Financial Assistance to help Mrs Zalengkim

Financial Assistance to Help Smt Zalengkim wife of (late) Naik Damchuilung,  ASC from Manipur

  1. Background.Col N Sitaramaiah, member of Core Committee of TSEWA received a mail from Col LM Singh (Retd), OiC ECHS Polyclinic, Imphal of  Smt Zalengkim, wife of (late) Naik Damchuilung, ASC of Manipur. The Core Committee immediately approved Rs 25,000 as financial assistance to Smt Zalengkim to be sent to Col LM Singh. The Core Committee directed President, TSEWA to make an appeal to member of TSEWA to contribute to help out Smt Zalengkim out of her financial distress. Accordingly an appeal to help  Mrs Zalengkim was made to the environment  by Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd), President TSEWA on 07 Sep 2019.
  2. Brief Story of the poor lady ( Mrs Zalengkim): When her husband died in 2013 few months from retirement from Army, the village elders and her in-law’s forced her to erect a Memorial Stone and give a feast to all (as per their custom) costing her approx Rs 4 Lakh.As per the statement given by her to Col LM Singh, OIC ECHS Polyclinci, Imphal that she was forced to handover her pension pass book along with the ATM card from which the money lender from that village are drawing Rs 12,000 at 36% interest leaving her only Rs 3000/- pm from which she has to look after her two school going children, father, mother, elder disabled sister with two children, and brother. On termination of her contract with ECHS Polyclinic her job there also got terminated w.e.f. 07 Sep 2019.
  3. On the appeal of Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd) to help the poor lady, the veterans from all over India have donated approx Rs 5 Lakh as on 11 Sep 2019. The list of donors is attached herewith .
  4. Names of some donors could not be published since the details of such donors are not available from the bank statement nor they have informed the Treasurer, TSEWA. All such donors are requested to identify their transaction details and intimate to this office the serial number against which they have made the donation with their Rank, Name and TSEWA number.
  5. We are thankful to Col T Dayakar (Retired), Army Medical Corps & Mrs Dayakar who has donated Rs 1,00000/- vide his cheque number SBI 807212 dated 10 September 2019.
  6.   TSEWA conveys its sincere thanks to  all the donors for the donations to help the poor lady. All the donors who have donated Rs 2000/- and above are entitled to claim IT exemption U/S 80 G. The printed receipt will be forwarded shortly to the home address of all donors. Those who are non- members of TSEWA are requested to intimate their home address so that we can dispatch the tax exemption receipt.
  7. A sum of Rs FIVE Lakh FIFTY Thousand has been remitted vide our Cheque number SBI 325682 dated 12 Sep 2019 (RTGS SBINR 5201909120069491 dated 12 Sep 2019) to Lt Col LM Singh, OIC ECHS, Imphal who is coordinating to pay off all the debts of Mrs Zalengkim , wife of late Naik Damchuilung who incurred since 2013 and to relieve her from the huge monthly interest burden of Rs 17,000/pm

Lt Col G Parvathesam
Treasurer, TSEWA


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