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List of Litigants – AFT 29

The List of Litigants of AFT 29 (Incorrect Fixation of Pension by Notional Pay Method for Pre-2013 Defence Services Officers) has been uploaded to the blog.

Please click on the AFT tab in the header bar ( right on top of the home page). You will see a link “List of Litigants – AFT 29”. Click on that and the table will automatically download.


  1. Sir, as per instructions clicking on link “list of litigants” no rpt no download is taking place. Request advice further.
    Lt Col Rathindranath Dawn (Retd)
    Membership No 6947

    1. Please go to the “AFT cases” tab on the home page. (If you are viewing on a desktop, it will be at the top of the first page; if on a tablet or phone, click on the box with horizontal lines to open the options.) When you click on the tab, it will show 3 links, one of which is “AFT 29 – Updated List of Litigants”. Clicking on that will open a page which has the downloadable list.

      Hope this helps!

  2. I had sent all my docus and payment by Cheque to Cdr Dua on 18 Oct and was informed my name would be incl in the AFT 29 List. However, that did not happen.
    Would you be kind enough to post the list of AFT 29 A so that I can see whether my name has been incl in this list or not.

    Thanking you
    IC 24598P LT COL R P SINGH
    MEM NO 1938

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