All is Well that Ends well – Saga of Smt Zalengkim of Manipur

All is Well that Ends well – Saga of Smt Zalengkim of Manipur

Dear Members, Non-members and Civilians who donated to TSEWA to help out Smt Zalengkim, wife of (late) Naik Damchuilung, ASC of Manipur,

1.I am giving developments of 13 Sep 2019 from mail received from Lt Col LM Singh, OiC ECHS Polyclinic, Imphal. These are covered in the succeeding paras.

2. Lt Col LM Singh on receiving Rs 5.50 lakhs from TSEWA through bank transfer on 12 Sep 2019 into his ICICI Bank current account convened a meeting of Smt Laldinpui of Churachandpur Dist of Manipur, the money lender and father of Smt Zalengkim, in his office. Cash of Rs 4 lakh was withdrawn from the bank. Smt Zalengkim handed over the same to Smt Laldinpui, the money lender in the presence of six witnesses, signed an affidavit of NO DUES. Few photos on the occasion are shown below:-


Smt Zalengkim wife of (late) Naik Damchilung,
ASC from Manipur

4.  She has to support eight more family members who are dependent on her ordinary family pension.

From Left to Right: Father of Smt Zalengkim, mother, Elder Sister who is a Psychiatric patient, daughter of Elder Sister, unemployed brother, son of Elder Sister, Elder daughter of Smt Zalengkim and younger daughter of Smt Zalengkim before her grand father.
  1. Happy Family of Smt Zalengkim when her husband was alive.
(Late) Naik Damchilung,
ASC from Manipur, Mrs Zalengkim and their two daughters
  1. Rs 4. Lakh withdrawn in cash from personal account of Lt Col LM Singh to be handed over to Smt Laldinpui, the money lender (in yellow dress and her daughter to her right).
Lt Col LM Singh with Rs 4 lakh in cash to be handed over to Smt Laldinpui, the money lender (in yellow dress)
  1. Lt Col Singh handing over Rs 4 Lakh in cash to Smt Zalengkim to pay off her debt to the money lender


Lt Col Singh handing over Rs 4 Lakh in cash to Smt Zalengkim
  1. A Christian prayer when the cash is handed over to the money lender
Mrs Zalengkim’s father intones a Christian prayer of thanksgiving
  1. Mail from Lt Col LM Singh (Retd) giving details of various activities on 13 Sep 2019:

“Declaration on Non Judicial Stamp paper, duly notarised by an Oath Commissioner, signed by the money lender Mrs Laldinpui, that she has got her complete money back (4,00,000/-) & there are No Other Dues / Claims against the borrower Zalengkim. She has returned all her documents & ATM card.

Handing over procedure carried out in presence of moneylender’s daughter as her witness, father of Zalengkim as her witness, Ex Sub Maj Paojalam Sahab (witness from their  tribe), Smt Lily Devi (widow of an ESM & staff of polyclinic), Dr Nando Sing (MO of PC Imphal as indep witness) & Lt Col LM, OIC ECHS.

Ended with a Christian prayer by all of us together. Amen. 

The father & daughter cried, said in his prayer that Col Sahab here is like a God for us. He then bowed and touched my feet in reverence. I felt very uneasy & embarrassed at that. Well, one chapter over today.

Stamp paper authenticated by Oath Commissioner. Affidavit declaration by Smt Zalengkim that all her loans are cleared & she got her pension pass book & ATM card back. That she is grateful to TSEWA for the financial help  to clear her debts. That she will not indulge in any borrowing in future.

Finally, the roman numerical mentioned in this has been cleared, thanks to TSEWA & its generous donors. The person chained to it will have a peaceful sleep henceforth. Kudos once again to Tri Services Ex Servicemen Welfare Association, its governance & members.

The stories of generosity showered by members as well as non members of TSEWA, who are not even known to me or us here except for our own Sitaramaiah, are marvelous. Saw through mail shared by its President Brig CS Vidyasagar. Thanks to him & his energy.”


Affidavit declaration by Smt Zalengkim
Declaration by the money lender Mrs Laldinpui, duly notarised by an Oath Commissioner


  1. This is possible only because of large heartedness of more than 200 donors who opened their hearts to help out Smt Zalengkim, a poor 32 year old  widow of a soldier who has to shoulder the responsibility of eight more dependents. All these donors are regarded as Gods on Earth by Smt Zalengkim. May God Bless all of you for this kindness and generosity.
  2. On Monday, 16 Sep 2019, another loan standing in her name in SBI, Mantriphukri branch, Imphal of Rs 1.38 lakhs + foreclosure charges will be paid off. Then Smt Zalengkim will be freed of all her debts and earn total pension of Rs 17,000 to feed her entire family.
  3. TSEWA is very hopeful that Assam Rifles or Army may give a job to supplement her family pension to look after such a big family.
  4. TSEWA is still receiving donations. All these will be sent at frequent intervals to Lt Col LM Singh who has been requested to invest in fixed deposit so that Smt Zalengkim may get additional money.
  5. Once again TSEWA thanks all those kind hearted donors who helped Smt Zalengkim. Printed receipts are being sent to the home address of all those who have been identified from our bank account. Other donors are requested to send your home address to enable us to send you the printed receipt.


Warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)
President, TSEWA
WhatsApp: 9390994106
Email id:


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