Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held on 25 March 2023

Minutes of the Virtual/ Physical Meeting of the TSEWA National Executive Committee held at 1000 Hrs on 25 March 23


     The meeting was attended by the following:-

  1. Brig DSC Varma                                   Vice-President, in Chair
  2. Brig CS Vidyasagar                              Chief Mentor, TSEWA
  3. Col GB Sethi                                          Mentor, TSEWA
  4. Lt Col G Parvathesam                          General Secretary
  5. Cdr Chandra Shekhar                           Joint Secretary
  6. Hony Capt MN Reddy                           Joint Secretary
  7. Col Venkatesh Mahadevan                  Treasurer
  8. Maj Gen SN Mukherjee                         President TSEWA, East Zone
  9. Cmde KS Sandhu                                   President TSEWA, West  Zone
  10. Col Srikantha Seshadri                          President TSEWA, Karnataka
  11. Cmde Ashok Kota                                   President TSEWA, South Zone
  12. WO Thiru Chelvam                                 President TSEWA, Tamil Nadu
  13. Col CAJ Swamy                                       President, TSEWA, AP
  14. Brig Suresh Nair                                      President, TSEWA, Kerala
  15. Hony Capt GJ Manohar                           President, TSEWA, Rayalaseema
  16. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy                          Member
  17. Hony Capt B Joseph                                Member

     The Vice President welcomed all. He informed that the President will not be attending the meeting , due to personal commitments, He requested the  General Secretary to read out the Minutes of the last conference.

Item No. 1.   The General Secretary read out minutes of the last NEC Meeting and explained the progress on each point.  

Item No. 2. Donations for TSEWA Charity Activities:  The General Secretary informed that TSEWA has received donations from number of NEC members, consequent to the request made by the President in the last NEC Meeting. The total amount collected till date is 2.7 L.

Action:  Nil.

Item No. 3: Recovery of Overpaid Pension; Cmde KS Sandhu explained about the

 overpayment of Pension to Mrs Anuradha Sharma. Brig Vidyasagar the Chief Mentor was requested to check the rules on deductions of overpayment by the PCDA[Pensions] and advise the course of action to be taken.

Item No 4: TSEWA Welfare Activities Report: Maj Bhikshapathy informed that Cmde KS Sandhu had forwarded the progress.  He requested all to forward details of welfare activities to enable compiling the Activity Report.

Action: All concerned are requested to forward their Activity Reports to Maj DK Bhikshapathy at the earliest.

Item No. 5.  Family Pension of Ms Nandita Chaudhary: Maj Gen SN Mukherjee informed that PO Pratap Chaudhary expired in March 2022 and his widow Ms Nandita Chaudhary was not getting her pension since April 2022. Thereafter with the efforts put in by Cmde KS Sandhu, the family pension has been credited to her account on 24 March 2023.The members conveyed their appreciation to Cmde KS Sandhu for his efforts.

Action:  Nil.

Item No. 5.  Disabled daughter Ms Aparajita Roy Case: Maj Gen SN Mukherjee praised Brig CS Vidyasagar for getting her family pension released recently. Further he informed that the pensioner is mentally retarded and her brother is the legal guardian for her, who is troubling the pensioner and trying to misuse her pension and arrears received recently. Maj Gen Mukherjee wanted to know the possibilities of helping the family pensioner in this regard by TSEWA. The issue was discussed at length and the NEC decided that it will not take any action since it is apersonal family dispute.

Action:  Nil.

Item No. 6.  Awareness Camp in West Bengal: Maj Gen SN Mukherjee informed that he is planning to conduct the Awareness Camp at Purulia, to help the ESM living in this tribal area tentatively in the month of December 2023, as decided by TSEWA earlier.

Action:  Nil.

Item No. 7.  Anomalies of OROP I & II: Col CAJ Swamy pointed out that it is gross injustice to award same pension to pensioners with varying number of years of service. He opined that PCDA should find out a method to award increased pension for more number of years of service. Maj Dr. B Bhikshapathy remembered the decision of TSEWA NEC earlier to take up cases of anomalies of OROP one by one to be filed in AFTs and anomalies affecting the maximum number of JCO/ORs should be taken up on priority. He suggested WO Thiru Chelvam to find out which is the anomaly to be taken up for AFT Case first and if there are any JCO/OR willing to join the case.

Action:  WO Thiru Chelvam is requested to find out the anomaly to be taken up first and JCO/ORs willing to join the case.

Item No. 8. SPARSH Problems: Brig CS Vidyasagar explained various problems being faced by the pensioners and the futility of Reach-Out Program issued by PCDA. Further he explained how he himself and two more officers went to meet the Col Records of EME Records last week to sort out certain problems of pensioners and they were not able to meet him. Once again he appreciated the efforts of Col Ranjan Kumar, as the only hope to sort out the pension problems at PCDA.

Action:  Nil.

Item No. 9. Awareness of NOK of Pensioners: The General Secretary intimated that he came to know about a retired Cipher Officer of Corps of Signals who was admitted in the hospital in unconscious condition. His family could not trace out his PPO and he did not upgrade his ECHS Card from 32 KB Card to 64 KB Card so far. He explained how they could help the family only with the help of other officers in the WhatsApp Group. He advised all pensioners to educate their families regarding whereabouts of the various documents in case of emergency like this.

Action:  All Zonal/ State Presidents are requested to educate the pensioners in their area of responsibility.

     There being no further points, the meeting was closed at 11:40 AM and decided to hold the next NEC Meeting on 15 April  2023, because of Good Friday falling on 07 April 2023.

Brig DSC Varma, VSM

Vice President, TSEWA

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