Naval Pension Offices

 There are basically three organisations which are dealing with the pensions details of which are given below:
Naval Pension Office (Navpen). This is a newly created organisation which looks into the pensions of officers and Sailors. It is co-located with INS Tanaji and is headed by Logistic Officer-in-Charge of the rank of a Commodore. SO (Pensions) Officers and SO(Pensions) Sailors under him look after all pension matters. Issue of all PPOs and Corr PPOs are also coordinated by him. For all queries regarding your pensions you can write to him directly. The address of NAVPEN is given below:
        The Logistic Officer-in-Charge
        Naval Pension Office
        C/O INS Tanaji
        Sion Trombay Road
        Mumbai – 400 088
        Toll Free Number: 1800220560
Naval Pay Office (Navpay). This old Naval Pay Office continues to disburse all terminal benefits to officers and sailors on release/retirement since Navpen does not have cash assignment. Some of the records are still held by Naval Pay Office but eventually all the records will also go to Navpen at Mankhrud. In case you haven’t received your terminal benefits on retirement, you can write to Navpay keeping Navpen informed. The Naval Pay Office address is given below:
        The Logistic Officer-in-Charge
        Naval Pay Office
        Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
        Mumbai- 400001
        e-Mail ID:
PCDA (Navy) Pension Cell. The PCDA (Navy) Pension Cell is now located opposite Naval Pay Office and deals with issue of all PPOs and Corr PPOs. For all matters related to PPOs, Corr PPOs or corrections there of, you may write to them copy to Navpen, Mankhrud or write to Navpen copy to PCDA (Pensions). The main Office of PCDA(Navy) is located at Cooperage near bandstand Mumbai but the Pension cell is now located opposite Naval Pay Office. The address is given below:
        The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy)
        Pension Cell
        Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
        Mumbai -400001
        Tel: 022-22696139
INS Tanaji. The Commodore Bureau of Sailors (CABs) at Cheeta camp, Mankhrud, Mumbai was commissioned as a full fledged establishment on 10 Jul 2012. Co, INS Tanaji (old CABs) will deal with all matters of recruiting, Manpower planning of sailors and deal with transfers and promotions of all sailors. The OI/C Release centre is merged with LOIC, Navpen and therefore all Release formalities of Sailors are also looked after by LOIC, Navpen including for Officers. NHQ (PDPA) who was dealing with Officer’s pensions will now be looked after by Navpen only. Veterans are therefore advised not to write to CO, INS Tanaji (Old CABs) on any matters pertaining to veteran officers and sailors.
The Navy has taken note of various difficulties faced by Officers and Sailors in receiving the Pensions through banks and CPPCs. The Navy is planning to therefore establish a full fledged Navpen with cash disbursement authority. Once it is approved, Navpen will directly calculate the pensions and arrears and credit the amounts to the bank accounts of Pensioners/Families every month without the need for CPPCs. Till this happens, we will have to depend upon CPPCs.
I therefore request Naval veterans to kindly make a note as also disseminate to all your friends who are not Members of TSEWA. You are welcome to take up various issues directly /through TSEWA for my attention. I will take up the cases at appropriate level and ensure speedy resolution of the problems.
Warm regards,
Cmde Sudheer Parakala, IN (Retd)
President, East & South Zones
TSEWA -220


  1. Ajay

    Dear sir
    …..good day i ajay ex servicemen retired 05/2006, 20 years service
    Loss my ppo what do next
    Thanks Ajay

    September 23, 2023 Reply
  2. RK jaiswal

    I Ram Kumar Jaiswal ex CPO COM (TEL) 167055-Y could not register my self for jeewan praman patra in sparsh due very sickness. Mp PPO no is 09/097/B/S/000775/2017 dated 27/01/2017. I will register my self within day Or two in sparsh.
    Please do not hold my pension for nov 22 as I am facing lots of financial hardship.

    November 16, 2022 Reply
  3. sanjeev wadikar

    Jai hind
    pl help me to update my adhar pan in records as in sparsh team says that u have to update first in naval records and after that u will be able to update in sparsh . 2-3 messages i got or ur pension will be stopped
    kindly help me to upadte my data in records
    sanjeev wadikar ex chear 191789k mobile no 8095922291

    November 7, 2022 Reply

    I Ex serviceman Service No -54875 Rank- EX ME -I Name – Rameshwar Choubey. I applied my pension application of special pension. And I got some observations of mismatch of wife name. While applying for Gazette publication, I required a certificate/ POR copy of my wife record for Gazette Publication for change of name of my wife. Publication department of The Gazette of India ask a service certificate regarding self and wife particulars. Please Issue a certificate in regard of above. And sent to my parmanent address. It is long waiting for above said document , I many times asked the same from this office.please help out

