Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held on 27 May 2023

Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held at 1000 Hrs on 27 May 23



The meeting was attended by the following: –

  1. Cmde Sudheer Parakala                   President, In Chair
  2. Brig CS Vidyasagar                             Chief Mentor, TSEWA
  3. Brig DSC Varma,VSM                          Vice-President
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam                        General Secretary
  5. Col Dr.GB Sethi                                   Mentor, TSEWA
  6. Hony Capt MN Reddy                         Joint Secretary
  7. Col Venkatesh Mahadevan               Treasurer
  8. Maj Gen ML Aswal                              President TSEWA, Uttarakhand
  9. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee                      President TSEWA, East Zone
  10. Cmde KS Sandhu                                 President TSEWA, West Zone
  11. Col Srikantha Seshadri                       President TSEWA, Karnataka
  12. Cmde Ashok Kota                               President TSEWA, South Zone
  13. Col CAJ Swamy                                    President, TSEWA, AP
  14. Brig Suresh Nair                                 President, TSEWA, Kerala
  15. Col CM Unnithan                                President, TSEWA, Chennai Metro
  16. Lt Col Ramana Reddy                        Member
  17. Lt Col (Dr.) K Bhaskara Reddy          Member
  18. Hony Capt B Joseph                           Member
  1. The President welcomed all members for the meeting, He thereafter Welcomed Maj Gen ML Aswal on joining TSEWA and introduced him to all the members attending the meeting. Maj Gen ML Aswal has been appointed as the President of TSEWA Uttarakhand. The President also welcomed Col Dr. GB Sethi, Mentor, TSEWA for being kind enough to attend the meeting.
  1. The General secretary thereafter read out the progress on the points of the last meeting held on 06th May 2023.
  1. The Gen Secy informed that a lady Mrs Anand was willing to donate Rs. 1Lakh as charity for any needy personnel from the Defence background. He appraised all to forward any such deserving cases to the Charity Division.
  1. The President there after asked Cmde KS Sandhu President West Zone to brief everyone on the program in preparation for the AGM on 25th June 2023 in Mumbai.

Cmde Sandhu confirmed the following: –

  • 10 rooms (9 AC rooms and 1 Non-AC) and a conference Hall with a seating capacity for 100 persons has been booked.
  • Arrangements for drinking water, Tea & Biscuits and a simple working Lunch will be organised.
  • Registration Counter will be setup up at the venue for people attending to register themselves.
  • In case any Non TSEWA members are attending they will be given the enrolment form for becoming member of TSEWA.
  • Adequate publicity has been planned. A banner will be displayed, in addition a Newspaper Advt of the event will be published in a National Daily and also in the vernacular paper, messages in WhatsApp and SMS will be sent to all members about the event.
  1. The President thereafter informed all that the present tenure of the Management Committee will terminate on 24th June 2023. Hence it is essential that election need to be held for selecting the new Management Committee.
  1. After considerable deliberations the following consensus was arrived at
    • The present Committee is doing exceptional work. The present committee to continue for another two years as per the existing Bye Laws.
    • During the period of absence of the President the Vice President to officiate.
    • General Secretary and Treasurer to continue
    • In case the President still feels he wants to step down, then election to be held for the post of President only.
    • If election have to take place, then Cmde Sandhu to be nominated as the returning officer for the election.
    • The Vice president to take on the additional responsibility of Chairman Charity Division.
  1. The president requested our Mentor Col Dr. GB Sethi to addressed the NEC.
  1. Col Dr. GB Sethi gave the following points as under: –
  • He appreciated the extensive hard work being done in membership drive. Notably by Brig Vidyasagar the Chief Mentor, Col Srikantha Seshadri, Hony Capt Joseph and Hony Capt MN Reddy. He requested the Zonal and State Presidents to also to help in this regard.
  • He also reiterated that to achieve a target figure of 1Lakh members is a herculean task and cannot be done easily. Hence, we should examine other ways to get this recognition
  • AFT-Cases – Col Dr. GB Sethi emphasised the need to pursue the legal cases. Since many officers have put their faith in us to grant them due justice. The legal advocate Brig AK Srivastava, VSM should be reminded time and again to pursue our cases relentlessly to a logical conclusion.
  • Charity- Col Dr. GB Sethi mentioned that though we are doing a considerable amount of charity work, we need to review the method in which it is presently being done. Not withstanding the fact that the financial assistance should go to the needy personnel, we must be selective in our approach in choosing the right people who deserve it. Moreover we should have a method of a feedback on the progress of the performance of the students who have benefitted from this Charity.
  1. The President thereafter clarified all the points raised by Col Dr. GB Sethi and gave a brief on the present status of AFT Cases and also the action taken regards Charity work. He shared the concern on Membership Drive which may become a bottleneck for recognition of TSEWA. Except for the combined efforts of Brig Vidyasagar, Col Srikanta Seshadri and Hony Capt Joseph through the awareness camps, there was not much Membership being promoted by the Presidents of other states. He informed that he intends to discuss this issue during the NEC Meeting to be held at Mumbai on 24 June and propose sui9table measures for improving the Membership Drive. He thereafter mentioned that not withstanding the above, it is very fortunate for all of us that Col Dr GB Sethi had taken some timeout to attend the NEC Meeting and share his views. The concern and points raised by Col Dr. GB Sethi are genuine and valuable. The TSEWA committee accepts these points humbly and will make all efforts to work on them, for the ultimate good of the organisation and its image.
  1. The president further added that since the date of the AGM is drawing near, the NEC would meet weekly on the 10th & 17th June 2023.
  1. There being no other points the meeting was closed at 12.30 pm.

(DSC Varma,) VSM (Retd)


Vice President, TSEWA

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    What is the latest regarding grant of Lt COL pension to old Substantive pre 1986 retiree Majors with qualifying service of more than 25 years and commissioned Service of over 20 years.

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