The Vote Power of ESM & Family Pensioners

TRS Realises the Vote Power of of ESM

Shri K Chandrasekhar Rao, hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana announced a slew of welfare programmes for the Ex-Servicemen and pensioners as under:

  1. All wives of Ex-Servicemen who construct a house with her income and live in that being a wife of an Ex-Serviceman, she is exempted from payment of Property tax to Municipal authorities. This provision is not there in any state in India.
  2. If an Ex-Serviceman brought a two or four wheeler outside Telangana and settles down in Telangana need not pay difference in Life Time Road Tax. In Telangana for four wheelers you pay 14% which is highest in the country. So is in A.P. If you own second vehicle additional tax is levied.
  3. All Children of Telangana who get selected into NDA will get cash grant of Rs 2 lakhs. This is not available anywhere in India.
  4. A Sainik School is proposed to be established in Warangal.
  5. All Gallantry Award winners hailing from State of Telangana will get cash grants higher than Punjab. A PVC winners gets more than Rs 2 crores.
  6. He set up an Ex-Servicemen Welfare Fund into which CM himself will donate Rs 25,000 per year. All Minsters and MLAs will donate sums ranging between Rs 20,000 to 10,000 per year. All Govt employees of Telangana state will contribute one day’s pay to this fund.
  7. All widows of Ex-Servicemen who got a job in State Govt after retirement from military will also get Dual Family Pension- one from military and one from State Govt.
  8. Every one of the newly created 31 districts (total) will have Sainik Welfare Office

    ” Has CM of Telangana suddenly developed love & affection for Ex-Servicemen and Family Pensioners ?”

     As per one Veteran Maj Gen,  “ The Answer is obviously a big NO in Capitals. If you see the winning margin of TRS candidates in 2014 State Elections, the winner got just 500 to 2,000 votes over the nearest opponent. Every District of Telangana has minimum 1,000 Ex-Servicemen and Single ladies. With the slew of welfare measures the  the politically savvy CM has bought their loyalty. No party is going to win elections in Telangana in 2019 or 2024 except TRS for the simple reason all Ex-Servicemen and Single ladies are grateful to him for what he has done. He won over the bureaucrats and got all these sanctioned. All GOs (Government Orders) have been issued.   Every Ex-Servicemen and Single lady is capable of getting minimum 30 to 50 votes from their relatives and friends. Telangana state has population of 1 lakh and all ESM votes will go to TRS party”

     The Maj Gen  further says  “ We have two options. One is either to make a Sainik Party for which we need unity amongst ESMs. This is a chimera. It will not happen in the near future. The second option is to support a party that  incl in their poll manifesto  the welfare measures on the lines of Telangana be implemented if the party comes to power .”

 “But  What if  If the party reneges on its promises after it comes to power, ?Yes they can. But seeing the vote power of ESMs they will not as State Elections are not the only ones they face. There are elections from village levels to city and in municipalities. If the party in power has reneged then we switch over to another party or fight elections as independents.

   The Gen further expressed his views on the Unity Amongst ESM/ESM Org to be a reckon able vote bank in both State and Parliamentary elections . He says “It is impossible to get unity amongst officers. I am a Maj Gen and you are Brig. Even if you are more intelligent than me, my rank consciousness will not allow me to agree to you. Do not forget when I was in 6th term NDA, you were just a 1st termer. Rank consciousness amongst officers will never die.

Therefore T SEWA should forget officers and concentrate on JCOs, NCOs, OR and their single ladies. If you become a large ESM Association or even largest in the county, the Govt of India is bound to take notice of what you recommend for welfare of ESMs and Single ladies. It is a long drawn process and you have to have patience.

    If Sainiks can form their own political party then you do not need to beg any bastard for NFFU, Disability pensions, Izzat etc. There is no need for AFTs to rush to get justice. You in power will get all these genuine demands sanctioned in no time. There is no Committee of Ministers or Secretaries to examine your genuine grievances. Unless ESM predominant states like Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Rajsthan, Western UP, Uttarkhand and Himachal Pradesh show their vote power you will continue to languish. Your Fast unto Death, Dharnas etc will not move any politician. Only vote power will get you what you want”      

Let everyone of us  ponder over on the views of this senior officer. Lest We start believing ourselves that WE Deserve the suffering meted out by successive govts

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