AFT Cases / OA 34/2016 (AFT1)

Memo of Parties OA 34/2016 (AFT 1)

Memo of Parties OA 34/2016

I am posting the Memo of Parties of OA 34/2016 (AFT 1) which is an extract of the case filed therefore there can be no omission of name/s in the list. This for info of all TSEWA members who have some kind of doubts in their minds regarding their names being included or not to enable them to decide to become members of OA 34 B.

Have a wonderful day.
Fond regards,
Brig SKS Rana, VSM

Memo of Parties OA 34/2016


  1. My name in Sr no 502 has been mis spelt. Kindly amend to read as Lt Col VIJAYSINGH JAISINGH JADHAV INSTEAD OF Lt Col VIJAYSINGH JAISINGH JADAV.


  2. Hello TSEWA,
    I paid the fees and all documents, please check if my name is there for 1B which to be filed soon. This list of OA 34 seems not having my name. Everything was sent to Col Rana,retd at Gurgaon. Thanks mNo 1929

  3. I also had applied for AFT 1 on 3/5/16. My name was at ser 1024.Now not in this list.Request clarify.
    TSEWA 3090
    Lt COl Baleshwar Nath Sharma,Retd

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