Progress of Court Cases OA 1545/2016, OA 168/2016

Today (10-03-2017) following cases came up for hearing in the Hon’ble AFT.
OA 1545/2016 Hav to Hony Nb Sub. This case has been admitted for adjudication and is not likely to take very long for the judgement. However, there are 13 members who have retired post 2006 who are not supposed to be the members of this case as they are as it is entitled to the Nb Sub pension as per the 6th CPC.
Individuals affected are the as listed in the Memo of Parties at following Ser Nos:-31, 36, 58, 72, 92, 95, 100, 102, 116, 118, 121, 122 and 131.
For the serial  Nos mentioned above a fresh case will have to be filed and for the purpose Ser 58 who belongs to Dehradun has been selected so that he can come to Gurgaon and sign necessary documents. All others are requested to please sign the authorisation cert in the name of ser 58 so that he signs the affidavit on behalf of all.
OA 168/2016 . Disability Pension to PMR Cases. This case also came up for hearing and also the impleadment of late arrivals was sought but the same has not been agreed by the Bench. It is therefore imperative that the case now is to be fought for the first 16 Offrs and new case will be filed for balance officers. Details of the names will be shared later after the Advocate reaches back to his office from the Court.

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