AFT 6A (Col TS-2) : Memo of Parties

AFT 6A (Col TS-2) case refers to “Granting pension of Col (TS) to all pre – 16 Dec 2004 Lt Cols who put in 26 years commissioned service.”

Documents have been scrutinized at TSEWA HO and are ready for dispatch to Legal Cell, Delhi for pre-filing check

List of litigants for AFT 6A (Col TS-2) is  available at this link.

Veterans who are litigants in this case are requested to check and confirm correctness of details by 15th Nov 2017.

In case there are any mistakes in your record such as personal no, rank or name in full, you are requested to contact Col Dr GB Sethi, General Secretary, TSEWA at

The documents will be dispatched to Delhi by 18th Nov 2017 after which no corrections can be made.


  1. Col K S Malik,SC

    The above update on pension of COL(TS) for LT Cols (SG) is upto 2017 – documents being dispatched to AFT. Kindly update with progress made up to date(May 2019). Thanks n regards.

    May 3, 2019 Reply
    • admin

      Veterans are kindly requested to visit the blog periodically to check on the progress of cases. The status of a case is updated in the Table of AFT cases as soon as any information is available. If there is no change since you last checked, it means that there is no change in status. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to see that veterans are kept updated as quickly as possible.

      May 22, 2019 Reply

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