    November 2, 2022 Reply
  5. Rajesh Singh Bhadauria

    sir my mother passed away on 27th February and I was told that to stop family pension Ican submit death certificate and revelant documents to any branch of SBI in jaipur .Mother’s home branch is in Mumbai .I submitted the required documents to SBI branch but still receiving pension .On questioning the manager he says papers should be submitted at home branch.Excess pension paid will be deducted and then I can close the account .Can SBI home branch do the needful

    August 7, 2022 Reply
  6. Jaya Kuruvilla

    Dear sir,
    My husband was in the Indian navy and I am a widow since 1977.After his death I am getting regular pension till date also my echs card was functional till 2009.After which they asked yo submit an application for new echs card. It has been more than 3 years that they keep rejecting my online application. I have an pan card with my age but I get an error for my age and husbands ppo number. They have denied my application because of this and I am unable to make echs claims
    I am 84 years old now and I do not know where else to go to raise my issue. The cabs department do not tell things clearly

    August 4, 2022 Reply
  7. Murari prasad Chourasia

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My pension is not credited into my account since March-21. My PPO number is 09/097/B/S/2529/2011 dated 20/09/2011. My bank account is in UCO Bank. I have visited the branch a number of times, but no one has given me an answer to my question. I haven’t received any notice/SMS or information about why my pension has been suspended. Please resolve my issue, i have timely submitted the life certificate to the bank in the month of November 21.

    Murari Prasad Chourasia
    Ex Indian Navy
    Service No- 173780F
    Mobile no- 8936001971

    July 23, 2022 Reply


    July 13, 2022 Reply
  9. Chaman Rai

    Ex PO No.162143-H
    Applied for new ECHS card long time ago not yet received, status awaiting record from your record office
    Sparsh login ID not yet received
    ePPO not yet received
    My contact 7872839658
    Email :

    July 2, 2022 Reply
  10. Mohar singh jhaugta

    Respected sir
    My eppo not generated my ser no is 165826B pension stoped since last 3 months my PPO no is 09/97/ B /S 01697/2001 DOB 1968-03-02 plz guide me I am in great need of money

    May 28, 2022 Reply
  11. N L Shah

    Sir, I retired on 31Dec1985.I sent email to to issue discharge book & EPPO to avail the facilities as per service rules.But wasn’t received by the addressee.Pse do the needful and intemate. Thanking you.

    May 6, 2022 Reply
  12. Mukundani Kesavan

    Gabriel Stephen
    Respected Sir,

    I Am Mukundan Kesavan ,Ex. POSTF, 151916-R, an ex-serviceman from Indian Navy. still i didn’t receive my EPPO is not uploaded in the site or the link. Kindly suggest me, how to get my eppo get download.

    February 2, 2022 Reply

    PART 2 ORDER – NO.176135H
    Respected sir i have submitted all the documents for obtaining Part2 order and also for entering my wife’s name in digital PPO. I got following reply from navpen on date 17/08/2020;-
    Dear Sir,

    1. We thank you for writing to us at NAVPEN. We would like to assure you that your query is under process and are dealt with top most priority.

    2. Since you are a Naval Ex-Servicemen and have an edge to understand that due to COVID – 19, manpower constraints and various unconventional/ non routine work being delegated to this office due to cases of Special Pension, ECHS, 7th CPC Revision etc. over 3000 cases for Updation/Endorsement is currently pending at this office. In order to provide due justice and timely completion of pending application, First In First Out (FIFO) method is being followed and pending requests are dealt progressively.

    3. Further, it is intimated that we have also uploaded the various procedures for Updation/ Endorsement at General Branch Section of Naval Pension Office on our website:// In addition to that, every 15 days we are also uploading and updating list with Service Personal Number for “Completed Actions” and “ Pending Due to Requisite document” on our website mentioned ibid.

    4. In view of above, you are requested to check your Service Personal Number under the above lists for status of your request for updations/endorsement at GB Section. If you Personal Number is seen under “Completed Actions”, you are requested to wait for 21 days from the date of updation of the list as your reply is sent through Registered post and will be delivered soon.

    5. On the other hand, If you Personal Number is seen under “ Pending Due to Requisite document”, you are requested to Re-confirm the procedure for Updation/ Endorsement from our website:// and resend the pending/ requisite documents through your respective ZSB/RSB to us at the earliest for further processing of the case. A letter for pending/ requisite documents is sent through ordinary post and will be delivered soon.

    5. Further, if your Personal Number does not fall under any of the above lists your are requested to wait for another 30 days as we are progressively working on your request and will update the list in every 30 days.

