Brief of visit of Cmde KS Sandhu (Retd), President, TSEWA Mumbai Metro to Commodore Bureau of Sailors (CABS)

Brief of visit of Cmde KS Sandhu (Retd), President, TSEWA Mumbai Metro to Commodore Bureau of Sailors (CABS)

  1. In view of numerable problems the veterans and veer naris are facing on ECHS and Pension front, I decided to call on Cmde Upal Kundu, Commodore Bureau of Sailors, on Monday 09 Aug 2021. The CABS graciously accepted to meet me to discuss the issues. Called on CABS on 09 Aug 2021 and had a very fruitful meeting with him where Capt Joseph (officer who oversees the functioning of ECHS Polyclinics) and Capt NA Singh (officer who oversees verification process of ECHS Card Applications) were also present. Apart from understanding the problems faced by the organisation in resolving veteran’s problems asap, I gained useful information on how veterans can get their issues resolved under the existing constraints.
  2. Difficulty in Getting Through to ECHS Application Verification Centre. Many veterans who want to know the status of their application verification are facing this problem. They are unable to get through to the given telephone number 022-25075619 as it remains engaged the whole day. I asked CABS if the number of telephone lines for this purpose can be increased to which he replied that they have already initiated a case to get additional lines.
  3. Capt Joseph and Capt NA Singh suggested that veterans could make use of ECHS website and Google ECHS App which give the applicant complete information and status of their application. In addition, veterans could use toll free number 1800 220 560 for any enquiry. Capt Joseph even said that veteran can send a WhatsApp message on his mobile number 9560460769 for any urgent/emergent requirement.
  4. Provision of Ty Slip in Emergency. Veterans have an impression that the ECHS HQ can block the ECHS Card/Ty Slip for some reason. It was clarified that this is a misconception as there no such provision to block the card/ty slip in the system. These can get blocked because of expiry of the validity etc. If for some reason this happens there is a provision in emergency to get a fresh ty slip issued by ECHS HQ, Mankhurd to provide seamless treatment of the veteran. However, the veteran must resolve the issue which made their card/ty slip non-functional within three months which is mentioned on this fresh slip. ESMs can call telephone number 022-25075448 for any queries or assistance Mon to Fri from 0900 to 1700 hr (except 1300-1400 hr lunch break).
  5. Pension Issues. Capt Arun Singh informed that ePPOs of pre 2006 retirees are progressively being issued by PCDA (N). Approx 17 thousand ePPOs have been issued and another 17 to 18 thousand are under process. For correction of any anomaly officers can send email to and sailors . In addition, WhatsApp message can be sent to his mobile number 9869142894 in urgent/emergent situation.
  6. The authorities are trying their best to resolve veterans issues within the existing constraints, however, veterans also in their own interest should ensure that correct information is filled in ECHS application and resolve the observation(s) pointed out by the ECHS centre asap.

Cmde KS Sandhu (Retd)
President, TSEWA Mumbai Metro

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