First Raising Day Celebrations

First Raising Day Celebrations on 14 Jun 2016

Dear Members ,

1.         I intend to give detailed account of actions connected with our First Raising / Birth Day celebrations of 14 Jun 2016. I will take you through from early morning of 13 Jun to evening of 14 Jun 2016. The planning for various events connected with our 1st Raising Day commenced two months back. All activities were identified right from reception of outstation guests to various events on 14 Jun 2016 to return of the guests to their permanent locations.

2.         Arrival of Outstation Members. H Capt B Joseph was made responsible for reception & farewell of outstation guests and allotment of LOs to make outstation guests comfortable. It is gratifying to note H Capt B Joseph got six vehicles to be used for use by all outstation guests. H Capt Narasimha Reddy, son of H Capt Joseph and his friend were busy right from morning of 13 Jun 2016 in receiving outstation guests at various railway stations (Secunderabad, Kacheguda, Nampally) and taking them to their guest rooms in Oasis, Telangana & Andhra Sub Area Transit accommodation.  All outstation guests were impressed with the planning, co-ordination and execution of this most difficult task. The following outstation guests arrived from their permanent locations to attend our first Raising Day celebrations:-

(a)       Brig SKS Rana, VSM, President North & Central Zones with Smt Rochna Rana from New Delhi on 13 Jun 2016 by air.

(b)       Lt Col Latif Vadakkayil, Head Pension Div, TSEWA from Calicut by air on 13 Jun 2016.

©         Col Srikantha Seshadri, President, TSEWA Karnataka arrived by train from Bengaluru on 13 Jun 2016.

(d)       WO Thiru Chelvam from Madurai arrived by train on 13 Jun 2016.

(e)        Hony Sub Maj G Chattopadhyay from Kolkata arrived by train on 13 Jun 2016.

(f)        Sub KV Subba Rao, President TSEWA, North Coastal Andhra Pradesh arrived from Tadepalligudem, West Godavari Dist, Andhra Pradesh on 13 Jun 2016.

(g)       Sgt RR Unni, President, TSEWA Palakkad Dist arrived by train on 13 Jun 2016. He was received by Cmde Sudheer Parakala and was put up in his house in Jal Vayu Towers, Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad.

(h)       Brig Vinayak Ramanarayan, President TSEWA, MP & Chattisgarh arrived by train on 14 Jun 2016 from Bhopal.

(j)        Col CAJ Swamy, President TSEWA Andhra Pradesh arrived from Vizag and was put up in the house of his son in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. He was taken care of by Cdd Chandra Shekar, Vice-President, TSEWA.

(k)       Lt Col KP Radhakrishnan, All India Coordinator for AFT – 3 case: Pension of Col (TS) for all pre – Dec 2004 Lt Cols arrived by air from Bengaluru

2.         All outstation members were put up in guest rooms in Oasis, CDM, CAW, 54 Inf Div Sig Regt Officers’ Messes. Thanks to Lt Col Dr D Sampath Kumar we got five guest rooms in Oasis and thanks to Cmde Sudheer Parakala we got five rooms in CDM Offrs’ Mess. Cmde Sudheer Parakala had three tenures in CDM (one as student officer, one as DS and one as Head of Faculty). Brig Vinayak Ramnarayan in CAW Offrs’ Mess, Lt Col KP Radhakrishnan in 54 Div Sig Regt Offrs’Mess and Col CAJ Swamy in his son’s house at Kukatpally were put up.

3.         Dinner to Outstation Guests. A dinner was hosted by Executive & Core Committee members of TSEWA in RSI, Secunderabad on 13 Jun 2016. Col N Sitaramaiah undertook responsibility for dinner. We are very lucky to have Lt Gen YN Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, & former Army Cdr Central Comd to attend our dinner. He could not sit through out and left after interacting with all of us and explaining his experiences which he narrated in this book MUSINGS OF MILITARY MAVERICK. Col N Sitaramaiah deserves all kudos for an excellent work in which total of 40 took part in dinner. Hosts were charged Rs 400 single and Rs 800 with spouse for dinner.

