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List of Litigants in various AFT cases

Below are the links to the List of Litigants in various AFT cases. Please click on a link to download the list. This is also available for ready reference on the AFT tab in the header bar of the Blog.

AFT-1 (OA – 34/2016) List of Litigants 

AFT-1B Army list of Litigants-1

AFT-1B Army List of Litigants-2

AFT-1B Navy list of Litigants

AFT-1B Air Force list of Litigants

AFT 2 – BB2 (OA 1677/2016) List of Litigants

AFT-20 List of Litigants

AFT-21 List of Litigants

AFT-28 Army List of Litigants

AFT-28 Navy & Air Force List of Litigants

AFT-29 Army List of Litigants -1

AFT-29 Army List of Litigants -2

AFT-29 Army List of Litigants-3

AFT-29 Navy List of Litigants

AFT-29 Air Force List of Litigants

AFT 30 Applicant List of Litigants


  1. NAME NOT THERE IN LIST OF LITIGANTS FOR AFT 28B in your website blog

    Dear Sirs,

    1. I am amazed not to find my name in list of army litigants for AFT 28B.mooted by Honble Shastri sir.
    2. I had paid Rs5000/- and all doc in Sep 2017. Conirmed finanacial transaction by treasurer sir in Feb first week 2018 again; still I do not find my name in list of litigants.
    3. I had great bad luck during service. It continues with me due to lack of LIASON. Even in BB Case, AFT 28,29 MY NAME HAS ALWAYS BEEN ADDED IN SECOND LITIGATIONS DESPITE ALL PROOFS that I have been one of the earliest respondents with fees payments and doc.
    4. Despite having great faith in all main core functionaries; I am really heart broken for such poor response on paper repeatedly in all cases.
    5. Thinking of discontinuing Membership

    Thanks. Regards

    Member ; Tsewa-3977
    Dr Colonel Rajesh Kumar Saxena,Retd
    mobile- 9689549659
    Nashik. Maharashtra

  2. Kindly share list of litigants of AFT-8 A (HNS2) and present position for info of 61 litigants. As per AFT Table, documents despatched to TSEWA Legal Cell Gurgoan in Dec 2017.

  3. I have applied for AFT 1C AND AFT 28B BUT these lists are not given
    TSEWA NO. 6920

    1. Dear Sir,
      AFT-1C registration is still open after finalizing the list we will upload in the TSEWA blog, and AFT-28B is under final scrutiny in TSEWA HQ Hyderabad.
      Thank you

  4. My membership No is 7149. I don’t find my name any where in the “List of Litigants in various AFT Cases” any of the cases. Please let me know which all cases my name has been considered.

  5. Dear Sir, I would like to request for expeditious processing of AFT-21, as the documents are always shown as “Lying at TSEWA HQ under scrutiny” for the last one year.

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