Grant of Dependent Pension for unmarried / divorced / widowed daughters of ESM

Many daughters approach TSEWA for helping them to get dependent pension. Firstly one has to apply to Adjutant General’s branch MP 5/6 on death of both the parents who were drawing pension that she being unmarried / divorced / widowed daughter be sanctioned dependent pension submitting a copy of death certificate of both the parents through Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer. The letter is forwarded to Army HQ, AGs Branch, MP Directorate (5/6), Delhi Cantt. They will send a set of documents which are to be filled by the eligible daughter and submit through Zilla Sainik Welfare Officers.

Following documents are to be enclosed along with the covering letter to Army HQ in case the parent is an Officer and to Record Office in case the parent is Hony Offr / JCO/OR :

  1. Form MPB–501 – 3 copies (each attested by  Adjutant of a unit)
  2. Form MPC-60 – 3 copies(each attested by Adjutant of a unit)
  3. Affidavit sworn before First Class Judicial Magistrate (Stating that the lady unmarried, unemployed, montly income from all sources not exceeding Rs.9000/-  with no siblings etc or no objection certificate from other siblings for grant of dependent pension)
    1. Original
    2. Two Photocopies
  4. Certificate of Unemployment
    1. Original digitally signed by Deputy Tehsildar
    2. One Photocopy of Original countersigned by Zila Sainik Welfare Officer.
    3. One photocopy of (b)
  5. Certificate of Being Unmarried
    1. Original signed by Grade-Two Tehsildar
    2. Photocopy of original countersigned by Zilla Sainik Welfare Officer
    3. Two photocopies of (b)
    4. Affidavit Notarized for the English Translation of the above original certificate in case it is in regional language
    5. Two photocopies of (d)
  6.  Death Certificate of Father and Mother
    a.Original of each – one copy
    b.Photocopies attested – 2 copies each
  7. PPO under which Father was drawing pension – 3 copies
  8. Attested copy of Birth Certificate – 3 copies
  9. Part II Order – 3 copies
  10. CTC of Registered Sale Deed of apartment – 1 copy (if any house is held in the name of the daughter)
  11. Passport size photograph signed at the back by daughter – 3 copies

It may please be understood that the whole process of getting dependent pension may take anytime between six to eleven months. So one should be very particular with documentation so that the papers do not get sent back on some pretext.

In case any ESM’s daughter is affected, she is advised to contact Ms Shruti Chakravarti who has just got her dependent pension sanctioned and PPO issued by PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad.  She is based in Bengaluru and can be contacted at mobile No:  97418 29500. Her e-mail id is

Ms Shruti Chakravarti, whose request for grant of dependent pension was recently approved, adds:

“One of the most important documents to be submitted is the Affidavit (Doc #3) which needs to be signed by the First Class Judicial Magistrate.

Appropriate changes are to be made to the template according to the facts of each applicant. The format and positioning of the text of the template is such that it can be filled in and strait away printed on Stamp Paper. If it exceeds 2 pages, the pages 3, 4, 5, so on can be on ordinary paper. Only Page 1 needs to be stamp paper. Ideally an advocate should make the appropriate changes to the template to keep with the legal jargon. When approaching the First Class Judicial Magistrate for signature, applicant MUST carry all documental proof of the facts claimed in the affidavit. ”

Download AFFIDAVIT Template – signed by JUDICIAL MAGISTRATE

Grateful thanks to Ms Shruti for her valuable inputs.


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  1. Reeta Mukherjee

    I am I a divorcee daughter of my father above. My Mother 80 yrs old is presently receiving my father’s pension. Can I get my mothers pension after her death.
    Myself daughter aged 54 years is a Divorcee since last 15 years and now surviving on my mothers pension and some teaching job.
    Myself on turning 60 years age myself a divorcee daughter will not hv any income of my own other than my mothers pension
    Can I get the family pension when I am 60 years old after my mothers death ? As I will not hv any income for my survival after my mothers death
    Can myself ,the divorcee daughter also get the Army Hospital ECHS facility ?
    Please help and answer my queries and how to go about it so that I can start the procedure
    Pls help.

    August 14, 2021 Reply

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