Request for PPOs of Lt Cols and Brigs Retired in the period Jul 2014 and Jun 2019

Dear Sir,

1. It appears CGDA spring some surprise or the other with sole aim to convince Min of Def (ESW) to abolish OROP altogether by showing that anomalies creep in and some retired post–OROP 2013 get less pension than those benefited by OROP-2013.

2. I have given parawise reply to 14 page notings of Min of Def (ESW) file No: File No: 1(1)/2019/D(Pen/Policy) dated 23 Mar 2019 of Min of Def (ESW). The same has been put in TSEWA Blog (URL is Kindly go through it and see for yourself how CGDA does not want us to get OROP–2018.

3. Thanks to Air Mshl SY Savur (Retd) who fights for us by getting useful information through RTI Act, the information furnished by CGDA to Min of Def on anomaly of Officers retired in the period Jul 2014 to Dec 2015 getting less pension than those got benefited by OROP-2013. The details given by CGDA is as under:-

(a)  94.3% of Lt Cols retired in the period Jul 2014 and Dec 2015 draw less pension than OROP-2013 retirees.
(b)  78.02% of Lt Cols retired in the period Post-2016 draw less pension than OROP-2013 retirees.
(c)  8.25% of Brigadiers retired in the period Jul 2014 and Dec 2015 draw less pension than OROP-2013 retirees.
(d)  0.42% of Brigadiers retired in the period Post-2016 draw less pension than OROP-2013 retirees

4. I have received details of pension by these two ranked officers retired Post-Jul 2014. I contest the figures of CGDA that large percentage of Lt Cols retired post-OROP 2013 draw less pension than OROP-2013 beneficiaries. The facts I collected from retired officers state otherwise. Very few Lt Cols retired in the period Post- Jul 2014 receive less pension. Only 2 out of 10 Lt Cols in my database retired in the period Jul 2014 to Dec 2015 got lesser pension.

5. Regarding Brigadiers, none got lesser pension than those benefited by OROP-2013. Even CGDA refer the number of such Brigadiers who draw less pension is very few. My data is shown below and you will notice not even one Brigadier / Commodore / Air Cmde drew less pension: –


6. The aim of CGDA is to deny OROP-2018 showing as if OROP gives less pension to those who are out of OROP benefit i.e. Post-Jul 2014 retirees who are not benefited by OROP-2013. In any scheme of things some will gain and some will lose. CGDA should have brought this anomaly of Post Jul 2014 pensioners getting less pension and advised Min of Def (ESW) to issue instructions to make their pension equal to that in OROP-2013. The aim of OROP is to bridge gap between pensioners retired in varying time periods.

7. Min of Def (ESW) may be convinced with the argument of CGDA and may recommend to the Union Cabinet to abolish OROP altogether. We need to confront CGDA and Min of Def (ESW) with facts.

8. I therefore request Lt Cols and Brigadiers who retired from Jul 2014 to Jun 2019 to scan and send me your PPOs as CGDA may ask for authentication. PPOs are the authentication. Sometimes due to poor scanning, PPOs are illegible. In that case kindly give me the following information: –

(a)   Service No.
(b)   Rank.
(c)     Name as given in PPO.
(d)   Qualifying Service as given in PPO.
(e)   Date of Commission.
(f)    Date of Retirement.
(g)   Basic Pay at the time of Retirement as given in PPO.
(h)   Pension sanctioned at the time of retirement as given in PPO.
(j)     PPO No.

9. Kindly give this mail utmost importance to this issue. Unless we act with alacrity, we may lose OROP for which countless veteran waged relentless battle. Your immediate action is humbly requested. Also may I request you to circulate this mail to all your friends in other mail groups for faster dissemination. I need some time to collect this information, collate yearwise and then send it. We have very little time as the Committee headed by CGDA constituted on 14 Jun 2019 to work out modality of OROP may recommend to abolish it altogether if we do not present our data.

Some of the officers are sending their E-PPOs and PPOs through TSEWA Yahoo Group Mail. Please understand your PPO or E-PPO contains confidential information about your bank account. If you put in such group mails then the whole world will come to know of your bank account. With the kind of cyber crimes, someone can do mischief with your account.

Please scan and send your E-PPOs / PPOs to my e-mail id :

Do NOT repeat NOT send your E-PPOs / PPOs through TSEWA Yahoo group mail.

Warm regards,
Brig CS Vidyasagar (Retd)


  1. Col S K Murthy

    What about the e-PP0s of persons retired in 1985 ?

    June 30, 2021 Reply
  2. Lt Col Anil Kumar Joshi

    Dear Sir
    I am an imposter in OA168/2016 and my name appears at ser 88 of the list. I have not been able to locate the details of the case either on TSEWA or AFT blogs. May I request you to kindly intimate the progress of the case please. Thanks
    Lt Col Anil Kumar Joshi
    Membership No 1476

    August 11, 2019 Reply
    • Lt Col Anil Kumar Joshi

      For imposter read impleader. Thanks

      August 11, 2019 Reply
    • admin

      The table of AFT cases is available on the TSEWA blog ( table contains all the details regarding each of the cases already filed in AFT, those under scrutiny, compilation and proposed cases. The Table shows both the OA number (allotted by the Court) as well as the AFT number (given by TSEWA for administrative convenience). If there is a court order, the link to that is also available. The last date as well as the fresh date of hearing of each case is also posted. By checking on the Blog, one can conveniently keep track of a specific AFT case.

      In order to check the progress of a case that you are interested in, please enter the url This will open the Table of the AFT cases, in the TSEWA blog. You can scroll down to the case and read all the relevant details and the latest status of the case. You can click on the link to the court order as well to read for yourself what the court has ordered.

      The Table of Cases at TSEWA Blog ( is regularly updated with the latest progress of the AFT cases, within 24 hrs of the information being available on the AFT site. If there is no change since you last checked, it means that there is no change in status. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to see that you are kept updated with the latest position of cases as quickly as possible.

      Progress of cases can also be checked directly on the AFT site ( Click on the tab “Case Status”, enter the OA number (not the AFT number allotted by TSEWA) and the latest information will be available there too.

      Please note down the urls of TSEWA Blog (, the url for the Table of AFT Cases ( and the AFT website ( for future reference.

      So, whenever you need to check on the AFT case you are interested in, please just look on the blog for the latest information or on the AFT website.

      August 19, 2019 Reply

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