    6. We thank you for your understanding and patience. We at NAVPEN will always stand for your assistance and continue to remain “Veterans Anchor”.

    General Branch Section
    Naval Pension Office
    Till to date it is pending. Pls help me

    February 1, 2022 Reply
  14. A Gabriel Stephen

    Respected Sir,

    I A Gabriel Stephen,Ex. POAF, 177295W, an ex-serviceman from Indian Navy. still i didn’t receive my EPPO. Even thou i have send my PPO and the form through reg post. my EPPO is not uploaded in the site or the link. Kindly suggest me, how to get my eppo get download.

    January 24, 2022 Reply
  15. Yogendra Kumar

    Dear Sir, I retired from Indian Navy on 30Nov 2000 as MCEAR-I.
    At the time of retirement it was told to opt Medical Allowances or Medical Facilities at Defence Hospital at home town. I Choose Medical Facilities.

    After few years ECHS made compulsory for those discharged after 01.04.2003.

    I have neither taken Medical Facilities nor received Medical Allowances ever after it was ECHS compulsory.

    Fixed Medical Allowance @ Rs.100 was introduced w.e.f. 01.12.1997.

    Fixed Medical Allowance @ Rs.1000 was increased w.e.f. 01.07.2017.

    I am not a ECHS member till date.

    It is therefore requested to guide me that how to claim the Medical Allowances in lieu of Medical Facilities as I am not a member of ECHS and also no facilities offered by Defence Hospital as ECHS became mandatory.

    Thanks & Regards.

    Yogendra Kumar
    Ex-MCEAR-I No.186152-Z
    PPO No. B/S/28471/2000 Dt. 30.11.2000

    January 9, 2022 Reply
  16. Dinkar Ganpatrao Patil, Ex SPO, No. 146382N

    Respected Sir, I Dinkar Ganpatrao Patil, Ex SPO, No. 146382N, Recently I downloaded my E-PPO No. 248199502192 in that E-PPO in column Group in writeen C which is wrong. As per my original PPO no. 09/97/B/S/02192/1995 & Corr. PPO no.
    Corr/09/97/B/S/02269/1998 my Group is B. Please change my Group in E-PPO B instead of C. Also refer my application and e mail dt. 17 Nov 2021. Please Reply. Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

    December 2, 2021 Reply
  17. Attar Singh Azrot

    Respected sir,Good Morning
    I ATTAR SINGH AZROT,EX,CHEAP,203990-R,has sent all documents for correction of my spouse D.O.B through Zila Sainik board,JAMMU(J&K).
    1. D.O.B Is recorded 1968-12-31 instead of 1968-08-03.
    Request you to take necessary action for correction of Date of Birth of my Spouse.
    Thanks and Best Regards
    SERVICE NO. 203990-R
    Mobile no.+91-7889332146

    December 2, 2021 Reply

    Kind Att: Cmde Sudheer Parakala, IN (Retd)
    My husband, Service.No. 046143 Rank CHIEF E.R.A.(W) Name DIVAKAR HARIDUTT PANT expired on 6TH October 2021. A corrigendum PPO was issued on 25/04/2004 by the Bureau of Sailors, Cheetah Camp, Mumbai to Union Bank for family pension. Unfortunately I only have the intimation copy was sent to Union Bank of India. I do not have a copy of the Corrigendum Payment Order S/JN/09/97/B/040/2004. Request you to kindly guide me in securing the pension entitlement as the bank wants a copy of the corrigendum PPO.

    Thanking you for all your support

    November 18, 2021 Reply
  19. Ashok Kumar

    Respected Sir, I (ashok kumar) am a disabled sailor. I am lost my right leg on the accident done at INS Dega in 2009. Now I m using artificial leg for further life. I am contact to NAVPAN last three to four days but no reply is given by the said office. All contact no either busy or no response including LOIC Navpan. I am strange that this is possible. Please give me No. of CNS for clarification of my doubts

    October 21, 2021 Reply
  20. Ompal, mob no 8398891739

    Respected Sir/ madam,
    I’m Ex leading steward, P. No. 156002A, discharge as absentia in 31 jan 2017 . Regarding abount my pension what is the status of my pension. Plz do needfull sir & as soon as possible start my pension Or generate my PPO no. Thanks sir.