Activities on 14 Jun 2016

3.         Arrival. As planned, all Executive & Core Committee members arrived at 0900 hrs (two hours before) at the venue i.e. Auditorium, AWHO Ved Vihar, Military Dairy Farm Road, Subhash Nagar, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad. All arrangements such as fixing flexi banners at the entrance to AWHO Ved Vihar, parking of vehicles, notice board reception desks, inside arrangements like traditional lamp, rostrum, banners on the stage, projector, laptops for presentations, seating arraignments, bouquets, gifts to be given to selected persons, cleanliness of wash rooms, tea/coffee/mineral water arrangements were supervised. All TSEWA President of Zones, States and Districts and other outstation guest arrived by 1030 hrs.

4.         Smt Shahanz Sheriff wife of Wg Cdr Sheriff and Smt Pinky Anand wife of Capt Anand are professional MCs. They arrived and coordinated with all speakers about sequence of events.

5.         Welcome Tea. Participants started arriving from 1015 hrs and were served with a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits.

6.         Arrival of Other Guests. Shri P Subramaniam, CMD IQM Soft, Shri Antony programmer with one more programmer, Shri VSP Brahma, AGM SBI, CPPC, Hyderabad with two associates, Smt Janaki Devi, Chief Manager, CPPC, SBH, Shri Ashok Kumar, Dy Manager, CPPC, SBH, Hyderabad with one more associate from SBH and Shri Srinivas Rao, Chief Manager, CPPC, Andhra Bank, Lt Col MLN Narasimha Rao of Eenadu TV with his TV crew arrived by 1050 hrs. The presence of these important persons were ensured by Col N Sitaramaiah and Lt Col Dr D Sampath Kumar.

7.         Arrival of Chief Guest. Lt Gen YN Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, former Army Cdr, Central Comd was our chief guest escorted by Maj K Nagabhushanam arrived at the venue by 1058 hrs. By 1050 hrs all 325 chairs were occupied and few were seen standing as auditorium has limited seating capacity.

Commencement of Proceedings

8.         The proceedings commenced with traditional Ganapathy vandanam sung by veteran Appa Rao. It was followed by lighting of traditional lamp by Chief Guest, President, Brig SKS Rana, Shri P Subramaniam, CMD IQM Soft who developed TSEWA web site and software Shri VSP Brahma, AGM, SBI, CPPC, Smt Sri Kumari Nettimi.

9.         Welcome Address. Sgt Lawrence Joseph, Vice – President, TSEWA gave welcome address in his allotted 5 mins. He with his booming voice woke up even those who have the habit of going to sleep in a big gathering. He complimented all those who had to trudge long distances to come to the venue. He assured all that with the presentations lined up every one will say PAISA VASOOL by the end of the celebrations.

10.       Where from to Where to. Activities undertaken by TSEWA from 14 Jun 2015 to 13 Jun 2016 were elaborately covered by the founder of TSEWA Col Dr GB Sethi. He took every one on a conducted tour with TSEWA right from the very first meeting held in this very auditorium to constitute Executive Committee of TSWEA (on 06 Jun 2015). He explained how decision was taken to raise TSEWA (Tri Services Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association) to help ESMs and family pensioners of two Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. How the membership restricted to two states got enlarged to cover most of 29 States (barring few in North East) and foreign countries where Indian ESMs and Family pensioners have migrated to. In short he told TSEWA has become a global organisation. He listed out objectives, achievements, future plans in the most methodical manner. If you enter our URL : and go to menu ABOUT US you will see  his speech covered in 19 mins. He was heard with rapt attention and thunderous applause was given when he spoke of achievements of TSEWA in such a short time of just one year.

11.       TSEWA Membership and Financial Positon. Lt Col G Parvathesam, Treasurer TSEWA informed that this organisation started with just 15 founder members on 14 Jun 2015 and today it notched up 3450 members not only from most of the States and UT in India but from foreign countries like Canada, USA, Norway, UK, Nepal, Australia and New Zealand. The small membership fee, donations and legal fees parked as fixed deposits totalling Rs 1.08 crores in SBI Bhaskar Rao Nagar, Sainikpuri (PO), Secunderabad shows how fast TSEWA grew up. Our accounts are audited by M/S PR Reddy &Associates, our chartered accountant from Jul 2015 to 31 Mar 2016. The audited statement of account in book form can be seen by members kept in the office of TSEWA at 143 Vayupuri. He also listed out what all items have been procured for office functioning. He narrated how expenditure is discussed and approved by the Core Committee and how payments for all expenditure is paid through cheques only. He listed out few mistakes committed by members when they remit membership fee, legal fees or donations. He informed many I-Cards printed upto membership No 2000 were returned undelivered by postal dept due to incorrect address given by members in their membership form. He flashed photo of AVM  Lala who donated Rs 1,11,111, Smt Tamoshi Verma wife of Col Mukul Verma, Grenadiers who donated Rs 1 lakh, Lt Gen YN Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, VSM former Army Cdr, Central Command who donated Rs 50,000, Sgt Ashutosh Dey who donated Rs 20,000 and all those generous veterans who donated amounts above Rs 10,000. There are many who donated sums ranging between Rs 100 to Rs 9999. The other type of donors are monthly donors like R Adm BR Vasanth who donates every month Rs 11,234 and Cmde Sudheer Parakala Rs 1,000 every month. All these noble souls were rapturously applauded by the participants.

