RTI Query1 :Non Updation of PPOs for Qualifying Service  and Group

Non Updation of PPOs for Qualifying Service  and Group resulted in 7.5 lakh Pensioners not getting their OROP Arrears from Banks

To all three PSAs i.e. PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad, PCDA (Navy) Mumbai and Jt CDA (AF) Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt.

The information may please be provided with status as on 5 July 2016 for separately for each of the PSA separately.

Q1.  Which all CPPCs of banks / PDAs have asked for details of

(a) Qualifying service in years and month and

(b) Group X or Y of Armed Forces Pensioners in the ranks officers, JCOs and Other Ranks to work out OROP pension.

Q2.   What is the date on which the CPPCs /PDAs sought this information from you. Provide information CPPC/ PDA  wise.

Q3.  The number of Armed Forces Pensioners, whose details you have furnished to the CPPCs of banks /PDAs and date of furnishing the above information.Provide information CPPC/ PDA  wise.

Q4.  The number of Armed Forces Pensioners,for whom you are yet to furnish theabove information.  Provide information CPPC/ PDA wise.

Q5.  Your target date by which you intend to provide the above information in respect of each CPPC/PDA.

Q6.When did PSAs come to know that OROP pension is based on qualifying service and Group.  When did they start finding this information and compilingit,  for sending to CPPCs/PDAs.

Q7.  Your reasons for not furnishing suo – moto these details as you had the PPOs of pensioners who could not be paid their OROP till date.

Q8. Who is responsible to ensure that the above particulars are compiled and provided to CPPCs and PDAs in a time bound manner in each of the PSAs.

Q9. What action has been taken on erring employees of PSAs for failure in their duty to furnish the above informationsuo-motto to CPPCs /PDAS of banks in time, which could have avoided financial hardship of lakhs of Armed Forces Pensioners.

Q10.  What are your difficulties in furnishing the   required information of Armed Forces pensioners to CPPCs of banks/PDAs  to enable them to remit OROP arrears.

Q11. Will you instruct the CPPCs/PDAs to pay interest on delayed release of  OROP Pension.

 The queries have been raised by Lt Col PN Krishnan,President TamilNadu and 

ack by RTI -On line by email: rticall-dopt@nic.inas under:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your RTI Request has been filed successfully on RTI Online Portal. The following are the details:-

Registration Number: MODEF/R/2016/52053

Name: Ltcol P N Krishnan

Date of Filing: 06/07/2016

Request filed with: Department of Defence

Contact Details:-

Telephone Number: 23016813

Email Id:

Payment Details:-

RTI Fee Received: 10

Payment Mode: Internet Banking

SBI Reference number : IKB7052966

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