Actions to Be Taken On Remarriage Of ESM


In TSEWA, we get number of such cases of an officer /JCO/ OR on retirement and on death of his wife remarries but does not take subsequent actions  i.e. publishing personal occurrence of second marriage. On  his death his second wife runs from pillar to post to get her pension. She has to prove that she got legally wedded to her husband for which she has to go to First Class Judicial magistrate who will not sign unless  she produces marriage certificate.

To avoid all such unfortunate procedures,  the ESM must take the u/m actions:-

(a)  Get death certificate of his wife. He must get DO Part II order published by AGs Branch, MP 5/6 or Record       office

(b)  Get marriage certificate for his second marriage.

(c)  Send original copy of death certificate and marriage certificate on his second marriage with a joint photo with his spouse to AGs Branch MP 5/6 or Record Office for publication of Part II order in Non Effective Section.

(d)  AGs Branch /Record Office must intimate the same to PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad to get a Corr PPO published showing the second lady as his legally wedded wife.

(e) A copy of Corr PPO has to be sent to all concerned i.e AGs Branch, CPPC of Bank paying pension, Bank Manager where the pension account is maintained,  and also PCDA (O) Pune.

(f) Similarly he must get Date of Birth of his wife living published by PCDA (P) Allahabad for which he needs to take up a separate case.

Unless these mandatory actions are undertaken while the ESM  is still alive, the widow will be put to hardship. Her  pension will commence only when a Corr PPO is published by PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad. Such actions take almost one to two years.

Please advise such ESM accordingly.

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