12.       Legal Cases. Gp Capt CRR Sastry, Joint Secretary and Legal Advisor gave a run down on legal cases filed (3 nos) and 15 in the pipe line. He explained at length of how a legal case is identified, how an All India Coordinator is selected, how legal documents duly signed from litigants are received by All India Co-ordinator, how legal fees is collected, how memo of parties is made and how these documents are sent to Brig SKS Rana, VSM (single point contact for all legal cases in Delhi) and how our legal case is filed by our defence counsel Brig Anil K Srivastava, VSM in AFT Delhi. He also gave time plan from the time a legal case is identified to the time it is filed in AFT Delhi. He also explained mistakes committed by the litigants, problems he encounters in preparing Memo of Parties. He gave progress of three cases already filed in AFT Delhi i.e. OA – 34/2016 for getting higher pension for Officers from Capt to Maj Gen by giving weightage to their increments earned in the last rank; OA – 166/2016 : Getting broad banding benefit to disabled soldier who are getting normal disability element; OA – 168/2016: Getting broad banding benefit to those disabled soldiers who went on PMR. He advised members to see for themselves the case status by typing URL of AFT Delhi i.e.

13.       Cutting of Birth Day Cake and Inauguration of TSEWA Web Site and Software. Lt Gen YN Sharma, PVSM, AVSM, VSM and President TSEWA cut the birth day cake jointly in the presence of all Core Committee members of TSEWA.  It was followed by inauguration of TSEWA web site ( and software by our chief guest. Then Lt Gen YN Sharma addressed the gathering. He covered in his address why he got disillusioned with other All India Ex-Servicemen Associations and how he found out TSEWA was rendering true service to JCOs, OR and family pensioners. He told us why he was motivated to donate Rs 50,000 to TSEWA. He praised Lt Col Latif Vadakkayil, head of Pension Davison who got pension and arrears of Smt Moidu wife of his Grenadier Regimental Officer by going to CPPC, Syndicate Bank, Manipal, a job done in short time where as many tried but failed to get even a rupee from Syndicate Bank.

14.       Presentation on TSEWA Web Site. Lt Col Dr D Sampath Kumar assisted by Lt Col Vijai Chandra Salins, administrators of TSEWA Web site showed all of us various features of web site. Lt Col Vijai Salins entered his own particulars to get arrears of OROP. In 5 seconds the software on receiving mandatory data like name, rank, qualifying service, type of commission, date of birth gave the output of OROP arrears. Everyone was stunned & appeciated at the accuracy of the software in giving OROP arrears in such a short time. Lt Col Dr D Samptha narrated his own case where in he got his OROP arrears but his wife did not. He send the work sheet generated by TSEWA software and sent it to CPPC, Syndicate Bank, Manipal. He informed that his wife got within 24 hours one Rupee more than what TSEWA software calculated (difference is due to rounding off paise). He told Syndicate bank officials got so impressed with the software and they collected details of designers of software M/S IQM Soft, Secunderabad.

15.       Felicitation. The President felicitated Shri P Subramaniam, CMD IQM Soft and his two programmers. He was requested to give his impressions. He assured that association of his company with TSEWA is for ever. He also offered few tech jobs to any ESM or their children who have basic knowledge of computers.

