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Too Few Applicants For AFT 14 A (Second Batch: Majs With >13 Yrs CS To Get Lt Col Pension)

Dear Veterans,

This is to inform you that, the number of veteran officers who have regd for AFT 14A (Second Batch of Majs >13 yrs but <20 yrs CS to get Lt Col Pension), is less than 15.

Since for TSEWA, the minimum number of applicants to keep the legal fee at 5000/- per veteran,  it is necessary to have at least 50 applicants, it is no longer feasible for TSEWA to file the case at the given legal fee of 5000/-. It is most unlikely that there would be 50 applicants for the case .

However TSEWA Legal Cell through Brig SKS Rana, VSM, has extended assistance to file the case even with lesser number of applicants. This will impact the Legal Fee per individual, which is not now known to TSEWA.

With the aim to not delay the filing, Major Manjit Singh, resident of Delhi and an applicant for AFT 14 A who is a TSEWA member has taken up the case  for filing this case, AFT 14A, separately at the earliest.

Consequently, the legal fee etc for filing this case would be  negotiated and handled by him. directly with the Advocate.  He will inform all those who are interested in joining him to file the case under the altered conditions. The data of those who have sent their personal Data to me, has been sent to him. Major Manjit will speak to each of you individually on how he takes the case forward  for filing at the earliest.

Henceforth please contact him for the filing of the case. I am available  to tender whatever assistance you may need to have your case filed directly through Major Manjit Singh.

Major Manjit Singh’s details are as under:

  1. Email id:
  2. Mob no: 9958412118

Those who have remitted legal fee to TSEWA or to me, may seek a refund by writing to Treasurer/Gen Secy TSEWA quoting their TSEWA no and this post.

Best wishes.

Major P M Goswami

Mob: 9177502777



  1. What is the present position of AFT14A case coordinated by Major Manjit singh with regard to Lt col pension to Majors retired with 13 years commissioned service?

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