Exemption from Payment of Property Tax in AP and Telangana States

From a mail from Sgt S Narasimha Reddy:
Property Tax is a State Tax / subject.  Hence, Central Govt. can at the most advise the states to give Property Tax exemption to ESM, but cannot make any Rules or give exemption in Property Tax.
The GO MS No. 83 dated 15-3-1997 and GO MS No. 301 Dt. 27-12-2016, on Exemption of property tax in respect of Ex-servicemen and widows of Ex-Servicemen etc. is applicable to entire Telangana State. Of course GO MS No. 83 only is applicable to Andhra Pradesh also.
However, for getting exemption in Property Tax an individual ESM has to apply to their respective Muncipalities/gram panchayats for exemption in property tax, by submitting relevant documents as required by the respective Muncipality/Gram Panchayat.  If a Municipality or Gram Panchayat’s does not state the requirement of documents to be submitted, at least we have to submit a copy of proof of having the property in the name of ESM ( or even in the name of ESM’s spouse in the case of Telangana State) along with our application for exemption in Property Tax.
As per the rules no Property Tax can be collected and refusal to exempt an ESM amounts to illegal and forceful collection of the Tax.  If such a situation arises, ESM can file a case in a Court of Law and get relief.  But without an ESM applying for Property Tax exemption first, no Court can pass favourable orders in ESM favour.
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  1. Immaneni Sambasiva Rao

    Is there any exemption for Differently Challenged persons from payment of Property tax. In the national policy for persons with Disabilities framed in the year 2006 my Ministry of Social Justice and Empowernment Government of India in chapter VI regarding social protection 52(1) says about the system of regular review of policies of tax relief granted to persons with disabilities will be put in place so that income tax and other tax relief remains available to the Persons with Disabilities. The Rights of Persons with Disablities Act 2016 Envisages the same and for affirmative action for providing tax reliefs and exemptions

    February 13, 2022 Reply
  2. Serving persons buying the land that time of registration how to consuction for properly tax pl explain

    November 22, 2020 Reply
  3. prasad gowra

    We are running an orphanage taking care of 30 girl children through public charitable trust. The funds required are being generated by our own.
    The said orphanage is being run through a building owned by the trust.
    Is there exemption from paying Property Tax on such building.

    September 9, 2020 Reply
  4. In andhra pradesh any extension period is given for this year

    April 30, 2020 Reply

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