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Progress Report of TSEWA Cases Filed before the Hon’ble AFT (PB) New Delhi

Progress Report of TSEWA Cases Filed before the Hon’ble AFT (PB) New Delhi


Sr No. Case Title OA No. LDH NDH Status Remark
1. Brig SKS Rana &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 34/2016 04.01.2018 07.02.2018 Pleadings complete
2 Lt Col Atul Chaudhary &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 168/2016 16.08.2017 No date given by the court. It will come in regular list as per seriatim wise For final argument
3 Lt KP Radhakrishnan&Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 664/2016 13.12.2017 01.03.2018 C/A received from AF and Navy only Pleadings not yet completed
4 Lt Col Shashi Chaudhary &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 1677/2016   30.08.2017   Misc Application for correction of DoB filed/ allowed;

order awaited.

5 Maj Ashok Kumar Gadhok&Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 457/2017 02.11.2017 10.01.2018 C/A received only from army,

Reply awaited from Navy and AF

Pleadings not complete
6 Lt Col Rudra Paratp Singh &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 949/2017 10.10.2017 No date given by the court it will come in regular list as per seriatim wise In regular hearing column as per seriatim. Pleadings not complete



Ex Hav Arvind  Mohan &Ors Vs UOI &Ors



OA No. 1545/2016










C/A Awaited



Pleadings not complete

8 Maj Sudarshan Kumar Sharma &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 661/2017 16.11.2017 11.01.2018 C/A received from army only Pleadings not complete
9 Capt Hoshiar Singh Atri&Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 679/2017 16.11.17 11.01.2018 C/A received Pleadings not complete
10 Sqn Ldr Sarat Chand Varma &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 276/2017 04.01.2018 Arguments completed/

order reserve

11 Ex Hony Nb Sub Pritthi Singh &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 599/2017 07.11.2017 24.01.2018 C/A Awaited Pleadings not complete
12. Sqn Ldr Suresh Kumar Kapoor &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 1227/2017 06.11.2017 10.01.2018 Notice issued to resp.
13 Lt Cdr Bal Chandra Pandey &Ors Vs UOI &Ors OA No. 1228/2017 01.12.2017 19.01.2018 Notice issued to resp.


 Brig MK Ganju & Ors

Vs UoI &Ors

OA No 3/2018 05.01.2018  Case disposed off by directing the competent authorities to decide in terms of HSC Judgement in Avtar Singh Case & larger bench judgement of AFT (PB) in case of Sgt Girish Kumar & Ors, as expeditiously as possible but not later than 3 months from the date of filing the representation.

Court has given further liberty to approach in case of non- compliance.

Signed order awaited from the Court.




  1. Sir,

    Please find attached reply of AOC Records Secunderabad
    against Hon’ble AFT order dated 05 Jan 2018 passed in OA 3/2018. The
    OA 3/2018 has not accepted by them. Please take necessary action to
    file the case again in AFT Delhi with correct individual(petitioner)’s
    document/affidavit to get correct justice from the court without
    taking the legal fee again from the petitioner as per your blogs
    comment so that paid legal fee can be achieved by the petitioner with
    in short time. Ser No 117 in list of 158 petitioner.

    With regards

    Sub Rishipal Singh, Retd

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