Obituary : Col T N Raman (Retd)

It is with great sadness that TSEWA announces the demise Col TN Raman on 12th Apr 2020 in Chennai, after a gallant fight against cancer.
He is survived by his wife, Smt Hema Raman and son, Col Rajesh Raman (Rajput Regt).

Col TN Raman always had the welfare of ESMs at heart and worked untiringly for them ever since his retirement. He established IESM in Tamilnadu in 2008 and had been working tirelessly to spread it to all parts of Tamilnadu.

Col Raman proposed the concept of Confederation of ESM Associations, where individual ESM organisations could come under one umbrella without losing their individual identity. TSEWA took the initiative and organized the first meeting of 12 ESM associations under Col Raman’s leadership on 17 Aug 2018 at Secunderabad. His dream was fulfilled when 12 ESM Associations agreed to be members of National Confederation of ESM Organisations (NCESMO).  Because of this, NCESMO was able to get two meetings organized with Hon’ble Raksha Mantri in Nov 2018 and Feb 2019.

In the later stages of his illness, when he found it difficult to even speak, his medical condition did not deter him from continuing to work for the welfare of ESM through emails, SMS and other media. He truly believed that an officer’s duty to his men does not end when he hangs up his boots and he continued to work for welfare of JCOs/OR and family pensioners.

Col Raman was a friend, philosopher and guide to TSEWA every step of the way and his sensible and practical advice was always appreciated. His loss is a great blow to the ESM community and especially to TSEWA. With the passing away of Col TN Raman, TSEWA has lost one of its pillars whose absence will be impossible to fill.

May the God Almighty rest his soul in peace and give comfort to his dear ones to bear this great loss.


  1. Good afternoon Sir, I am Sub Maj & Hony Lt AD Gladeen (Retd) from MADRAS Regt. I put my request and sympathies for your favourable action plz. The following categories are getting monetary benefits on their retirement. 1. Hony Nk. 2. Hony Hav 3. Hony Nb Sub. But a maximum of Sub & Sub Maj who were getting Hony rank/commission as Sub Maj and Hony Lt without getting monetary benefits on retirement. As you are aware, that the promotion for Sub to Sub Maj were very strict and everyone will not become a Sub Maj in the DPC. At the end of the service, Subedhars are getting Hony commission on active list and Sub Maj are getting Hony Lt on non active list without monetary benefits. May I kindly request you to take up a case with the concerning authorities, so that the maximum Sub and Sub Maj be benefited . Thanks Sir. With regards

    April 19, 2020 Reply
  2. Sir, I am Sub Maj & Hony Lt AD Gladeen from MADRAS Regt. As per latest info received from AGI’ the claim to be submitted as per New format. As you are aware that the max esm are not aware this though they are in possession of this doc. Moreover, how the widow run around for obtaining signature of magistrates and thasildars in their old age. May i kindly request you to take up a case with the concerned authority.

    With regards

    April 19, 2020 Reply
  3. Maj Gen Inderjit Kashyap

    Got to know Col Raman only through IESM, that was about 6 yrs ago but not in person. Yet, such was his persona that his writing impressed me immensely & thereafter we exchanged many an idea through Emails. Welfare of ESM & their families was at the core of his heart & he effort-ed whole heartedly. Another goal which h tried to achieve was the Unity amongst ESM Orgs in which he succeeded partially much to his disappointment.
    News of demise have left me deeply saddened. Am sure those of us who knew him will too feel likewise. My heartfelt condolences to Mrs Raman & the family. May this noble soul find eternal peace at GOD’s feet is my prayer to him.

    April 12, 2020 Reply

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