    October 8, 2021 Reply

    Respected sir.
    I Anoop Kumar EX POELP Service No. 179600-H has sent all documents for correction of my spouse name and D.O.B through Zila Sainik board Una (H.P) vide letter no. 164/ZSB/UNA Dated 29 July 2021.
    1. My Wife name is recorded Sunita Kumar Instead of Sunita In Naval Records.
    2. D.O.B Is recorded 24.04.1976 instead of 23.04.1976.
    Request you to take necessary action for correction of Name and Date of Birth of my Spouse.
    Thanking you
    With Regards
    Anoop Kumar EX POELP
    SERVICE NO. 179600-H

    August 24, 2021 Reply
  22. Respected sir,
    I am R.ARUNACHALAM Ex MCSWA I 052763 retired froM service 31 Oct 1983 with pension. On issuing CORP. PPO S/JN/09/97/B/486/2007 dated 16 Oct 2007 my wife V.RAJESWARI’s date of birth is mentioned as 06-07-1956 instead of 06-07-1954. after noticing the error I have sent sever mails and Speed post letters since 1917 but till date no notification is sent to me .Again on 27 feb 2020 a request was sent by speed post with all relevent documents copies duly verified and attested by the Chief Manager SBI kovilpatti which was received at your end and got a reply that the mater is under process ,gets delayed due to COVID 19 /shortage of personals . By waiting all these months I have send another Speed post letter on 24-10-2020 and the same was received on 31-10-2020 at you end. Please do needful to correct the DOB of my wife as 06-07-1954 and issue fresh PPO . As now running 73 yrs of age and unable to follow up frequently for the same . Please do needful
    Thanks with regards

    November 1, 2020 Reply
  23. Ramchandar, Ex POWTR, No. 150071-y

    Sub : Regarding Pension Fixation

    Respected Sir,

    I wish to inform you most humbly that I had retired from Indian Navy on 31.5.2006 vide L.R.D.O. 5/2006.

    At time of retirement my service details are as under:-
    1. Date of joining service – 20.12.1982 (As Steward)
    2. Change of Branch – in January 1986 (Steward to Writer Branch)
    2. Date of retirement – 31.05.2006 (Total Service – 23 Yrs 05 Months)
    3. Seniority of POWTR – 12.02.1994 (As POWTR – 12 Yrs 03 Months 20 days
    4. Last Basic Pay – Rs. 5000+ Rs. 2500 = 7,500 (Basic + D.P.)
    5. Revised LPC – Rs. 9300 + Rs. 2800 = 12,100 (Basic + G.P)
    6. Present Pension –
    Including DA

    Sir, as per the 6th CPC , I should be given MACP and accordingly my pension to be re-fixed/ revised w.e.f. my actual due. In revised LPC my grade pay was shown Rs. 2800 and it should be Rs. 4200 instead of Rs. 2800 in the scale of 9300-34800.

    Now you are requested to kindly review /scrutinize my pension case and do the needful accordingly.

    Thanking you,

    Sincerely yours,

    Ramchandar, Ex POWTR,

    June 30, 2020 Reply
  24. Sir
    With great pain I have to submit again that I was issued PPO no S002912019 in May 2019. Now one year has passed and have not received my pension in my bank account till date.
    As told by the Cppc Pnb Mumbai my PPO was sent to CPDA Allahabad for correction in my bank account.
    Now confirmed from CPDA Allahabad that correction has been done vide Corregendum :
    PPO S/corr 001442020 dt. 19 Mar 2020.
    Kindly confirm the receipt of above and expedite by sending it to the Cppc Pnb Mumbai.
    Regards LAKHBIR Singh LS 105695
    Mob. 9419129226

    May 18, 2020 Reply
  25. To,

    SUB: Non Implementation of proper Pension Amount and incorrect PPO

    REF: Sanjeev Kumar, Ex-POAOF, S. No. 178446-K, PPO No. 09/97/B/S/01977/2007 dated 29th Nov 2007

    Dear Sir,
    This is to bring into your kind notice that I am receiving lesser pension than my entitlement. I was promoted to POAOF(Aviation Technical Branch) with effect from 01.06.2007and at the time of my retirement (Jan 2008), I have been issued PPO No. 09/97/B/S/01977/2007 dated 29-11-2017, with LAOM rank and Group Z, however I and was promised and assured by the Naval Authorities saying that “since your new rank have been updated in your discharge book and other records, hence, a new PPO will be generated soon and your pension will be updated as per the new PPO of your rank and group”.

    Thereafter, I never received a new PPO, I have contacted my Bank (State Bank of India) and pension helpdesk several times but every time I was promised falsely and the result is; I am still getting the pension of LAOM Rank.

    You are requested to kindly look into the matter and do the needful as soon as possible.
    Thanking You,


    (Sanjeev Kumar)
    S.No. 178446-K
    Adv. Sanjeev Kumar Baliyan,
    A-173, Sector-47, Noida,
    Dist: Gautam Budh Nagar, U.P.-201301,
    Email:, Mobile No. 9971589511/7048966618

    April 7, 2020 Reply

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