9481218324.

Q6.  From which date bank will give revised pension on the basis of 7th CPC?
A6.  From Jan 2016.

Q7.  In Current PPO (Issued on Mar 2015) Corr. PPO: 08/14/SCJ/3117/2015 (Corr PPO 08 14 A SCJ 3117 2015 dt 02Mar15.pdf) has a mentioned of Base Pay: Rs. 29,830 to be read as Rs. 30,635. what is the difference and significance? Which one to be used for calculations and how they are used to calculate the enhanced family pension?
A7.   Since your husband retired in Aug 2006, his pension has been increased to Rs 29830 and again to Rs 30635.

Q8.  How to get the pension slips and Form-16, my pension account is with BOI?
A8.  Some of the banks do not deduct income tax. In that case you have to deposit income tax yourself. Then you will not get any Form 16. But if your bank deducted IT then they will issue. Very few banks issue Pension slip. For this you have to find out form your bank whether they issue pension slip to pensioners.

Q9.  How to calculate the arrears for the month of Aug for family pension (10-Aug-2015 to 31-Aug-2015 = Family Pension and 01-Aug-2015 to 10-Aug-2015 : Normal Pension)? How are arrears are calculated on family pension (gross/ net/ taxes) amount? Date of demise : 10-Aug-2015.
A9. Till 30 Aug 2019 you will continue to get Enhanced Rate of Ordinary Family Pension. Please see A3 as to how much is your pension as on Nov 2016 (Rs 94,711)

Q10. Are there any TSEWA contacts in Bangalore?
A10. We have Col Srikantha Seshadri, President T SEWA, Karnataka & Goa located in Bengaluru. Kindly contact him at mob no: 9886987997, 9481218324.

Q11. When and who can tell about the Lifetime Arrears and how much is the amount, does it start from 10-Aug-2015 onwards? Who can provide the information and payment? (Page 1 Point 3c of Letter Sent by DAV.pdf)
A11. I have answered this question in A1. Your husband was alive till 10 Aug 2015. OROP arrears commenced from Jul 2014. So the period he was alive and he did not receive his OROP arrears while still alive that becomes Life Time Arrears i.e. from Jul 2014 to 10 Aug 2015. Vide Circular 555 para 15, you being his legally wedded wife is eligible to receive his arrears. From 11 Aug 2015 to Dec 2015 you will as single lady will get OROP arrears.

We in TSEWA give utmost importance to single ladies.  We will take up your case with Chairman, Bank of India.

Warm regards,

Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)

94931 91380

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  1. Kingshook Biswas

    Jai hind sir
    Just went through some archives and read the cases you and TSEWA have been pursuing.
    Your efforts are commendable. May God be always be with you on your service to veterans.

    God bless the organisation
    Best regards
    A serving admirer

    August 17, 2018 Reply

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