16.       TSEWA Blog. TSEWA blog was originally developed by Wg Cdr Ashwin Sarda using facility provided by But this blog has certain limitations. Thereafter TSEWA got blog designed by Col VT Venkatesh at a nominal cost of Rs 15000.Cmde Ashok Kota, Administrator of TSEWA Blog covered in great detail as how TSEWA blog (developed by Col VT Venkatesh) brings TSEWA closer to veterans. Userss have to enter our URL : When you press control key on key board and place the cursor of the mouse on the URL, it immediately turns into a hand and takes you to the TSEWA Web. He showed how the blog is to be opened, how to view posts on various subjects of interest & importance to veterans and family pensioners published and how users can get maximum benefit out of it. The users can also send their comments or seek clarification on any article. What  veterans are required to do is to exploit the potential of TSEWA blog. This was well covered by Cmde Ashok Kota in 5 mins allotted to him. Efforts made by TSEWA in such a short time to get web site, software, blog were well appreciated by all participants.

17.       Felicitation of Bank Officials. The President & Gen Secy felicitated Shri VSP Brahma, his two associates, Smt Janaki Devi, Chief Manager SBH and Shri Ashok Kumar, Dy Manager, CPPC, SBH and Shri Srinivas Rao, Chief Manager, Andhra Bank, CPPC, Hyderabad. All of them also addressed the gathering and assured any grievance of Ex-Servicemen and Family pensioners on any issue connected with their banks will be resolved on priority. Later to my great surprise Shri VSP Brahma presented a memento to TSEWA.

17.       Testimony about TSEWA. On the request of MCs few veterans and family pensioners came on to the stage and told all participants what TSEWA means to them, what they got out from TSEWA. Smt Sri Kumari Nettimi, wife of (late) Sqn Ldr Nettimi who died in harness informed everyone how TSEWA helped her to get her dues and how she was motivated to join a legal case to get Special Family Pension when her husband died in service.

18.       Associate Members. Sri Devinder Singh, General Secretary, Jawahar Nagar Ex-Servicemen Welfare Association gave willingness document to make his ESM Association as Associate ESM Association of TSEWA to come under umbrella of TSEWA. He was followed by Sub K Chennaiah, President of Tadepalligudem ESM Association with 1200 members wanted to become Associate member association of TSEWA.

19.       Vote of Thanks. Col N Sitaramaiah, Vice President, TSEWA proposed vote thanks.

20.       Lunch. With singing of National Anthem, the programme came to a successful end by 1340 hrs. All 325 participants were served lunch.

21.       Post – Lunch Session. All Executive Committee members, Core Committee members, outstation Presidents of Zones, States and Districts took part in enlarged Core Committee meeting. Two agenda points were discussed due to paucity of time as some of them had to catch their return flights or trains. The first of the agenda points was date for holding Annual General Body meeting. Overwhelmingly members suggested November 2016 be selected to hold Annual General Body Meeting. Second issue was about Associate membership. Again the members felt that any ESM Association which is willing to join TSEWA are most welcome but with voting rights at the rate of one vote per 500 members. The membership fees is Rs 10 per head irrespective of rank. The members suggested this can only be done after this point is included in the amended bye-laws of our Association to be approved by AGM in Nov 2016.

22. Chief Co-ordinator. The responsibility of our 1st Raising Day was entrusted to Col MJ Ganapathy. He with his dedicated friends like Col Virk (25 NDA) and Maj Vijayan former Gen Secy AWHO did an immaculate job. Col MJ Ganapathy and his associates deserve our thanks and gratitude for everything they have done. Co-ordinating with so many volunteers involved in this big event form early morning to late evening of 16 Jun 2016 (when the last outstation guest leave) is no easy task. He was monitoring on minute to minute basis everything goes as planned in clockwork precision. His vast experience in service organising such events came handy for him.Conclusion

23.       It would be futile for me as President to say anything on the success of the First Raising Day cum inauguration of TSEWA Web site and Software of 14 Jun 2016. The comments about the standard of our meeting has to come from participants. The event was well covered by TV thanks to Lt Col MLN Narasimha Rao. By God’s Grace there were no hiccups major or minor.


24.       It would be futile for me as President to say anything on the success of the First Raising Day cum inauguration of TSEWA Web site and Software of 14 Jun 2016. The comments about the standard of our meeting has to come from participants. The event was well covered by TV thanks to Lt Col MLN Narasimha Rao. By God’s Grace there were no hiccups major or minor.

25.   Request.  I request all those veterans who participated in our 1st Anniversary to kindly give your comments on the conduct of the event. If you noticed any shortcomings do point them out to us so that we can improve over them in our next event like AGM in Nov 2016.

Video of celebrations


Brig CS Vidyasagar (Rtd)


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