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AFT 1B – Message from Case Coordinator Cmde Sudheer Parakala

Dear Members of AFT 1-B,
There are numerous queries on telephone and email seeking status of AFT 1-B and the serial number on the list, whether the name has been included or not etc. etc.
It is once again reiterated that AFT 1-B has been over subscribed and closed as on 30 Nov 2017. All the impleaders (Late comers) of AFT-1 whose applications were rejected by the court, from Serial 800 to 1049 will be included in AFT 1-B. All the new applicants for AFT 1-B whose documents have been received and acknowledged by me will also be included in AFT 1-B.
The list of impleaders is placed on our Blog . Please don’t keep sending mails and make calls enquiring about the list of impleaders. Members may kindly understand that we are all doing voluntary work for the welfare of the veterans and it becomes very difficult to answer individual queries on the subject. You should put in a little effort and get all the information from our Blog site.
All the fresh applications that have been received/acknowledged and the documents of the impleaders will be included RPT included in AFT 1-B and filed latest by end of Dec 2017 and the OA Nos and the lists will be placed on our Blog. Please don’t send enquiries/make calls on the subject. It is not humanly possible to answer queries of every individual.
AFT 1-C will be opened for all the Members who have missed the bus, as soon as AFT 1-B is filed and OA obtained from the court. I request prospective litigants to await fresh notification for AFT 1-C in due course.
Cmde Sudheer Parakala, IN (Retd)
Vice President TSEWA &
All India Coordinator for AFT 1-B


    1. The lsit was at the end of the post by Cmde Parakala. It is also now available in the tab of AFT cases which you see on the home (first) page. Click on that and you will see many links; one is “AFT-1 (OA – 34/2016) List of Impleaders”. Click on that and the list will be downloaded.



      1. Thanks Admin for putting the list on the Page “AFT Cases”.
        In case of previous lists, the names were listed for Army, Navy and Air Force separately. Within each service, they were listed in increasing order of Membership Number. In case of this list, however, all the three services are mixed. Moreover, whereas the first three pages are as per increasing order of Membership Number, there is no specific order, making it difficult to locate one’s name or M No.
        May I humbly suggest that order of listing may please be followed as before, at least as per increasing order of M. No. in which case sorting by service (Army, Navy, air Force) becomes redundant. If the chart was initially prepared in excel sheet, the sorting can be done in one key stroke.
        These are my humble suggestions and may please be viewed in that spirit.

  1. Sir/Madam,
    It will be highly appreciated if link to list of litigants/impleaders of AFT 1B is also placed on the section which carries links to lists of other AFT cases such as AFT 29.
    My request stems from the difficulty I am facing in reaching list of AFT 1B despite my best efforts, though surely it is there since Cmde Parakala has confirmed it and some litigant has pointed out errors in his particular case.
    Sqn Ldr R . K. GUPTA (retd)
    M No. 2462

    1. I am sorry you had difficulty in locating the list of impleaders of AFT 1. It was at the end of the post by Cmde Parakala. Thank you for your suggestion to include it in the tab of AFT cases. I have done so now and You should be able to download the list from there.



  2. List of Impleaders AFT 1B
    My name is at ser 225 old imleader 1024.My personal no is written wrong as 30221.Correct no is IC 30221F.
    Request make correction and confirm either through mesg on phone or mail
    Lt Col Baleshwar Nath Sharma,Retd
    TSEWA 3090

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