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STATUS- OA 168/2016

Dear All

Have faith in TSEWA. As and when a decision is given by Judge of AFT on any case filed in AFT by TSEWA, same is put for info of all in every type of medium, WhatsApp, Gp email, blog and AFT Site etc, no one has missed so far.

Since no litigant has to take any action till the Corr PPO is issued by PCDA(P) to credit benefits to his account, why worry.

No addl legal fees to be paid.

No addl documents to be submitted.

No appearance in court to give evidence by any one.

No advice to be given to the advocate.

Once case is filled in the AFT, just relax at home.

Could any one tell me what a litigant lose if he is not aware of progress and after say 8-12 months, he is informed that the case in which he was a litigant, has been decided in his favour.

So wait and be cool. You will get your money in your acct.

Warm regards,
Col Ajit S Rana,
President, TSEWA
North India, NCR & Haryana.
TSEWA Membership No-2332


  1. Col. Rana
    I was told verbaly that i am one of the litigant in this case but no other information. Can you please give me a list of the litigants. Also I have made several attempts to join yahoo group but not been able to do so. Can you please add me.

  2. Col. Rana you are right, but sometimes we look foor keeping the members motivated by some small update. One litigant I understand has passed away. This means his Legal Representatives (LRs) should be brought on record by the Advocate. I agree one day the benefit will accrue in his NOK account, but better to be safe than sorry and do our bit. This is one action I feel should be done.

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